A Letter Regarding the Immediate Release of Julian Assange to the US and the UK

To the governing body of the United Kingdom:

Now that Sweden has dropped all inquiries in the Julian Assange case, how can you arrest him for missing a bail appointment on charges that were never filed?  Please take a closer look at your case and the money you are wasting keeping him in the Embassy and release him. Truly, he did nothing wrong.  If in fact you are keeping him there to extradite him to the United States, stand up for yourself! Wikileaks published information, they did not steal it or hack the US government to get it. The UN ruling states that keeping Assange in the Embassy is inhumane. Is that really how you want the world to view the UK?

To President Trump and the Department of Justice:

You represent the American people and the Constitution of the United States that clearly states a right to freedom of speech and free press. By trying to charge wikileaks and Julian Assange, you are violating those rights. You were appointed to office to stand up for justice and the American way. By seeking to prosecute a news source such as Wikileaks, you violate the First Amendment which states:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Wikileaks has done nothing wrong except publish information that the people of this country needed to know. Our government is controlled by the people, not the other way around. By going after a news organization like Wikileaks, you commit a great crime against the citizens of the United States.

Also, if you choose to prosecute Assange and the Wikileaks staff, you must also arrest any news organization that has published any leak over the past 10 years including but not limited to New York Times, Washington Post and CNN.

I ask that the United Kingdom and the United States drop this mess and release Assange to continue to publish and edit Wikileaks that he might once again be free. It is only right that he see his children and family again and feel the sun on his face. Even criminals in prison are allowed to go outside and exercise freely in the prison yards. By violating his human rights you violate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which was put in place on December 10, 1948.

By allowing Assange and his staff to be free once again, you do a great service to the people of our countries and the world.

Thank you.

A Concerned Citizen



Why We Should Support Wikileaks.org

The Reasons to Support Wikileaks, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden

I could go on and on talking about this particular subject, but I am going to try to just stick to the basic facts.

  1. Wikileaks informs the public. Most governments, whether its the US or not, hide things from the general public. Basically, the Shadow government does things that are illegal. A leaker such as Snowden, brings these crimes to light. Many consider these leakers to be traitors or spies, but in certain cases, they see something wrong going on and report it. Watergate is a good example. You had a leaker who talked to a journalist who exposed what was going on.
  2. Wikileaks is against war crimes. In 2010, Wikileaks and Julian Assange exposed the US government in Afghanistan. They were killing citizens and other heinous acts. Sometimes, war cannot be helped, but shooting sprees on citizens is wrong.
  3. Do you dislike Hillary Clinton? Why? Wikileaks exposed her criminal activities as well as John Podesta and #Pizzagate. Also we learned about #spiritcooking this way.  Do you support pedophilia?
  4. Wikileaks also brought to light the fact that Hillary and Obama created ISIS and armed them.  This again is criminal activity by government officials. This enables the public to see the truth and to get rid of the problem. As individuals, we can educate ourselves by researching these items on the web, which leads to us not being ignorant.
  5. Wikileaks has never been proven wrong in 10 years.  This a fact.
  6. Wikileaks has been attacked and Assange put in prison for exposing the truth.  Sweden made up lies about two fake rapes and Britian arrested him. Basically, they were considering expediting to the US to stand trial for “TELLING THE TRUTH”.  Julian is only the messenger. In fact, Edward Snowden was just a leaker who saw that the government was spying on it’s own citizens. Now he is in asylum in Russia.
  7. For the past 5 years, Assange has had to seek political asylum to avoid possible torture or death in the United States. Some say the US wouldn’t torture him, but Wikileaks exposed the US torturing Manning, so why wouldn’t they torture Assange to get names of leakers?
  8. Julian and Wikileaks are not rich. His huge legal fees has depleted any savings he had and if released, he would rely on us ot support him and his work.

