A Letter Regarding the Immediate Release of Julian Assange to the US and the UK

To the governing body of the United Kingdom:

Now that Sweden has dropped all inquiries in the Julian Assange case, how can you arrest him for missing a bail appointment on charges that were never filed?  Please take a closer look at your case and the money you are wasting keeping him in the Embassy and release him. Truly, he did nothing wrong.  If in fact you are keeping him there to extradite him to the United States, stand up for yourself! Wikileaks published information, they did not steal it or hack the US government to get it. The UN ruling states that keeping Assange in the Embassy is inhumane. Is that really how you want the world to view the UK?

To President Trump and the Department of Justice:

You represent the American people and the Constitution of the United States that clearly states a right to freedom of speech and free press. By trying to charge wikileaks and Julian Assange, you are violating those rights. You were appointed to office to stand up for justice and the American way. By seeking to prosecute a news source such as Wikileaks, you violate the First Amendment which states:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Wikileaks has done nothing wrong except publish information that the people of this country needed to know. Our government is controlled by the people, not the other way around. By going after a news organization like Wikileaks, you commit a great crime against the citizens of the United States.

Also, if you choose to prosecute Assange and the Wikileaks staff, you must also arrest any news organization that has published any leak over the past 10 years including but not limited to New York Times, Washington Post and CNN.

I ask that the United Kingdom and the United States drop this mess and release Assange to continue to publish and edit Wikileaks that he might once again be free. It is only right that he see his children and family again and feel the sun on his face. Even criminals in prison are allowed to go outside and exercise freely in the prison yards. By violating his human rights you violate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which was put in place on December 10, 1948.

By allowing Assange and his staff to be free once again, you do a great service to the people of our countries and the world.

Thank you.

A Concerned Citizen



Why We Should Support Wikileaks.org

The Reasons to Support Wikileaks, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden

I could go on and on talking about this particular subject, but I am going to try to just stick to the basic facts.

  1. Wikileaks informs the public. Most governments, whether its the US or not, hide things from the general public. Basically, the Shadow government does things that are illegal. A leaker such as Snowden, brings these crimes to light. Many consider these leakers to be traitors or spies, but in certain cases, they see something wrong going on and report it. Watergate is a good example. You had a leaker who talked to a journalist who exposed what was going on.
  2. Wikileaks is against war crimes. In 2010, Wikileaks and Julian Assange exposed the US government in Afghanistan. They were killing citizens and other heinous acts. Sometimes, war cannot be helped, but shooting sprees on citizens is wrong.
  3. Do you dislike Hillary Clinton? Why? Wikileaks exposed her criminal activities as well as John Podesta and #Pizzagate. Also we learned about #spiritcooking this way.  Do you support pedophilia?
  4. Wikileaks also brought to light the fact that Hillary and Obama created ISIS and armed them.  This again is criminal activity by government officials. This enables the public to see the truth and to get rid of the problem. As individuals, we can educate ourselves by researching these items on the web, which leads to us not being ignorant.
  5. Wikileaks has never been proven wrong in 10 years.  This a fact.
  6. Wikileaks has been attacked and Assange put in prison for exposing the truth.  Sweden made up lies about two fake rapes and Britian arrested him. Basically, they were considering expediting to the US to stand trial for “TELLING THE TRUTH”.  Julian is only the messenger. In fact, Edward Snowden was just a leaker who saw that the government was spying on it’s own citizens. Now he is in asylum in Russia.
  7. For the past 5 years, Assange has had to seek political asylum to avoid possible torture or death in the United States. Some say the US wouldn’t torture him, but Wikileaks exposed the US torturing Manning, so why wouldn’t they torture Assange to get names of leakers?
  8. Julian and Wikileaks are not rich. His huge legal fees has depleted any savings he had and if released, he would rely on us ot support him and his work.

In essence, everything Wikileaks has done in the past and will do in the future relies on our donations to the cause.  Please if you can afford to, go to justice4assange.com and donate. Or go to wikileaks.org and buy a t-shirt or book from their shop.free-assange

Poem for Assange

Sometimes I get so frustrated in this fight

But then I remember your plight

I think about you all alone, in a room with no view

Being punished for telling what is true

I think about your children, how it’s not fair to them

How without your supporters, your chances are slim

I think about free speech, and the human rights abuse

And I realize I have to fight, giving up is no use

You deserve to be free Assange and we have to fight

You fought for us and it’s only right

I won’t stop I won’t quit because that’s just not me

So that someday I can say you are free….


