Chelsea Manning’s $500 A Day Fines To Double Next Month If She Continues to Follow Her Principles

Chelsea Manning began getting fined on Saturday with an outrageous 500 dollar a day fine for refusing to testify against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. The judge also ruled to double that fine after 60 days in prison for refusing to cooperate in a secret grand jury to indict Assange for espionage.

According to the Washington Times:

Manning, a 31-year-old activist and former Army analyst, was found in civil contempt on May 16 for refusing to testify before a federal grand jury empaneled in Alexandria, Virginia, where the Department of Justice has for years helmed the government’s criminal investigation into the WikiLeaks website and its founder, Julian Assange.
U.S. District Judge Anthony Trenga, an appointee of former President George W. Bush, ordered that “if Chelsea Manningdoes not purge herself of contempt within 30 days of this Order, she shall incur a conditional fine of $500 per day until such time as she purges herself of contempt.
In the government’s filing Friday, U.S. Attorney G. Zachary Terwilliger wrote that Manning’s testimony remains “essential” to an ongoing investigation into charges or targets not included in last month’s indictment charging Mr. Assange.

It appears they need Manning to testify to have a case against Assange or Wikileaks staff. Manning has shown her integrity by remaining in jail.


DOJ May Go After Wikileaks Staff

DOJ said in a court filing Friday that Chelsea Manning’s testimony is needed for an ongoing investigation into charges or targets not included in the superseding indictment unsealed last month against Julian Assange.

It appears the DOJ intends to indict Wikileaks staff and attempt to destroy the most important media source for government transparency the world has ever seen. If they are able to arrest Wikileaks staff members, they will be able to remove all that Wikileaks has revealed and take down the website. Millions of documents will be lost.

Trump’s DOJ is attempting to destroy our right to know about the criminal activity our government is involved in. It would remove files that would help convict the Clinton cartel that Trump promised he would “lock up.” It is evident Trump promised a lot of things to get elected that he never intended to follow through on.

We cannot allow the extradition of the greatest scientific journalist of our time nor allow the arrest of his staff. By being complacent, we will usher in an “Orwellian” state we may never recover from.

I call on our elected officials to free Assange and I demand any indictments of Wikileaks staff to be dropped immediately.

Trump’s Attack on Press Freedom Seems To Be Escalating: First They Came For Assange

Julian Assange and his supporters have been warning that his arrest would set a precedent for other journalists to be prosecuted for doing what good journalists do. We warned you that the legal fallout would allow the U.S. government to destroy the First Amendment in the name of National Security, but no one listened. Media said, “Who cares? It’s only Assange.” Now, they will suffer the consequences of their inability to support a fellow journalist.

On May 13th, just over 30 days after Assange’s arrest, San Francisco Police raided a journalist’s home who refused to give up his source. (See article here). In Australia, ABC news was raided over releasing the “Afghan Files”,( files further exposing war crimes). You can read about it here.

Today, in a tweet from Trump, he calls the New York Times traitors. (See below picture of his tweet). The question remains, will he call for the Times to be prosecuted in his war on media?

His obvious attack and his accusation of treason would be no big deal if he wasn’t the leader of the U.S. empire. I am truly scared what his war on the press will lead to. Are ordinary indie journalists like myself safe from his wrath? Why is it he can’t handle criticism?

Trump’s attacks on his opponents, the press and Democrat citizens of the U.S. are dividing a nation already hurting. It is destroying families, friends and unity. The attack on the First Amendment is an attack on the Constitution and what it stands for.

Every President receives scrutiny from the other party and the media. They know this walking in and expect it. They take it in stride because of it being part of the job. Trump takes it personally like the oversensitive child who gets told his mommy wears combat boots.

With his constant snarky comments, it should have been obvious he lacked a certain amount of maturity preelection. (His love for McDonald’s was like that of a teenager.) Yet many of us were forced to choose between Clinton and Donald. In other words, vote for what we thought was the lesser of 2 evils.

Now, the behavior of Trump is hurting the very freedom the Founding Fathers fought with their lives for. Donald is going after freedom of press by villifying journalists in an effort to silence them permanently. By doing so, he is destroying the very foundation of our country simply because he can’t handle anyone talking bad about him. He is bringing in the Orwellian state from “1984” and most are either can’t see or so sheep-like they follow him blindly.

In an article by The Nation, Dan Rather is quoted as saying:

Veteran journalist Dan Rather is not being extreme when he says that Trump’s attacks on the press are “straight out of Orwell.” The president is an “authoritarian,” Rather warns, whose “method is to convince people that the only truth is the truth that comes from [him], the ultimate power.”

There is much truth in this. I have seen memes where a Trump supporter gives him the appearance of God himself. It also frightens me to see people following him like it’s a religion. Many view him as though he’s a cult leader. Trump is neither God or anything like him. He is a man who was handed the reins and is now wallowing in his hunger to be loved.