In essence, everything Wikileaks has done in the past and will do in the future relies on our donations to the cause.  Please if you can afford to, go to justice4assange.com and donate. Or go to wikileaks.org and buy a t-shirt or book from their shop.free-assange


What pain lies within the inutterable sadness of sin
Of letting the labyrinth of your soul fall for a moment as your heart calls
Inevitably the heartbeat you once longed to hear
The thought if which you can no longer bear
What you thought was turning into a precious memory
Now you wish that it would flee
Into the agony that is your life day after day of grief
That it seems no matter how you try you cannot get relief
Searching for a like mind goes hindered in the dust of pain
As the tears they fall like rain
Will it ever end or will you always be alone
As you seek the arms of what you call home
Or will you fail in your search endlessly
Because it seems no one can love me…


The Truth About Jerome Corsi


It is not unusual for a journalist in this day and age to stretch the truth to make a story bigger but to out and out lie to keep themselves in the public eye is outrageous. Jerome Corsi seems to make a habit of it and also to lie to cover his own ass. In fact, it appears he is giving false information about Assange to save himself from being indicted by the Mueller Witch Hunt. Claiming to be an honest, integrious man and a Christian. Corsi has time and time again used false information about Julian Assange to make himself look bigger than he truly is.

For instance, in January of 2018, Jerome Corsi hearing rumors because of Julian’s account being deleted on Christmas Night chose to spread the lie further through this tweet seen below. He in no way vetted this to be fact but just furthered the gossip going around. He used an InfoWars article based on the same rumors to try to prove he was right.


Jerome Corsi has been caught many times in his deceit and dishonest nature. When I myself called him out on his lie about Cassandra Fairbanks and Julian Assange seen below, he immediately blocked my account rather than replying to me.

defend assange 1

This was my tweet:

me on corsi

There is much truth to this. Currently, Assange is unable to defend himself due to unfair Ecuadorian regulations put on his asylum. He cannot speak about anything political and is not online at this point. Also, by spreading this lie on MSM he has put Assange’s life in more danger than it is already in.

Corsi claimed to have prior knowledge of the Podesta emails through Roger Stone who it has been proven had no such knowledge. In the end, he retracts and says he believes Stone had this information and said the following:

Jerome Corsi on CNN: “I believed, I figured out that Assange had Podesta’s emails … and it turned out that I was right”

Once again, he is not only covering his ass but turning on his own. See below statement:


I believe Corsi knows he will be indicted and is directly trying to sabotage Assange for brownie points. Stone had no contact with Assange and was refused a visit when trying to visit the Embassy.

It is hardly surprising that Corsi and Stone stated prior to October 6th, 2016 that they believed Assange had more to dump as Assange himself stated in this interview on July 29th, 2016:


“We have more material related to the Hillary Clinton campaign” ~Julian Assange

After I myself watched this interview, I could have predicted what was to come. I am certainly not psychic but it was obvious Assange and Wikileaks intended to drop more data.

The funny part of the Mueller investigation is this. The only thing they have on Wikileaks is that they simply published the DNC emails and the Podesta emails and cannot in all actuality prove anything else. Wikileaks did a service to the community by exposing the criminal behavior of both the DNC and the Clinton Foundation, nothing else. They did their jobs as real journalists and honest media organization. No one has questioned the authenticity of these documents or any other document published by Wikileaks in the past or present.

In fact, everyone knows the US wants to extradite Assange. What fruit does it bare to prove that no one in the Trump administration or any journalist had prior knowledge of this Mr. Mueller? All it will do is further prove you are on a witch hunt.

And as for Jerome Corsi, please continue to lie and make accusations it only validates those of who know you are lying. But remember Mr. Corsi one day you will stand before the Judge who knows all and the truth will come to light and all those hidden will be revealed.