Ecuador’s Role in Violating Assange’s Rights: Why His Silencing is Inhumane

On March 28th, 2018, after commenting on Spain’s treatment of Catalonia and Assange reporting on Trump’s role in Yemen, Ecuador’s current President Lenin Moreno cut off Julian’s connections to the world.  He took away his rights to internet access, phone access and visitors.  This included the ability to speak to his own family and children.  Some have speculated why and I did my best to explain who was really behind the silencing of Assange in my article seen here.  I show how the US is responsible through coercion mainly members of the Trump administration.  However, regardless of who pressured Moreno to do it, the gagging of Julian Assange is against his fundamental rights and freedom. 104775233-2ED1-REQ-Assange-R1-101617.1910x1000

Ecuador has violated Assange’s fundamental rights by isolating him for 7 months and issuing a ten-page outrageous restrictions statement that is unrealistic and prison-like while claiming they are going to reconnect him.  Amongst those demands are his ability to have visitors, how he uses the internet, devices used in the Embassy and his cat.  Most of the regulations put in place involve the loss of asylum if violated.  Basically, if Julian so much as leaves an item of clothing on the floor he can be evicted which would lead to extradition to the US and possibly the death penalty.  More than just normal rules, these conditions are more than infringements on Assange’s rights but are against international laws concerning asylum.

According to brittanica.com on asylum:

“The right of asylum falls into three basic categories: territorial, extraterritorial, and neutral. Territorial asylum is granted within the territorial bounds of the state offering asylum and is an exception to the practice of extradition. It is designed and employed primarily for the protection of persons accused of political offenses such as treason, desertion, sedition, and espionage.”

According to Wikipedia, international law covers the right to free speech:

“Freedom of expression is recognized as a human right under article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and recognized in international human rights law in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). Article 19 of the UDHR states that “everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference” and “everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of his choice”.”

THe UN Nelson Mandela Act states (according to solitaryconfinement.org) the following:

“Rule 43
1. In no circumstances may restrictions or disciplinary sanctions amount to
torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. The following
practices, in particular, shall be prohibited:
(a) Indefinite solitary confinement;
(b) Prolonged solitary confinement;
(c) Placement of a prisoner in a dark or constantly lit cell;
(d) Corporal punishment or the reduction of a prisoner’s diet or drinking
(e) Collective punishment.
2. Instruments of restraint shall never be applied as a sanction for disciplinary
3. Disciplinary sanctions or restrictive measures shall not include the prohibition
of family contact. The means of family contact may only be restricted for a limited
time period and as strictly required for the maintenance of security and order.
Rule 44
For the purpose of these rules, solitary confinement shall refer to the confinement of
prisoners for 22 hours or more a day without meaningful human contact. Prolonged
solitary confinement shall refer to solitary confinement for a time period in excess
of 15 consecutive days.”

By placing Assange in solitary confinement for 7 months so far, Moreno has committed an illegal act according to the UN and the International Law for Human Rights.  He also has violated Ecuador’s Constitution by failing to comply with the following:

ecuador constitution.jpg

Moreno has threatened to evict Assange which would allow for the UK to arrest him and extradite him to the US to face charges of espionage and theft of government property.  If you read Article 79 above, since Assange was granted citizenship in December of 2018, they cannot evict him because of the extradition.  Article 41 guarantees a political asylee the guarantee to practice the full exercise of their rights which includes free speech.

This week it was announced that Assange and his lawyer Garcon would be suing Ecuador for the violation of his fundamental rights which is his absolute right as a citizen and asylee.  If Ecuador’s judicial process is even slightly just, it will rule in his favor due to the obvious failure to comply with it’s own Constitution.  However, Moreno does not have a history of following protocol and has shown himself to be more of a dictator than a President as seen in my article seen here.

wikileaks tweet.jpg

In a tweet by Wikileaks Twitter account, the above was released.  It has become pointedly self-evident that Moreno is not a man to follow laws pertaining to human rights.  His attempts to rid himself of Assange which he called “a stone in his shoe” is blatantly a political attack on an innocent man.  Julian Assange deserves justice.  He deserves to have his rights reinstated.  He deserves retribution for the damage done in the last 7 months.  May God be with him and may he see justice served!

His recent treatment, as well as his 8 year detainment against 2 UN rulings, is a disgusting show of abuse by the US government and the UK.  His lack of proper medical care is also against his rights as a human being.  Therefore, the manner in which he has been treated is inhumane and cruel and unusual punishment.

