Anonymous Continues to Attack the UK: Free Assange or Chaos Will Ensue

Anonymous haa continued it’s attacks on the UK and Ecuador all week, including an attack last night on leaving it down for at least 13 hours. Today they went after and it is currently down. In the last hour they have also taken out PM Theresa May’s site. (See twets below)

If Assange is not released they have promised chaos and the biggest cyber attacks yet. Will they take down the entire UK government? Let’s wait and see.


Barr Exonerates Wikileaks in Press Conference Regarding Mueller Report

In a Press Conference today about the Mueller Report on Russian collusion, AG William Barr not only announced Trump was not guilty but made an incredible statement regarding Wikileaks’ innocence. Included in the 20 minute presser was this statement according to Joe Lauria:

“US Attorney General calls @wikileaks a “publisher.” Barr: “Under applicable law, publication of these types of materials would not be criminal unless the publisher also participated in the underlying hacking conspiracy.”

This statement by William Barr basically absolves Julian Assange of the charges made against him as there is no evidence he helped Manning hack any system. I spoke with Kevin Zeese, an American lawyer and political activist, about what this means for Wikileaks. Here is his statement:

Mueller on Wikileaks and Russia will never be tested in court. All we will have will be allegations from a prosecutor, not the other side of the story as the Russians will never come to the United States to stand trial. Veterans Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, which include some former senior-level intelligence official, has been very critical of the allegations highlighting the failure of Mueller and other investigators to examine the forensic evidence. They are convinced this was not a Russian hack, but an inside job at the DNC. Julian Assange has denied Russians were the source of the documents and former UK Ambassador Craig Murray agrees. The conclusory statements by Mueller on these issues do not seem to have factual underpinning to support them.

Barr said during the conference he believed Wikileaks were given the DNC leaks from Russia. There still is no proof of this as Assange has stated several times in past interviews, he did not get them from any government.

Glenn Greenwald tweeted earlier today on the report as well:

“It should also be noted that Barr said that WikiLeaks could not have committed a crime by publishing the DNC/Podesta emails unless they participated in the hacking itself, which I don’t believe has anyone claimed they did.”

Why are there even charges against Assange if even the AG believes he is innocent of espuonage and calls Assange and his organization “publishers”? This statement raises the question who is behind the prosecution of Assange? I believe you can look towards the CIA and “Deep State.”

The only attempt Barr has is the hacking charge afainst Assange to brinf him here. Will they then add charges?

However, it does raise the debate who is truly ruling this country behind closed doors. Fact remains that Assange only published what was given to him and he is innocent of any crime.

Unsealed FBI Affidavit Proves They Want To Prosecute Assange For Journalism

A recent affidavit was unsealed from the FBI showing charges filed against Assange in December of 2017 by special agent Megan Brown.

According to,

“The sole “evidence” against Assange is chat logs, in the possession of the US government, which Brown and US prosecutors claim are of online conversations between the WikiLeaks founder and Chelsea Manning.

Brown’s affidavit, and the charge sheet, do not provide any direct evidence that the person Manning was speaking to was Assange.”

This directly shows why Manning was jailed for refusing to testify against Assange over a month ago. Without Manning’s testimony, they have no legal grounds to prosecute the Wikileaks founder.

WSWS also quotes Assange’s US lawyer:

As one of Assange’s US based lawyers, Barry Pollack, stated this week: “Encouraging sources to provide information, and using methods to protect their identity, are common practices by all journalists.” Another of Assange’s lawyers, Jennifer Robinson, noted that the material showed “the kinds of communications journalists have with sources all the time.

It has become obvious that once extradited the DoJ will pile on other allegations against Assange under the ancient espionage act dating from World War One. The current charges only hold a maximum of a 5 year prison sentence if found guilty. Why would any country waste their time and money on a 5 year sentence?

The US has 63 days to turn a full extradition warrant into the UK before the British courts can even rule on the extradition. The US is simply being dishonest in their explanation in order to get him into the country. Julian Assange is being pursued for doing his job.