If America is to survive and our freedom to remain intact, it is vital to keep our Constitution and the First Amendment intact. He must end his war on the press and learn to be an adult about the criticism before he and his supporters turn this country into a dictatorship.

First they came for Assange..

Ecuador Investigation Assange For Spying: Will Embassy Cat Be Arrested?

Ecuador is investigating Assange for supposedly spying in the biggest example of projection ever to come to light. After Wikileaks already proved on April 10th if this year that the Embassy hasd been taking videos of Assange and private documents, Ecuador is trying to turn the tables. They claim that Embassy Cat wore a spying device in fact!

After illegally revoking Assange’s asylum for a 4.6 billion dollar IMF loan, Moreno is trying to save face by accusing Assange of what he is guilty of himself. Next, I expect they will claim Assange tortured staff.

Lenin Moreno and his government would be worth a good laugh if they hadn’t violated so many human rights of their own citizens. Perhaps, the Trump administration should sanction Ecuador for humanitarian reasons instead of Venezuela.

Embassy Cat may be the first animal to be arrested by Ecuador for espionage. Ha!

This is how ridiculous it has become!

Amazing Facts About Assange Continued

Julian Assange is a limited edition. There is no one that can ever fill his shoes. Below are some facts you may not know.

  • Assange starred in a music video where he wears a mullet and actually sings in it. It is a mixture of rap and his voice, called “Fear of Infinity” which can be seen here. Actually quite funny in parts.
  • Did you know he guest starred as himself on the Simpsons 500th episode?
  • In 2007 Wikileaks published the procedure manual for Camp Delta, the detention center for Guantanamo Bay?

Some of the below facts are based on a media article and may or may not be true.

According to an article seen on

  • Julian Assange recalls moving over 50 times in his childhood. He was often homeschooled by his mother.
  1. Julian Assange has been threatened by the Church of Scientology, the President of Kenya, Russian off-shore stem-cell centers, the Pentagon, and nearly everyone else

  2. For the first two months of Assange’s stay at the embassy, consul Fidel Narvaez slept there to protect Assange from police hostilities.
  • Assange is rumored to have 4 children. Daniel Assange is his oldest child and was born when ge was 18.

According to many of his friends, Julian is not the megalomaniac the media betrays him as but a gentle, kind, compassionate, soft-spoken gentleman. Many of the lies told about him are simply part of the smear campaign to destroy his character and portray him as a villain. In fact, a good part of the article I quoted above has smears attached. By making him appear to be an asshole, the U.S. government thinks it will be easier to prosecute him. However, many of us know the truth and will continue to educate others in order to free him.

Next Extradition Hearing For Assange Not Until February: Update On Assange In Court Room

Julian Assange’s next hearing will not be until February of 2020 and it will last 5 days. Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century was in the court room today and tweeted details. You can see the tweets here:

I was in Court Room No.3 for #JulianAssange US extradition hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court in London. The following are some of my observations from today’s proceedings…

The court room was very small, only space for a handful of friends, family and maybe 10 members of the press I could see. #JulianAssange appeared via video link from Belmarsh Prison and his physical appearance looked markedly better in terms of his weight, I am merely going by the video shot from torso up, but face seemed to be slightly fuller than the extremely thin face in leaked video (allegedly shot in April or May). He had full beard, hair slightly longer, combed back, wearing reading glasses and grey T-shirt. Mentally, #JulianAssange seemed compos mentis, attentive, although struggling somewhat to respond, clearly the effects of stress were visible in his interaction with the court a stress which seemed to be compounded by the limited constraints of proceedings and his remote isolation from physical proceedings. Certainly it’s a major disadvantage in some ways for the defendant to be isolated from his legal team and denied face to face encounters.

Julian Assange & Court were read summary of US indictments/accusations by UK State Rep who did not comment on legitimacy of charges, only that they were technically in compliance with US-UK extradition agreement. Julian responded to this by saying he has not been allowed to read US indictments yet & that interaction w/his lawyers/material is limited (in many instances they’re having to post documents to him). Also adamant about addressing false media reports namely BBC, accusing him, #WikiLeaks of “hacking”. He seemed to want his objection on record & refute any idea that would lead people to “believe that #WikiLeaks is anything but a publisher.” Key dates going forward are July 31st, and Oct 21st which is case management hearing to set out timeline for formal hearings to stretching into early 2020 and a 5 day extradition hearing from February 24, 2020. There is also possibility he might be released before Oct if his appeal against 50 week bail skipping is successful. If not, he may serve additional time of custodial sentence into October.

It seems possible that he may be out of Belmarsh in fall. Certainly this means better access to legal team to prepare defense. Likewise, Assange lawyer requested addition time to prepare what they insist is a “complex case” dealing with such “profound” issues including an “outrageous frontal assault on journalists rights”.

Keep in mind that Assange will certainly be kept in some sort of custody throughout the extradition hearings which could take years.