This Week in Assange: A look at recent news

img_20181001_170556-265904602.jpgAccording to media sources including the Evening Standard, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange cannot receive a fair trial in the United States.  The trial itself would be a kangaroo trial and would be worst then the Salem Witch Trials.  Julian Assange would be convicted regardless of what his defense lawyers brought forth.  This includes the opinion of many others including John Kiriakou, (know for his exposure of CIA torture program and radio program),as seen here when he spoke with Suzie Dawson on a Unity4J vigil seen youtube video with John Kiriakou.

According to the Evening Standard (link above):

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange “cannot hope to receive a fair trial” in the US after a judge refused to make supposed criminal charges against him public, according to the organisation.

There is much truth in this especially after US District Judge Leonie Brinkema ruled that the charges against Assange will remain sealed until he is arrested. (Statement below). A fair trial would start with the defendant able to see what he is charged with, correct?  How can Assange’s lawyers even begin to start a defense case if they don’t know what the charges are? Of course, we know enough from previous articles and statements that espionage and coercion are involved but what else? DyL66iVX0AAn_Fo.jpg

According to this statement, it hasn’t been proved there are charges but there has been. In November, Associated Press released the following article stating:

“The Justice Department has filed charges under seal against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

That’s according to a person familiar with the situation who spoke on condition of anonymity to The Associated Press because no charges have been publicly announced. It was not clear what the charges were or when they might be made public.

The fact that charges had been prepared was disclosed in an errant court filing in an unrelated case that was recently unsealed and that contained Assange’s name.”

“The prosecutor wrote the charges “would need to remain sealed until Assange is arrested in connection with the charges in the criminal complaint and can therefore no longer evade or avoid arrest and extradition.”

If the US government continues with its desire to prosecute this award winning journalist and publisher for doing what so many other news organizations have done in the past, it will destroy the 1st amendment of the US Constitution.  It will set a precedent against all future publishers who release to the public any kind of official government documents exposing crime and corruption in that agency.   It will destroy what the US stands for and that is freedom and justice.  It will further corrupt the very court system we rely on for truth and justice.  As an American who values my Constitution and the amendments therein, I find it absolutely disgusting that the DOJ of my country would violate it so willingly and destructively.

Earlier this week, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders shut down a reporter asking if working with Wikileaks should be a crime.  See video here.  Of course we all have heard that Rudy Giullani said that Assange should not be charged citing the Pentagon Papers but the DOJ doesn’t seem to be listening nor does the ABC organizations.

There isn’t a media organization who hasn’t at one time or another cited Wikileaks documents. If Wikileaks staff and it’s founder are prosecuted then shouldn’t the New York Times and Washington Post also be for publishing classified information?  What about the Guardian who released the Snowden Files? Then shouldn’t the government go back in time to Watergate?  What organization should not then be put on trial who have referenced any classified document?  See where this would lead to?  The end of any truthful statements made by media about the corruption and crime our government is involved on and us only receiving the propaganda approved by said government.

Also in Assange news is the statement from the IAC seen below from a Wikileaks tweet:

“The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights () has given Ecuador five days to answer seven questions on threats against Julian Assange’s asylum after moves to sell Julian Assange to US government for “debt relief”.”

Whether Ecuador will comply should be interesting as they have not complied to either the ruling on his asylum in the past by the IAC or the requests from the UN to remove his unrealistic demands from Ecuador on his internet access and visitors.  Many of these regulations are not only tyrannical in nature but against Assange’s human rights as a refugee.  Yet, Ecuador has refused to comply with international law, so I doubt they will answer questions reasonably or honestly if they do at all.

Isn’t it time the US government, the UK government and Ecuador act like democracies instead of tyrannical, evil bullies and free this journalist?

21 Days Standing Watch at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London: the Reality

I decided in November of 2018, after a call out for help from @Ciaron O’Reilly on Twitter, to join him in standing watch over Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Many felt the holiday period would be extremely dangerous for Assange to be taken at night at this time. I posted a gofundme to raise the funds for my trip and arrived at Gatwick Airport on the 12th of December .