A call to Action: Free Assange

This week has truly weighed on my very soul as we heard that Ecuador was going to reconnect Julian. I was ecstatic when I heard this news. Instead, Wikileaks has reported 2 days in a row a legal advisor was turned away after making an appointment. Then a leak was released with 10 pages of rules for Julian to follow if he is reconnected. Several journalists jumped on the information without actually reading it from BBC and AP and wrote false articles relating to Julians cat and his cleanliness. Then, I read today that several Congress people wrote to Ecuador stating they want Assange handed over to the US where he faces espionage inditements.

The 10 page restriction off basically is a form of psychological torture. It is completely a violation of free speech and Assange’s human rights and treats him as though he is in prison already. Basically, it states that if Julian so much as blinks he faces eviction, extradition and the death penalty in the US. See document

Political Asylum is protection not punishment and everything Moreno has done to Assange is not only against Ecuador’s own Constitution but illegal according to international law. Ecuador no longer resembles a democracy but a US run fascist dictatorship unfortunately.

The letter sent to Ecuador from various Congressmen is just as atrocious. See below picture. Link to full document: https://t.co/fO0ZI0vky8

Add to this the promise made by Moreno to end Julians isolation made to UN human rights members and the undeniable delay and I am left completely disgusted with this sick display of psychological torture on a completely innocent man.

Not to mention that Assange has not been able to speak to his children or mother during this time in solitary confinement! To me, this is literally child abuse by Moreno. No child deserves this kind of pubishment. Even prisoners can speak with their children while incarcerated. By denying his children the right to speak to their father, Moreno is causing psychological trauma to innocent children.

I am calling out to every individual who believes in free speech, human rights and justice for his children to stand up against this atrocity! We need feet on the ground to end this. We need letters to those guilty of detaining this man, torturing this man and the leaders involved in all of this! He needs us to step out of our comfort zones and stand up! We need phone calls and protests in the US and the UK. Also in Ecuador there must be a stand! Do not vote in midterms for those involved in writing the statement to Ecuador! Write them and call them! It is time folks to Free Assange!

7 Months in Solitary Confinement: Assange’s Persecution Continues…

On October 28th, Julian Assange will have been in literal solitary confinement for 7 months.  He cannot access internet or the phone and is not allowed any visitors except his legal team.  He has been detained arbitrally for 8 years and spent 6 of it in a room the size of a small office without fresh air, sunlight/ Vitamin D or proper medical care.  He is in need of tests due to his failing health and dental care due to a broken tooth while incarcerated in the UK waiting for his bail hearing.  There were never any formal charges filed against Assange by the Swedish government only false accusations by the government itself in order to extradite him to the US more easily where he faces life in prison or the death penalty.  Julian-Assange-Embassy-724516

Julian Assange sought asylum from Ecuador in June of 2012 after threats from the US government of torture (as seen in the image below).  After obtaining the Stratfor emails as seen on wikileaks.org, they discovered the intentions of the US government towards their publisher.  Reading this email literally makes one sick to think anyone that is a government employee would wish this on someone and not be terminated.DkvnHz0WwAE6X4x

After former President Rafael Correa retired from Ecuadorian government, he was replaced through election by Lenin Moreno of the same party.  However, almost immediately, Moreno did a 180 and was thrown out of his own political party.  He has since shown his malice for Julian Assange by calling him a “stone in his shoe.”  On March 28th, 2018, days after Assange offered to give evidence in the Cambridge Analytics case, Moreno declared a gag order to silence Julian.  This occurred after Ecuador asked for 5 billion dollars from the US government and was denied.

Since this took place, Pence has visited Ecuador, met with Moreno there and also in the US.  They have discussed Assange at least in the first meeting with an agreement that Moreno would keep Pence updated on Assange’s asylum.  Moreno has threatened Julian with eviction.  However, as a declared citizen of the Ecuador, his asylum is protected.  In a last ditch effort to make this happen, the Ecuadorian Assembly has called for a vote regarding the documents this week which made Assange a citizen to be made public to look for indescrepencies in the documents. This is a violation of Assange’s privacy rights and Julian will be suing the government for releasing documents previously related to his case.

Moreno has made a hypocrite of himself by saying, “Freedom of expression is a right that should not be subject to control or surveillance” and then stating, “If Mr Assange promises to stop emitting opinions… then we have no problem with him going online.”   You cannot be for free expression and put one of your own citizens in solitary confinement for commenting on political issues as a journalist.  By making this statement, he might as well mix oil with water and expect it to blend well.