Sajid Javid, the U.K. Home Secretary Has Signed the Extradition Request for Assange

It may be part of the process of extradition for the U.K. home secretary to sign such a request, but Sajid Javid may as well be signing Assange’s death warrant. In a move that shows Mr. Javid does not follow his own country’s laws on extradition, he stated ( article seen here):

Mr Javid told the broadcaster that the 47-year-old Australian citizen was “rightly behind bars”.

“There’s an extradition request from the US that is before the courts tomorrow, but yesterday I signed the extradition order and certified it, and that will be going in front of the courts tomorrow,” he said.

According to British law, no one can be extradited if the charges are political, the person’s life is at stake or the person could be tortured. The extradition of Assange to the U.S. have all 3 things attached to it. Yet, Mr. Javid is going against those laws and setting a legal precedent for future extraditions. This man needs to be removed from office.

Assange’s lawyer will fight the extradition starting in a hearing hears tomorrow at Westminster court.

A Plea to Save Assange’s Life

Tomorrow is the first substantial hearing on the Assange extradition at 9 am U.K. time. It brings to mind when he was brutally arrested by British police. I watched the video once and can never bare to watch it again. It hurts my soul. I shrank to the floor crying out, “No!No! No!!!” The grief was unbearable for several days. I still hurt just seeing pictures.

I cannot understand how these people, (I use the term people lightly), can live with what they are doing to this gentle soul. Assange is not timid, don’t misunderstand my term. He is an intellectual male with a great deal of courage and integrity actually. When I say gentle I mean having or showing a mild, kind, or tender temperament or character.

He wanted to see the injustice of the innocent exposed that it might be stopped and justice handed out to the criminals. He couldn’t stand what he was seeing. Just like I grieve over his arrest, he grieved for those who were hurt by war crimes. Julian Assange only wanted wars to end. He is a hero.

Instead of being rewarded, he has been exploited. Used by media for his Wikileaks documents and then smeared by those same so-called journalists. He did all the work, he is paying the price while they reap the rewards. Remember this the next time you pick up a newspaper or turn on the News. Those people are users.

Then there is the 5 governments I feel are all involved in the persecution and utter torture of Assange. The U.K., the U.S., Sweden and Ecuador are the 4 most obvious. The 5th is Australia for standing by and watching while it’s citizen is destroyed. Australia is just as guilty as the other 4.

Politicians, media and those who do not stand up for Julian have his blood on their hands. Julian Assange is an innocent man. The only thing he is guilty of is caring enough to make a difference. He is sacrificing himself and they are martyring him.

I hold my head in my hands and do my best to not hate those who are hurting him but I cannot help myself. Julian Assange is one of my real life heroes. He’s just a man. He feels pain, love and all the emotions any man does. He has lived through hell and continues to stand amongst it’s fire while so many watch him burn as though nothing is happening.

The sad, horrifying truth is most of the world has hung Assange out to dry and forgotten him like an old toy. If we do or say nothing, we are as guilty as those slowly assassinating him. Please don’t let him stand alone.

According to tge U.N. special rapporteur on torture, Nils Melzer:

“He [Julian Assange] urgently needs access to a psychiatrist that is not part of the prison service, someone that he can fully trust and if he doesn’t get that, and if the pressure on him is not alleviated rapidly, we will have to expect a rapid and serious deterioration to his state of health.”

I cannot sit here and do nothing while the man I admire suffers, nor should you. This is my call out. I beg you to write or call your leaders and demand freedom cor Assange. I plead with you to heed my call and protest, hang signs in your city, just do something.

I am only one person, but collectively we can flood the phone lines, bury them in mail and make them listen. No more persecution. No more prosecution. #FreeAssange

Media Covering Assange Extradition Produces Misleading Report on Home Secretary

Reports today make it appear that the U.K. Home Secretary finalized the extradition of Assange. However, this is simply untrue. According to Hannah Jonbasson also known as @AssangeLegal on Twitter, their reports are poorly stated and uninformed.

It is a normal process for the Home Secretary to sign the extradition warrant to verify receipt. Assange’s first substantial extradition hearing will be heard at Westminster court tomorrow at 9 am British time.

Julian Assange’s Beard

Julian Assange was mocked for his beard when he was arrested April 11th as it had grown very long. UN Special Rapporteur Nils Melzer explained that upon talking to Assange, Julian explained his shaving kit had been taken from him 3 months earlier. (See screenshot of Tweet below).

As if 8 months of solitary confinement and releasing videos meant to humiliate Assange were not enough for Ecuador to be satisfied, they took his shaving kit to further make his life difficult. Ecuador used Assange like an expensive bait to hook and reel in the 4.6 billion dollar IMF loan they received shortly after Assange’s arrest. It was the biggest case of “human-trafficking” ever.

It is hard to say what else Assange went through in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Rumors circulated that he went without food and heat. Ecuador’s government is guilty of torturing this award-winning journalist and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and also of the demise of his health.

Please help support Assange’s legal fund to help him fight against extradition to the U.S. at