That was the easy part I found out very quickly. I am a small town girl but I’ve driven through many a city in my life. Being on foot in London was a totally new experience for me however. First I took the train to Victoria station. Finding my bus to Hyde Park took me about 15 minutes. I was alone but I found several people who helped me along my way. I walked to my hostel. By this time I had been awake approximately 36 hours. It was 2 pm London time or 1400.

I dropped off my luggage and headed over to Hans Crescent to join the vigil there. (Pic is below) after attending the vigil, I walked over and introduced myself to Ciaron. I stayed that evening so he could sleep in his nearby makeshift tent. I stayed awake approximately 56 hours in total.

London is a different kind of cold from what I was used to. The humidity there is extremely high and 45 degrees Fahrenheit there, feels like 20 in Michigan. Add to that the rain that happens nearly every single day and you feel like you are freezing all the time. The buildings are old and drafty and often I slept in long johns at the hostel during the day.

It didn’t take long to meet the Catholic Workers who often stopped by to see Ciaron. Sylvi, Jo, Lise, Eric, Patrick and a few others can often be seen there. I miss them all. They were a wonderful group!

It didn’t take long for a neighbor to donate a warm blanket and another lady Carolau brought me warm socks and things to keep me getting cold. Nevertheless, the chill of a London winter night often left me chilled to the bone and wet. The nights were often lonely as I watched the police and surveillance vans come and go. ( See pics below).

Not that there weren’t certain events that oftentimes either made me smile or shake my head. How can I forget our mentally ill homeless lady. She often attempted to steal signs and go through Ciaron’ s belongings. To talk to her, you realized she was on a mission to clean up London. She wore only shorts and a coat with a sweater underneath, shoes Ciaron found in a dumpster for her and carried bags from Harrods around with a few of her “belongings”. Try as we did to get her to wear pants we brought her, she refused.

Closer to Christmas, Julian’s father John made his appearance for a number of days (Pic also seen below) and not only was I honored enough to meet him, I also had coffee with him at the little Italian restaurant around the corner. He was very soft spoken and polite as well as a true gentleman. To me this was the best event while I was there.

I was also honored to be a part of the Christmas video done by Bruce King.

Here is the Christmas video with Bruce King https://youtu.be/O392z5OEJZA

When Julians father left it was a sad day indeed knowing it left Julian alone again. John had been spending most of the day until around 10:30 at night with his son.

While standing watch I had a whistle to alert Ciaron if anything happened. Honestly, it felt safe with hourly Harrod’s staff going by and police constantly being near. Often times, groups of people would walk by on their way home from a night at a pub. Many would go back in the alley to relieve themselves not realizing there were at least 15 cameras back there. Finding a public toilet in the area was difficult after 11 pm.

Quite often, I paced up and down the alley and in front of the Embassy to keep warm as I have bad circulation to my extremities due to my Type 1 diabetes and my feet and hands were always literally burning from the frigid air.

By Christmas, the attacks on my character by certain supporters were reaching their peak and I was disgusted and saddened. I chose to go simply because I was able to do what no one wanted to do. Other supporters were unable to stand vigil there but my being single enabled to me. I was terrified they would take him to be honest. Yes I had a plan but will not discuss that.

Christmas Day, there were seven of us. The other Ciaron had brought us dinner and we shared it and had great political discussions as we stood watch over Julian together. I spent Christmas night alone as Ciaron slept which had become habit.

At some point between Christmas and New Year’s Paolo Barnard joined us. At 12 midnight, we all chanted Happy freed New Year’s to Julian and sang a song. Video is below. There were 11 of us that night and we enjoyed talking to eachother.

On January 3rd, my last night there, I joined Paolo at the Guardian in protest to their constant smears of Julian. We stood for about two hours. Most staff either nodded at us or ignored us after reading our signs. It was the end of quite an experience but a fitting one.