According to the UN’s Nelson Mandela Act, anything after 15 days in solitary confinement is considered torture.  To add to this:

“Julian Assange’s refuge in the embassy looks more and more like solitary confinement”—Human Rights Watch General Counsel


Over 100 human rights organizations have stated their disagreement with Assange’s conditions and the Ecuadorian Human Rights Commission and  have denounced his treatment as well.  Ecuador’s former President Rafael Correa called the silencing of Assange torture and has stated this more than once.  Yet, the isolation continues against an innocent man because the corrupt prefer their secrets be kept.

A citizen of Ecuador is quoted as saying on Twitter:

“In Lenin’s Ecuador freedom of expression means: to lie, to damage the reputation of anyone, to protect fraud and deceit by the elites, to hide human rights violations, to hyde the multilple lenin’s violations to the constitution,to hide political persecution etc.”

How long will this persecution continue?  Will we allow a man to die in an embassy or worse yet be extradited and murdered by the US government?  I would certainly hope not.  This is a call to action to #FreeAssange.  Please write letters to the leaders of Ecuador, the US, the UK and Australia where Assange is a natural born citizen.  You can attend demonstrations or create one in a nearby city.  Put up posters.  Educate others on social media and friends and family.  Print out pamphlets and speak to strangers.  We have to end this now before it’s too late!DmWKux7V4AEtBaq


President Lenin Moreno of Ecuador: Democratic Leader or Evil Dictator?

pulsamerica-lenin-moreno-777x401.jpgIn 2017, Ecuador elected Lenin Boltaire Moreno Garces’ as President in hopes of continuing what Rafael Correa had created.  Moreno helped political party Allanza Pais be victorious in the elections.  However, in a complete 180, Moreno began to attack the Citizens Revolution and show his real face. Moreno was literally kicked out of his political party.  By violating citizens human rights, torturing Julian Assange through solitary confinement and refusing to allow a new progressive party to emerge, he has done more than fail to respect his oath of office and the Ecuadorian Constitution. I will outline some of the human rights infringements.

 1. Jorge Glas, former Vice President elected alongside Moreno

A quote from Silvia Glas from the article seen here:

“An important part of Alianza País, faithful to the social policies of “Buen Vivir” (“Good Living”), disapproved of this. Then, vice-president Jorge Glas, who could be counted among these critical voices, was removed from his post and again put in the media spotlight, accused of corruption amidst the Odebrecht affair. A mere coincidence or fate?”

Jorge Glas is currently serving 6 years in Ecuadorian prison without the protection that Moreno must legally give him.  Believed to be politically motivated, in another quote from Silvia Glas’ article, we see what happens to someone who challenges Moreno.

    With a positive balance after 10 years as president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa helped Alianza País emerge victorious in the second round of the presidential elections in early 2017. But a complete turnaround was soon on the cards: newly elected president Lenín Moreno started to attack the legacy of the Citizens Revolution that had gotten him elected. An important part of Alianza País, faithful to the social policies of “Buen Vivir” (“Good Living”), disapproved of this. Then, vice-president Jorge Glas, who could be counted among these critical voices, was removed from his post and again put in the media spotlight, accused of corruption amidst the Odebrecht affair. A mere coincidence or fate? After four months of pre-trial detention, in January 2018 Jorge Glas was sentenced to six years in prison. Silvia Glas, economist and sister of Jorge Glas, granted an exclusive interview to Investig’Action, in which she exposes the “lack of evidence” for the verdict and calls for breaking the media blockade surrounding this case.


    On May 24, 2017, a new government took office in Ecuador with Lenín Moreno as president and Jorge Glas as vice-president. When does this winning partnership sour?


    “We can point to two important moments: on August 2nd, 2017, in a public letter, Jorge Glas denounces alleged irregularities in the governance of Lenín Moreno. Moreno then relieved Glas of all his legally mandated duties on August 4th, as a consequence of this “disrespectful letter”.

    From this point onward the plot thickens. At the end of September, after Jorge Glas held a press briefing in which he denounced the harassment against him and pleaded his innocence, the following day, a Friday afternoon, there was an announcement that his legal status was being reviewed. In other words, he could go to jail immediately the following Monday.”

    And of course, Jorge Glas was put in protective custody and convicted in a predetermined verdict.  Removing Jorge Glas from his duties when he was elected was a violation of the Constitution and his detention pretrial was considered arbitrary according to international law on human rights.