Julian Assange: Journalist and Mastermind

Julian Assange is not just a journalist. He spent many years working on encryption and was the p5uoneer of encrypted lockboxes that many publishers use today to protect their sources. His organization Wikileaks pioneered a new form of reporting via the internet. They invented a style of giving information to the public through a scientific method of verifying the accuracy of that data. He literally changed the news as we know it.

His fearless fight against lawless governments and corruption workdwide has made many hail him as hero. While many countries call him enemy of the state for his straightforward approach on revealing the facts. In 11 years, Wikileaks has never had to retract a single item of data due to its form of verification.

The US DOJ wants to extradite him on a decade old leak showing Afghan and Iraqi war crimes committed by the US military. However, prosecuting Julian Assange is a direct attack on journalism itself due to the precedent it would set. By prosecuting Assange it would be the end of truthful revealing facts against lies told by governments. It would enable the jailing of journalists for reporting the truth.

The EU parliament stated recently they are concerned for Assange’s well being if extradited as they passed a whistleblower protection act. They also agreed that the EU should give him asylum though it is doubtful that the British leadership will relent. The UK seens to be hellbent on serving it’s former colony.

Many media personalities claim Assange is not a journalist due to what they call “data dumps”. This is wrong due to the fact that that Wikileaks redacts its leaks to ensure safety as much as possible. Besides, the list of Assange’s journalism awards is huge. The EU recently awarded him the Galizia award for whistleblowers and the Defenders of the right while he is incarcerated. This year he was also nominated for the Nobel peace prize.

Assange is an innovator and a pioneer far ahead of his time and journalists everywhere should appreciate what he has done for the future of reporting. People should stand up and fight for the man who only wanted justice for the innocent and for us to have the ability to speak out.

Julian Assange is more than a journalist. He is a hero…

Anonymous is Causing Chaos In the UK:Free Assange or Else


Anonymous is now taking on the United Kingdom with cyber attacks and loads of info being leaked. Anonymous is a large group of hacktivists who attack servers in order to gain information. They have promised the biggest move ever by their group if Julian Assange is not immediately released from prison. He was taken from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London last Thursday after President Lenin Moreno illegally revoked his political asylum. The move is against international law for refugees and outrage worldwide is being seen through protests. Anonymous has reminded Ecuador after over 16 million attacks this weekend they are not done with them yet and warning the US government as well.

Note: Assange and Wikileaks are not affiliatex with Anonymous. They are simply publishers.

Ecuador Still Suffering Cyber Attacks From Anonymous Over Assange’s Arrest

Today Ecuador asked for aid in the cyber attacks generated by Anonymous over the expulsion of journalist Julian Assange from their London Embassy. In an article by La Republica seen here, the Deputy Minister of Information and Communications technology stated:
“Yes, we are going to receive help, as a result of which we began to have attacks, there were calls from other States to offer the support that we could require,” explained the Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Technologies, Patricio Real.

The damage of the offensive is reduced for the moment to the implantation in an official page of a local Government of a photograph of Assange with the thumb lifted, taken the day of its processing in London, and another similar case.
In the last five days, Ecuador has suffered “more attacks than in its entire history together,” he said.

Over 40 million attacks in Ecuador this weekend alone and at least e0 sites were down

Recently, Anonymous has also warned the United Kingdom to release Assange or suffer chaos. It remains to be seen what will happen next.

Anonymous: “Expect us.”

Note: Wikileaks and Julian Assange have no affiliation with Anonymous.

Wikileaks and Assange are publishers.

Why MSM Will Never Tell the Truth About Assange

The media bashing Assange over “skateboarding” video would never have lasted six months in the draconian conditions he endured. In fact, those “journalists” wouldn’t have even dreamed of standing up to the number of governments Assange did to expose their corruption. They use terms like “overgrown teenager” to describe a man who has more courage and strength than any pencil pushing journalist out there. Compared to Assange they fall short in their reporting 10 times out of 10.