I hope my endeavor deterred anyone seeking to harm Julian and helped protect him in some way. I hope he knows he is never alone as many of us keep him close in our thoughts. #FreeAssange

The Assange/Manafort Lie and the US Department of Justice

images (1).jpg

Due to a fake news article by the Guardian Newspaper, written by Luke Harding of the Guardian along with Villavicencio and Dan Collyns, reporting that Paul Manafort had met with Julian Assange, the DOJ in the U.S. is investigating the claim of the meeting. There is no evidence of such a meeting. In truth, facts show that Manafort actually met with President Lenin Moreno of Ecuador to arrange the eviction of Assange. Yet, in recent breaking news from Wikileaks, the U.S. DOJ has issued letters to interrogate 6 former diplomats and staff at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. See screenshots below:

breaking 1

breaking 2

breaking 3

The other part of this story is the letter written and signed by Charles Schumer, Robert Menendez, Richard Durbin, Eliot Engel, Dianne Feinstein, and Jerrold Nadler to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo regarding his visit with Ecuador’s Foreign Minister Valencia. This letter can be seen here. I have included the context below:

pompeo 1

pompeo 2

pompeo 3

pompeo 4

I have no respect for these Senators who are on a wild goose chase to destroy a news organization in the name of Russiagate. Wikileaks has stated repetitively that it was not a government that gave them the DNC Leaks or Podesta’s emails. Before Julian Assange was silenced by Ecuador, he also stated this. What are these Democrat Senators afraid of? They know the emails are true and show the corruption in their own party. We are still waiting for the members behind all of this to be indicted.

Due to the slanderous operation to destroy Assange and Wikileaks by the Guardian, this investigation is taking place even though it has been proven it is nothing but another attempt to defeat the organization and its creator.

Further attempts to slander Assange by the Guardian in recent months include a supposed plan to smuggle Julian out of the Embassy to Russia which falls in line with accusations of Wikileaks and the supposed connection to Russia in the 2016 election. A garbage story was co-written by Luke Harding with two other authors seen here. Another fabrication by Luke Harding is #OperationHotel a supposed list of people who visited Assange in 2017 that is completely an invention of his deluded mind to sell his fiction..



Wikileaks has chosen to sue the Guardian for their smears and has opened a GoFundMe. Please show your support by donating Wikileaks Go Fund Me Page. Also, I suggest writing to these Senators and demanding they drop their foolish investigation into a witch hunt against a publisher and his organization.

Why We Should Build the Wall: My Christian Thoughts with Bible Verses

As a Christian, I think building the wall on our southern border is a good idea.  Why? You ask.  Is it biblical? Yes, it actually is.  I will share a few Bible verses on building walls though there are many and share my thoughts on why I think God would support it, but first, I want to share my thoughts.

Do you live in an apartment complex with walls surrounding it?  Do you have bars on your windows or lock your doors? Why?  It’s most likely to protect the loved ones and valuable property within, am I correct?  It’s not about keeping people out who wouldn’t do damage. They would knock on the door to gain entrance.  It’s about keeping those out who intend harm.  Correct?

It’s the same with the southern border wall.  If people want to “knock” and come in legally, we are all for it.  It’s not racist, bigoted or anything else to want that.  We want people to come, only we want to them to do it legally.  If you will break a law to come in, who is to say you won’t break more laws.  Legal immigrants go through a process of teaching them our laws.  Illegals only know former laws.  Many laws in foreign countries can be broken if the police are bribed.

Every city in Biblical times was surrounded by a wall. They wanted to protect the people that lived within from attacks because they valued them.  Here are some verses on building the wall in Jerusalem:

2 Chronicles 32:5  And he took courage and rebuilt all the wall that had been broken down and erected towers on it, and built another outside wall and strengthened the Millo in the city of David, and made weapons and shields in great number.