    2. New Progressive Party not allowed to register.

    In an interview I conducted with a citizen of Ecuador, whose name will remain unknown but referred to as Citizen Anon, he stated the following:

    “As you know human rights violations are reported by ong’s that are financed on the most part by foreign entities and countries. The lenin government is denying our party to register in the CNE or National Elections Council. After lenin stole the Alianza Pais party that was created by Rafael Correa, all of its members left that party. Alianza pais has no members now. We made a campaign to choose a new party name. We chose one. This was Revolution Alfarista, we tried to register it and it was denied. We tried another name MANA, it was also denied registration. I am sure the government is spying on us and has the list of all the party names we proposed in competition so as to deny registration to all of them. Now the registration deadline is past and we can not register any political party name. All the parties that are registered for next elections are right wing. There is a couple of political parties that say they are progressive but they are not. They just want to fool the people. There are no progressive parties in the next elections.
    To deny political participation to the people is a human rights violation by the government of Lenin Moreno. As far as I know there have no reports of human rights violations by the police or military. I can assure you the human rights violations will explode if the PSC or Partido Social Cristiano wins the elections because they have a history of human rights violations that include disappearances, torture and beatings. They are close to the US interests since they have their investments in the US.”

    3. Torture of Julian Assange

    In my article Who Was Really Behind the Silencing of Julian Assange?Who Was Really Behind The Silencing of Julian Assange?Who Was Behind The Silencing of Julian Assange? and also my article The Persecution of Julian Assange Continues…The Persecution of Julian Assange Continues… I describe the torture of Julian Assange through isolation.  Lenin Moreno ordered him put in solitary confinement on March 28th of 2018 due to pressure from the US government and Spain.  Both countries wanted him silenced due to his comments on their policies.  In other words, Julian did nothing more than exercise his right to free speech.  Moreno chose this method hoping to break Assange and get him to walk out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where he has political asylum with Ecuador.  Should Assange walk out, he would be immediately arrested by British police and then extradited to the US where he would face life in prison the death penalty.

    The UN previously has ruled twice in favor of Assange and stated that he is being arbitrarily detained in the Ecuador Embassy.  They have also expressed that his situation is against his human rights as he does not get any sunlight, fresh air or proper medical care.  This scenario is worsened by the current torture he is being put through.  Instead of standing up to the United States Government, Moreno has chosen to be coerced and in a sense, been bribed into inflicting torment on this extraordinary human being.

    3. Other Human Rights Violations

    In a report from the US Department of State in 2017  found US Department of State Report found here the following human rights violations were found which include:

    • Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman, or Degrading Treatment or
    • Prison Conditions are more like dungeons.  Physical and sexual abuse runs rampant, food shortages and inadequate sanitary conditions run rampant.
    • Arbitrary Arrest or Detention
    • Arrest Procedures and Treatment of Detainees are not followed and many are not told what they are charged with.
    • Denial of Fair Public Trial.
    • Arbitrary or Unlawful Interference with Privacy, Family, Home, or
    • Freedom of Expression, Including for the Press. “Regulatory bodies created under the communication law
      monitored and disciplined the media through a combination of legal and
      administrative sanctions.” 
    • Violence and Harassment of Press That Publishes Negative Statements About Current Administration

    Former President Rafael Correa has called Moreno “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” In fact, Moreno issued a warrant for the arrest of Correa on trumped-up charges recently. However, the former president remains under protection in Europe.  This is an attempt by Lenin to destroy the former president’s well-known legacy.

    The list continues after this but is too long to include.  President Lenin Moreno shows himself to be a tyrant and is living up to the name Lenin in his persecution of his own citizens.  The ironic part of this is that the US government has shown the human rights violations in this report and yet supports the torture of Julian Assange.  Yet the real question remains, why is the media not covering this atrocity?


    On the 6th month of Julian Assange’s Solitary Confinement

    assange_time_secret_wikileaks-e1476855073934It has been six months, 181 days and over 2300hours since Julian Assange was gagged by order of President Lenin Moreno of Ecuador.  Has there been any progress?  No, but we have learned many things since it began including why Moreno would do such a cruel, heartless act against a man who sought political asylum and protection from his country.

