Is Julian Assange A Modern Day Prophet?

I guess it depends on how you define prophet Many regard a prophet as someone who speaks for God. One definition is an authoritative person who can see the future. Some would consider a prophet a man who shares the truth with others. Julian certainly is a truth teller and many of his predictions on AI and our being the last free generation are true.

Another definition I have come across is:

A person who advocates or speaks in a visionary way about a new cause or theory

This definitely describes Assange as he brought new ways for journalists to protect their sources and literally modernized publishing through Wikileaks. Regardless of what you call Assange, he is persecuted for sharing the truth about governments. No high official or leader wants his corruption brought into the public eye.

His arrest isn’t anything but politically motivated and that includes the allegations from Sweden.

In the Old testament prophets went to the kings and convicted them of their sinful practices. They were given warnings to stop them, or face judgement. In today’s digital world, Wikileaks has exposed the corruption of world leaders and governments. You could say that in itself, is a warning to the corrupt, and a chance to clean up their act. It’s not looking good! The battle between Truth and deception is raging, and we must win. For those who are awake, actions and prayers are our weapons.

Throughout history they have silenced the truthtellers, killed our prophets and assassinated those who question power. So tell me folks, isn’t it high time we stopped letting them martyr our prophets?

Chelsea Manning to Return to Court Today

The U.S. has opened a second grand jury against Assange and has once again subpoenaed Chelsea Manning who refused to testify in a previous grand jury resulting in an over 2 month stay in jail. She has already stated she will not testify at this one so it is apparent she will be incarcerated yet again.

She was released from jail on May 9th and has only had a week of freedom. It is evident, the U.S. intends to add charges to Assange’s case once he is extradited and is hoping to trip up Chelsea if she did testify. Please write to the prosecutors in the Easter District of Virginia as seen in the article by

Below is a sample letter. If you are willing to support Manning, please use it as a template to write your own letter to the EDVA.

Joshua Stueve, Director of Communications for the Eastern District of Virginia

Alexandria DOJ office: (703) 299-3700

Subject: Rescind Chelsea Manning’s Subpoena

I am aware that you have subpoenaed Chelsea Manning for a second time to appear before a grand jury. After Chelsea refused to testify before a previous grand jury, you had her held in civil contempt and jailed her for 63 days. (28 days of her 63 days were in solitary confinement conditions.)

I urge you to drop the subpoena and decline to pursue any further civil contempt findings against Chelsea. Chelsea testified at length during her court martial and at least one target of the grand jury has been indicted.

There is no need for her testimony. Given that Chelsea has already served an unprecedented prison sentence for disclosing information to the media, at times under conditions criticized by international human rights experts, further pursuit of her is excessive and cruel.

Chelsea has made it clear she won’t cooperate with secret proceedings. This means that her confinement can serve no coercive purpose, and will have exceeded its lawful scope.

Please do the right thing. Drop the subpoena against Chelsea Manning and do not pursue any more civil contempt findings against her.

Thank you for taking the time to support a heroine and a whistleblower.

Tulsi Gabbard Says She Would Drop Charges Against Assange And Snowden If Elected

On Joe Rogan’s program, Democrat Tulsi Gabbard said she would drop charges against Assange and Snowden because prosecuting them would have a “chilling” effect on free press and whistleblowers. This is not the first time she has spoken up for Assange either. She is the first presidential hopeful to speak up for free speech and press freedom in the 2020 election.

According to an article in RT:

Appearing on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast on Monday, Gabbard said that conspiracy charges against the WikiLeaks co-founder were a “warning call” to all media and Americans in general that their freedom of expression was in danger.

“It was a kind of a warning call, saying ‘Look what happened to this guy. It could happen to you.’ It could happen to any one of us,” Gabbard told Rogan.

In another article on RT, Tulsi states:

“This is a threat to journalists,” she told Matthews, “but it’s also something that threatens every American, because the message that we are getting, that the American people are getting is: Be quiet, toe the line, otherwise there will be consequences.

They are calling Tulsi a long shot for President but her support seems to be rising as she speaks out against the possibility of war in Iran and Venezuela. As a Democrat she leans a bit towards the middle and I fully support her as a candidate.

Take a look at her, you might be surprised at what you will find.

Sweden To ReOpen Case Against Assange

In a media briefing this morning, a Swedish prosecutor announced they will be reopening the rape case against Assange. Sweden formerly closed the case after speaking with Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London in 2017. The allegations against Assange would not stand up in any other country. Both girls involved say the sex was consensual.

This case appears to be exactly what was stated in the Stratfor email seen below.

The facts on this case can be found at

The Facts

There is widespread media misreporting about allegations made against Julian Assange in Sweden in 2010. Here are the facts:

First, Assange was always willing to answer any questions from the Swedish authorities and repeatedly offered to do so, over six years. The widespread media assertion that Assange “evaded” Swedish questioning is false. It was the Swedish prosecutor who for years refused to question Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy: they only did so, in November 2016, after the Swedish courts forced the prosecutor to travel to London. Sweden dropped the investigation six months later, in May 2017.