Nehemiah 2:17 Then I said to them, “You see the trouble we are in: Jerusalem lies in ruins, and its gates have been burned with fire.Come, let us rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, and we will no longer be in disgrace.”

Ezekiel 42:20  He measured it on the four sides; it had a wall all around, the length five hundred and the width five hundred, to divide between the holy and the profane.

Revelation 21:12-19  It had a great and high wall, with twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels; and names were written on them, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the sons of Israel. There were three gates on the east and three gates on the north and three gates on the south and three gates on the west. And the wall of the city had twelve foundation stones, and on them were the twelve names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb. The one who spoke with me had a gold measuring rod to measure the city, and its gates and its wall. The city is laid out as a square, and its length is as great as the width; and he measured the city with the rod, fifteen hundred miles; its length and width and height are equal. And he measured its wall, seventy-two yards, according to human measurements, which are also angelic measurements. The material of the wall was jasper; and the city was pure gold, like clear glass. The foundation stones of the city wall were adorned with every kind of precious stone The first foundation stone was jasper; the second, sapphire; the third, chalcedony; the fourth, emerald;

The final verse, I believe speaks of the New Jerusalem prophesied by John the Disciple.  If our future as Christians is the New Jerusalem and a New Earth and it has a wall, why shouldn’t we build a wall to protect Americans from those who intend to hurt it?  Why shouldn’t we protect those within? border-wall-1024x576.jpgProposed southern border wall


Ancient wall around Jerusalem


Temple Mount


The Absolute Isolation of Julian Assange

Do you remember the television show “I Dream of Jeanie”? Remember her tiny little room in the lamp her master found her in? He’d call for her and she’d appear and sometimes even got out of his house. Compared to Julian Assange, she had it made. He is stuck in his little room and can never leave other than to meet a visitor in another little room or go to his bed in a converted women’s bathroom. The isolation and loneliness must be overwhelming at times.

Now imagine being stuck in that room for 8 months and not allowed internet access, phone calls or visitors. He’s endured that and even though his rights have been partially restored, he’s still being detained arbitrarily. If he leaves these confines, he looks at extradition to the U.S. where he faces life behind bars, in solitary confinement, if not the death penalty. If he is convicted of espionage, he may not even be allowed visitors or to see his lawyers.


Visitors find Assange still in good spirits, however. He’s ready to fight as always. After 8 years of isolation and 8 months of pure torture, most people would have easily given up. Not Assange. His courage and integrity stand up against 3 governments who want to destroy him.

As a publisher and journalist, this man has endured much more than any other in the history of the United States itself. He has stood heroicly against world government’s corruption and injustice, exposing what is wrong. So why is the United States and the United Kingdom trying so desperately to silence him? Because they themselves have become criminal and crooked. They hide their crimes from the public and when exposed prosecute the whistleblowers who bring to light their fraudulent transgressions.

Mainstream Media should have long ago broadcast this disgusting atrocity against human rights and free speech but being organizations that propaganda tools this would be against the corporations who own them. In fact, there have been more smears published about Assange than anything else.

Many have never even heard of Julian Assange and the fact he has been confined to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for 6 1/2 years without sunlight, fresh air or proper medical care against two UN rulings. They have no idea that the government who promised to protect him tortured him for 8 months through solitary confinement. Even prisoners get an hour outside a day, yet Assange has been allowed on the balcony only 6 times for a few minutes in the last 6 years. This is a tragedy and a disgusting display of government overreach amongst other things.


The permanent damage done to this man can never be repaired or repaid. The damage done by his stint in solitary confinement alone is irreversible. (See my article on the effects of solitary confinement seen here.) Yet, Julian Assange still stands tall. An innocent man who simply published the truth against governments who seek to destroy him in order to make what he has exposed a crime.

How will this all end? We can only fight to see a good outcome. In fact, we must fight that this man does not deteriorate before our eyes. As human beings, we must end this breach of human rights and save this man for truth and justice and for good conscience sake.