    First of all, we now know that the isolation he has been put in is to try and pressure Assange into no longer speaking about the police brutality in Catalonia but mostly due to US pressure and Assange’s influence on US politics.  Yesterday, in an interview and statement made in an AP article seen here:DoHDbJ8UwAA-BRc.jpg

    This is a direct admission of what we have been saying all along. In my article “Who Was Really Behind The Silencing of Julian Assange?”  I discuss the issue of the reasons for his silencing which proved the US’s involvement.  What really matters however, is that Lenin Moreno is literally torturing Julian Assange and has no remorse in doing so.  Julian will not stop discussing these policies as he is an advocate for Free Speech and Free Press and to do so would be going against his very principles.  It would literally be saying, “It’s okay to force a journalist to remain silent.”  This just isn’t in Assange’s makeup to give in on an issue that is so important.

    Basically what Moreno has done is tortured an innocent man who is under his protection against his own Constitution.  Ecuador’s Constitution states:


    By threatening to evict Assange recently, it was evident that Moreno wants to commit political suicide as violating his own Constitutional law would be doing.  He has already violated it by taking away the rights of Assange.  With no end in sight to the isolation and the fight to Free Assange continuing, it is a travesty that this journalist must suffer.

    Recently, Amnesty International made the following statement in regards to the situation of the possible eviction and extradition of Assange:Dmjvw6mWwAAzIMZ.jpg

    As stated above, if Julian Assange was extradited to the US there is no guarantee he will not be executed or tortured.  This is the reason he took asylum in the first place.  In the Stratfor email seen below found on the Wikileaks site, it reveals the intentions the US government has for Assange.   DkvnHz0WwAE6X4x

    Since it appears his solitary confinement is indefinite and Moreno will not relent and follow the laws of his own country, we must fight hard to gain his freedom.  We must continue unified as one movement to get him Safe Passage home or to a country that will protect him!  We will win!  We will prevail!  Stand strong and Keep Fighting!8f085bcd676dd08204e847d8031e4a27--keep-fighting-inspiring-quotes


    Example Letter to the Editor Regarding Julian Assange

    Dear Editor of “Name of Newspaper,”

    I am writing to in regards of a terrible human rights atrocity going on.  An innocent man who published documents given to him by whistleblowers has been illegally detained for 8 years, 6 of which are in a room no larger than your office without fresh air, sunlight or proper medical care.  His health is deteriorating.  To add to this violation he has been placed in solitary confinement for the last six months without access to internet, phone or visitors for publishing the truth.  This is also a violation of free speech and free press.

    As the editor of a media outlet, I am sure you understand the ramifications of such an act against publishers and journalists alike.  I am asking you to take a stand against this travesty and speak out for Julian Assange, publisher and creator of Wikileaks.  The persecution and possible prosecution sets a precedent for all journalists and editors.  If this horrible injustice continues or he is extradited to the United States to face charges, the end result will be the termination of First Amendment Rights.

    Thank you,


    A concerned Citizen

    HR6729 Is a Violation of the 4th Amendment and Must Be Stopped

    images (1).jpg

    Once again, the US Government Legislative Department also known as Congress has created a bill and attempted to conceal another piece of legislation that should never be passed. They have titled HR6729 “Fight Human Trafficking when in fact, it contains expansion of the #PatriotAct.  The PatriotAct enabled our government to spy on its own citizens when passed originally and this new legislation makes it even more legal.  By once again concealing what their real intentions are they have intentionally tried to mislead the public AGAIN!

    You can review the bill here

    Below are several screenshots of what HR6729 contains:Dn9A-uRWkAA3vnp.jpg


    DntdKjIXoAECsGC (1).jpgDntdKjIXoAECsGC.jpgDntdKgvWkAMBPHB.jpg

    Ask yourself this question, why do those we vote for conceal the truth from us if they truly represent us?  The truth is, that these people don’t.  They are as corrupt as they come and only serve themselves and their pocketbooks.  They purposely mislead the public while taking funds from corporations and pass bills that are a violation of our Constitutional rights.

    The 4th amendment distinctly states they have no right to spy on us in our own homes as seen here:

    “The Fourth Amendment originally enforced the notion that “each man’s home is his castle”, secure from unreasonable searches and seizures of property by the government.  It protects against arbitrary arrests, and is the basis of the law regarding search warrantsstop-and-frisk, safety inspections, wiretaps, and other forms of surveillance, as well as being central to many other criminal law topics and to privacy law.

    Here is the 4th amendment as seen in the Constitution:

    “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

    This bill also reaffirms Wikileaks’ #Vault7 as seen here.  As there is too much information on this page to include quotes, I highly recommend you read it at the link provided.  The CIA has been using their technology to spy on American citizens for quite some time and our government has allowed this under the Patriot Act.  By expanding the Patriot Act, under false pretenses and concealing under this bill, they are turning the US into a modern day “1984”.  If we allow this, our privacy will be a thing of the past.