Do you know why these so called reporters don’t care about what happens to free press and one of their own? Simply because they are fake. They are pushing propaganda and stories that the government wants pushed. They are not afraid to lose their rights because they aren’t real investigative press.

While Assange deteriorated in the Embassy for 7 years, they enjoyed their freedom while using Wikileaks material freely. They spent 7 tears bashing the man who has received numerous awards and has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. These MSM news stars award eachother and clap eachother on the back for doing nothing.

There are 6 major corporations that own almost all media including television. See chart below:

These six companies literally control what you absorb from television, the News and Hollywood. So if you think one network is better than the other, you are being fooled.

So don’t expect the truth to emerge suddenly about Assange from MSM. That would be something magical…

The Real Truth Behind the Arrest and Persecution of Julian Assange

For those of you who think that somehow Trump is going to save Julian Assange in the end, it’s not going to happen. He has an agenda put in place to wipe out free press. Pay attention folks! All he does is complain about “Fake News”. Whether the news is true or not, press freedom and free speech gives them the right to report even if it’s smears. You can’t prosecute their opinion. It’s against the First Amendment.

I can’t believe how far the sheep mentality will take most people. The arrest and torture of Assange over the last 7 years is a crime against humanity. It is against human rights and international law. The precedent set by this atrocity will lead us right where the Deep State wants us, a world government with no rights at all. If Assange is indeed extradited and put away, it will be the death of real journalism. Others who attempt to shed light on government crimes will be arrested. Wikileaks and any organization like it will be nonexistent. We will be unable to speak out against our own leadership. This is called tyranny and authoritarianism.

Are we fools? Can we not see what the elite want? They want us to be slaves. Assange spoke out against their agenda to oppress the average citizen and they did not like their plans exposed. They silenced him. The threat against free press is real folks and you better fight against it or suffer.

Yes, we will suffer if we allow this. The NWO will take over our lives and ensure we work ourselves to death serving their needs. Life as we know it will end. Remember NAZI Germany? The first thing Hitler’s brown coats took out was free press. This was the beginning of real fascism.

Trump is just a puppet in the greater scheme of things. The real ruling authority is a shadow government that’s roots are so thick and involve so many people we would be shocked. We would no longer rule our own countries but a great power would from beneath the surface. We must rise up or see our way of life end. We must save Assange to save ourselves.

Update: Anonymous Is Now After the UK government

Anonymous is now warning, “Free Assange or chaos will ensue.”Previously Anonymous has done over 16 million attacks on Ecuador’s government this weekend resulting from the eviction of Assange from their Embassy in London. The British police immediately when in after the ambassador invited them in. (Assange had taken political asylum in 2012 and had been held there illegally for 7 years according to 2 UN rulings.) In response to the arrest, Anonymous first shut down the website for the embassy then went on to attack sites run by tbe Ecuadorian government.

Yesterday, Anonymous, ( which is a huge group of computer hacktivists), promised the UK if they did not release Assange, they would begin to attack their sites. Keeping that declaration, they have already taken out the British Supreme Court’s website. Also, New Castle airports down and national crime agency. Chaos will continue.

What will be next? How will this effect the incarceration of Assange? We can only wait and see how it play out.Anonymous: Expect us.

NOTE: Wikileaks is not affiliated with Anonymous nor is Assange.

Assange is a journalist and Wikileaks a publishing organizations.

Anonymous Warns UK: “Release Assange or pay the price.”

After a weekend of cyber attacks on Ecuador for expelling Assange, Anonymous is threatening to take it to the next level. They intend to take it to the UK government sites. Threatening the worst attacks inhistory by Anonymous, they warn England to beware.After Assange was arrested last Thursday when Ecuador let the British police into the embassy, there has been a huge public outrage as well as smears by the press.

The demands of Anonymous are clear. UK BEWARE!NOTE: Wikileaks and Julian Assange are not associated with Anonymous.Wikileaks and Assange are publishers, not hackers.