Please write your elected officials or call them and demand they stand up for this man and free him. If not for a fellow human being, for future generations free speech and free press.

What Is the U.N.Convention Against Torture Law and How Can It Help Julian Assange


I have only recently learned of the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment also known as the U.N. CAT law or convention against Torture.  Under this law, I have found a few things that may have been overlooked in regards to the illegal detainment of Julian Assange. According to article one found here:

“For the purpose of this Convention, the term “torture” means any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him, or a third person, information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind, when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity. It does not include pain or suffering arising only from, inherent in, or incidental to, lawful sanctions.”

In the case of Julian Assange, with 8 years arbitrary detention 6 of which have been without fresh air, sunlight or proper medical care and the complete isolation of over 8 months this past year, his situation certainly is considered torture under international law.  In fact, the U.N. has ruled twice in favor of Assange, finding the U.K. has detained Assange illegally as seen here:

“The Working Group on Arbitrary Detention considers that the various forms of deprivation of liberty to which Julian Assange has been subjected constitute a form of arbitrary detention,” said Seong-Phil Hong, who currently heads the expert panel.

“The Working Group maintains that the arbitrary detention of Mr. Assange should be brought to an end, that his physical integrity and freedom of movement be respected, and that he should be entitled to an enforceable right to compensation,” Mr. Hong added.  

However, it has not been brought in front of the U.N. the current state of torture Assange is suffering.  The funny thing is that the U.K. parliament itself ratified the U.N. CAT law and yet they continue to violate it by keeping an uncharged man imprisoned in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.  Documentation of this ratification can be seen here.

According to Wikipedia seen here:

“The Committee against Torture (CAT) is a body of human rights experts that monitors implementation of the Convention by State parties. The Committee is one of eight UN-linked human rights treaty bodies. All state parties are obliged under the Convention to submit regular reports to the CAT on how rights are being implemented. Upon ratifying the Convention, states must submit a report within one year, after which they are obliged to report every four years. The Committee examines each report and addresses its concerns and recommendations to the State party in the form of “concluding observations.” Under certain circumstances, the CAT may consider complaints or communications from individuals claiming that their rights under the Convention have been violated.”

In essence, Assange’s lawyers could bring the current situation to the Committee and very possibly stop the U.K. from being able to arrest him until the case is finalized by the U.N.  If, in fact, the committee were to find Ecuador and the British authorities in violation of the current law, Assange would most certainly be allowed to leave the premises as a free man.

Another legal matter that needs to be addressed is a Habeus Corpus sent to the United States State Department and any court that has jurisdiction in this case.  Upon investigating this, I found this at Cornell university’s law site found here.

“A writ of habeas corpus is used to bring a prisoner or other detainee (e.g. institutionalized mental patient) before the court to determine if the person’s imprisonment or detention is lawful.  A habeas petition proceeds as a civil action against the State agent (usually a warden) who holds the defendant in custody. It can also be used to examine any extradition processes used, the amount of bail, and the jurisdiction of the court.”

By then proving, without Assange being arrested, that his current detention is not only unlawful but extradition has been ordered by the United States government.  Assange would not need to be physically present at these proceedings but could appear via satellite link.  Upon proving there is an extradition order, Ecuador’s hands become tied due to Assange being a citizen of that country and cannot evict him from the Embassy.  This would also open the doors to what charges he faces in the United States.

Also under the United Nations CAT Law, explanation seen here:

“The UNCAT defines what is meant by torture, bans the use of torture, cruel and degrading treatment, bans refoulement (the extradition of individuals at risk to countries where they may face torture), requires governments to actively prevent torture, requires governments to investigate torture allegations, requires governments to provide remedy to torture victims and establishes an appropriate UN committee to deal with issues of redress, monitoring and investigation.”

In other words, because Assange faces the possibility of torture named out in the Stratfor emails seen below, he cannot be extradited to the United States under this law.