    Will We The People allow a direct violation of the Constitution to continue?  Please write your Senators and Representatives and demand they vote not to pass this bill!

    You can find your states reps and Senators addresses, emails and phone numbers at the link below:

    elected officials contact information

    Also contact President Trump by using the information found on this link:

    white house contact information


    Donate to Angel Fox here:  Angel Fox’s PayPal


    The Persecution of Julian Assange Continues…

    Please imagine being confined to a room the size of a small office in an Embassy in a foreign land.  You are unable to see your family or your children or even see the sunlight.  It has been six long years since you were outside for more than 5 minutes and even the five minutes only took place a total of six times.  Your sleeping quarters are a converted women’s bathroom where you can barely fit a bed. You stare at the walls day in and day out until they are as familiar as the back of your eyelids. You are suffering healthwise because proper medical care is not allowed.  If you walk out the front door of this living hell you will be arrested, extradited and face torture, life in prison or worse, the death penalty. Why?  Because you published documents exposing injustice and crimes by an extremely powerful government.Cb-dN4oXIAAfz7u.jpgassange-office-tour-25.jpgliving.jpg

    Imagine going days without affection or basic human interaction.  Imagine not knowing when it will all end.  Envision being innocent and trying to show the public what their governments are doing behind their backs and being in this position.  Not being able to see your children grow up or hug them is a travesty. The suffering would be immense, especially if you were an outdoors person to begin with.  Think about not being able to go near windows due to the possibility of a lone gunman targeting you.  Visualize hundreds of death threats and not being able to go where you please or even go out for dinner or go out on a date.

    Then, just as it hope looms on the horizon, that same persecuting nation goes to the government of the embassy you sought asylum with and coerces them into putting you in solitary confinement indefinitely.  They have taken away your rights to internet access, the telephone and visitors.  You are not a prisoner.  You are a political refugee.  Now they are truly torturing you under international law and the Nelson Mandela Act.  Why?  Because fear makes them want to keep you quiet.  Fear of being exposed.Diq2eDVUEAECOTX

    This sounds like some sort of crazy movie plot, doesn’t it?  Like something that happens on the screen, not in real life.  Maybe a John Grisham thriller comes to mind.  Unfortunately, the hero of this nasty plot is really living this nightmare.  Julian Assange has been illegally detained against 2 UN rulings for 8 years.  Six of which he has lived in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London without fresh air, sunlight, proper exercise or decent medical care.  He took political asylum due to threats of extradition to the US where he faced torture, life in prison or the death penalty.DkvnHz0WwAE6X4x

    As though his confinement is not persecution enough, the Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno ordered him silenced and isolated on March 28th of this year.  Assange is a very social person as every human is.  According to the Nelson Mandela Act, anything over 15 days in solitary is considered torture.  So now, Mr. Assange faces indefinite isolation because the US government is afraid of what he can expose.  Many will argue who ordered this done, but the proof is in the pudding.  I wrote an article recently showing some evidence for the reader to decide. (You can read this article here.) The point being that someone in the current administration basically bribed Ecuador, regardless of who the guilty party is. The very government who gave asylum, under a new president, is now torturing the man they gave citizenship to and diplomatic status to.Julian-Assange-Embassy-724516

    If you read my article How Solitary Confinement Effects the Human Mind, you come to the realization that people usually are affected permanently by isolation of this kind.  Very simply put, what they are doing to this journalist and publisher is cruel and unusual punishment.  It is a violation of human rights, free speech, and free press.  It is morally and ethically against every principle we have ever been taught.  An innocent man is sitting in a modern day Tower of London due to political persecution for simply telling the truth!

    You would think this would take place in some 3rd world, uncivilized country but it is taking place right under everyone’s noses in London.  My very heart breaks with sorrow for what this courageous truth teller is enduring. Please, if you have a heart, write to your leaders, your lawmakers, your newspapers and demand this tragedy end now.

    The address to write to President Trump or call him is listed below:

    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20500

    or call and leave a message at


    Another suggestion is to reach out to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May at

    House of Commons
    SW1A 0AA

    You can also call at

    020 7219 5206


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    Society Today: Immunity to Violence

    dhuna01.jpgMany of us truly believe we are more civilized then what we call “The Old Days”. We cite that we no longer use torture devices like they did in the Dark Ages or have the Coliseum or publicly execute people and this part is true. People sometimes will ask how people could stand to watch these disgusting displays and applaud and enjoy it.  Well, our society really is no different. Let me explain.

    Our society delves into this a completely different way then what they did then.  They watch it on television, in movies, online and on the news every day.  We see rape, murder, unadultered sex, sexual exploitation, war crimes, etc. and it’s all at a touch of a button.  How many of you have watched an action-packed movie and not thought twice about in the violence in it.  What about the new state of the art video games on your gaming consul or PC?  Do you think twice about the sex on day time television? No, you don’t.download.jpg

    I remember as a teenager watching Robocop for the first time.  I was pretty innocent and naive back then I admit but there was a scene that literally made me vomit.  When the thugs cut off Robocops arm when he was a human it not only made me violently ill but would make me shudder every time I thought of it for days after.  Recently, I watched that movie for a second time.  The scene did not even phase me now.  This is a good example of what I am talking about.

    People in the past saw violence, rape and torture so much they became immune.  In other words, they lost their ability to be shocked.  It was “normal” to watch it in public.  Just like it is now.  Our society today has become so unnaffected by the violence in the news, in the movies, on PCs and games that it no longer phases us.  In fact, most people don’t even pay attention to the constant barrage of killings and shootings on tv.  School shootings and other mass shootings have become so common that people pay attention for a day or two and move on to the next excitement.  Yes, many view it as exciting.  How did we as human beings stop caring about others?

    We as human beings are social beings.  It only makes sense that seeing another of our species hurt would affect us right? You cannot interact with someone who is no longer alive or functional.  So, what causes us to stop caring? From very early on in our development we learned to adjust, to adapt to our surroundings, to survive.  Becoming desensitized to what is going around us is simply the mind’s way of surviving and protecting itself from being hurt.mobviolence.jpg

    According to Wikipedia seen here:

    “In psychology, desensitization is defined as the diminished emotional responsiveness to a negative, aversive or positive stimulus after repeated exposure to it. It also occurs when an emotional response is repeatedly evoked in situations in which the action tendency that is associated with the emotion proves irrelevant or unnecessary.”

    According to an article in Psychology Today, seen here:

    “A study by the Indiana University School of Medicine examined young men and violent media exposure. There were visible alterations in MRI brain scans after only one week of playing a violent video game. In particular, there was a significant decrease in the activation of prefrontal portions of the brain and a greater activation of the amygdala.


    A quick neuroscience lesson: The prefrontal cortex is the so called “thinking part” of the brain which deals with concentrationdecision makingself-control and inhibition while the amygdala is part of the limbic system, the so called “emotion center” that serves many emotional functions, but can be the trigger for depressionanger, aggression and impulsive behavior.”

    “The Virginia Tech Research Division showed students several non-violent movies, followed by super-violent movies. Results indicated violent films can increase hostile behavior.”

    According to the nhi.gov site seen here:

    By age 15, over 50 to 70% of youth report witnessing real-life violence or being assaulted in their lifetime, with rates varying based on the types of violence measured (Cisler et al. 2012Finkelhor et al. 2013). Most youth also experience violence through media, including television, movies and video games. For instance, the average 18-year old observes approximately 6,000 acts of violence on television and in movies in one year (Browne and Hamilton-Giachritsis 2005Center for Research Excellence 2009).

    Also, the human brain trains itself to protect itself from anxiety and fear if there is no reason for it.  For instance, when i saw Robocop the first time, I hadn’t been exposed to much violence. My parents were very protective and kept me from viewing too much violence.  So when I saw it, it not only shocked me but I found it revolting and objectionable and it caused me fear.  After seeing more and more of this behavior on television and at the movies, my brains trained itself to react calmly because there was nothing to fear.  This is how I became immune to violence and sex.

    This is an unfortunate happening.  I miss that innocence.  It’s not that I don’t care what happens to people, because I do very much but it’s commonplace.  My brain has protected me from the anxiety it causes.  It has stopped triggering the impulse to become sick and afraid. It happens to all of us but we need our society to realize what this immunity is doing.  We need to open our eyes once again and see that it is not right.  Our media needs to present murders and violence for what it is and not treat it as just another day.

    We need to teach our children that violence is wrong.  We also need to retrain our brain to be appalled by the constant show of violence on tv and shut it off.  Very simply, we are no different than those “barbarians” who watched public executions and tortures and we need to change that behavior in ourselves.

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