Another reason the torture of Assange by the United States may be inevitable is the nomination of “Bloody” Gina Haspel as CIA head.  She is known for her participation in the CIA torture program that was banned after being exposed by John Kiriakou.  Therefore, Julian Assange is in grave danger if he is extradited.

I am suggesting to the legal team of Assange that they look into this.  It may be helpful in their endeavors to free their client.

A Call Out to Journalists who Aren’t Supporting Julian Assange

You think it won’t affect you but it does…

The fact is that the persecution and silencing of publisher and journalist Julian Assange will inevitably affect journalists worldwide. It is only the beginning of the violation of free speech and free press worldwide. It will set a precedent for all media who do not follow the government’s standards for propaganda and news.

I have written before how Hitler’s browncoats took over the media first and burnt books that did not agree with their agenda. In fact, the purging of independent journalists on social media has already begun. Journalists worldwide are being murdered. When will you wake up?

Don’t forget the poem written by Pastor Ronald Niemoller seen below:

First they came for Assange… But you did not care. When they finally come for anyone who tells the truth including you, then you will wish you stood up for Julian when you had the chance. In October 2018, the independent published an article on the growing number of journalists being murdered seen here.

According to their article:
According to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), a New-York based organisation defending the freedom of the press, at least 43 journalists have been killed in 2018 so far. The figure includes those who died in the line of fire while covering conflicts or on dangerous assignments, as well as those who were murdered. Russian journalists Alexander Rastorguyev, Kirill Radchenko and Orkhan Dzhemal were killed in June while working on a story in the Central African Republic.Figures released by the CPJ show that 46 journalists were killed in 2017.

These numbers are increasing and as Assange is isolated and being pressured to leave his asylum more and more journalists are being silenced in our midst. Where is the outrage?

You would think high profile media personalities would be protesting such an atrocity on a fellow comrade. Instead, they join in the propaganda and attempt to smear their peer. This is a disgusting display of apathy and passiveness. It’s easy to collect that paycheck and live like an elitist rather than put your own neck on the line and speak the truth, isn’t it?

I can only hope the public sees you for what you are and are able to save this man before it’s too late. For #FreePress and #FreeSpeech.

My Days Spent at the Ecuador Embassy in London: Free Assange

I was so excited when I arrived in London even though I got lost on my way to the hostel several times. London can be very beautiful in some areas and very poor in others. Arriving there I met several vigilers and then made my way over to meet Ciaron O’Reilly.

I spent 14 hours a day standing watch at night while Ciaron slept 8 of those. Hans Crescent is very quiet and lonely at night. I spent a lot of my time reflecting on the world, feeling very sad for Julian and contemplating the future. Often I thought of the persecution and torture of the man inside.

People truly don’t see the absolute injustice of what is happening to Assange. They don’t understand the irreparable damage be done by years of sensory deprivation, lack of sunlight, fresh air and medical care. They do not understand what 8 months without phone, visitors or internet can do. Solitary confinement after 15 days is considered torture according to the UN Nelson Mandela Act.

I have written before about the effects of solitary confinement on the mind,(seen here). Unfortunately the situation has not improved much for Julian. Fortunately, his father John Shipton was able to visit him for Christmas but Assange is suffering physically and there is no end in sight. The absolute horror of this atrocity does not hit you quite hard enough until you’ve stood outside that building for hours knowing what is happening inside.

It is easy for us to say there are other tragedies happening in the world today. It is easy to sit back and do nothing and expect others to take care of it for us. However, no one has ever built a skyscraper by themselves. The movement needs action not just words. People need to contact their elected officials by email, phone and letters. We need to stand in unity and solidarity or he will die in that embassy.

The reality of his plight and the need to fight harder became stronger for me by standing watch for 23 days. I met many wonderful people who are truly dedicated to this cause, but mostly it taught me that the fight to Free Assange must not only continue but strengthen.