Second, Assange sought asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in 2012 to avoid onward extradition to the US – not to avoid extradition to Sweden or to refuse to face the Swedish allegations. Assange would have accepted extradition to Sweden had it provided an assurance against onward extradition to the US (as Amnesty International also urged at the time) – but both Sweden and the UK refused to provide an assurance that he would not be extradited to the US.

Third, Sweden wanted to drop its arrest warrant for Assange in 2013. It was the British government that insisted that the case against him continue. This is confirmed in emails released under a tribunal challenge following a Freedom of Information Act request. UK prosecutors admitted to deleting key emails and engaged in elaborate attempts to keep correspondence from the public record. Indeed, the lawyer for the Crown Prosecution Service advised the Swedes in January 2011 not to visit London to interview Assange. An interview at that time could have prevented the long-running embassy standoff.

Fourth, despite widespread false reporting, Assange was never charged with anything related to the Swedish allegations. These only reached the level of a “preliminary investigation”. The Swedish prosecution questioned Assange on two separate occasions, in 2010 and 2016. He has consistentlyprofessed his innocence.

Fifth, almost entirely omitted from current media reporting is that the initial Swedish preliminary investigation in 2010 was dropped after the chief prosecutor of Stockholm concluded that “the evidence did not disclose any evidence of rape” and that “no crime at all” had been committed. Text messages between the two women, which were later revealed, do not complain of rape. Rather, they show that the women “did not want to put any charges on JA but that the police were keen on getting a grip on him” and that they “only wanted him to take a test”. One wrote that “it was the police who made up the charges” and told a friend that she felt that she had been “railroaded by police and others around her”.

Sixth, Assange left Sweden after the prosecutor told him that he was free to leave as he was not wanted for questioning. Assange had stayed in Sweden for five weeks. After he left, Interpol bizarrely issued a Red Notice for Assange, usually reserved for terrorists and dangerous criminals – raising concerns that this was not just about sexual accusations.

Seventh, Sweden’s investigation is now entirely closed. It was shelved for six years during the period 2010-2016 while the Swedish prosecutor refused to question Assange in London. Sweden’s Court of Appeal ruled that that the prosecutor had breached her duty because a preliminary investigation either has to be open and active leading to a charge, or closed—there is no intermediate phase. The UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention also concluded that the prosecutor’s inaction had resulted in Sweden and the UK violating international obligations.

Eighth, there was no technical impediment for the prosecutor to proceed to charge Assange after he was questioned in the Ecuadorian embassy. In early 2017, Assange’s lawyers asked a Swedish court to force the prosecutor to either charge Assange or drop the arrest warrant. The prosecutor closed the investigation in May 2017 without attempting to charge him.

Julian Assange’s legal advisor from Australia, Greg Barns, commented this morning in a tweets this morning:

70 UK MPs are calling for Assange to be extradited to Sweden first where he would undoubtedly be then extradited to the U.S. Sweden is well known for allowing the U.S. to brutally extradite from their country. In my article Why Assange Fears Extradition to the US, I e the following from the bail sentencing hearing:

In a summary of the court hearing seen here by Catherine Brown, the defense shows the torture techniques used on Chelsea Manning which included one year in solitary confinement.

She was held in military detention under conditions of sleep deprivation, kept naked, and forced to parade as such in front of military personnel.

Just to remind you, there were two cases involved the surrender of people by Sweden to Egypt – a state well known to practice torture – with the active assistance of America. They are not isolated cases, as the judgments make clear, and America’s involvement can be made clear at para 10.2 of the [Aguisa – sp.?] judgement, in which the circumstances of their expulsion are set out.

[The details of the people involved in one such case:] They were handcuffed at Stockholm airport. A private plane of the US landed. They were stripped – their clothes were cut off them. Suppositories were placed in their penises. They were dressed in nappies. They were chained to specially-designed stress harnesses for the duration of their transit

She was held in military detention under conditions of sleep deprivation, kept naked, and forced to parade as such in front of military personnel.

Just to remind you, there were two cases involved the surrender of people by Sweden to Egypt – a state well known to practice torture – with the active assistance of America. They are not isolated cases, as the judgments make clear, and America’s involvement can be made clear at para 10.2 of the [Aguisa – sp.?] judgement, in which the circumstances of their expulsion are set out.

[The details of the people involved in one such case:] They were handcuffed at Stockholm airport. A private plane of the US landed. They were stripped – their clothes were cut off them. Suppositories were placed in their penises. They were dressed in nappies. They were chained to specially-designed stress harnesses for the duration of their transit

In 2013, the Swedish government wanted to drop the case but the UK pressured them to keep it open. This case was reopened under intense political pressure not because Assange is guilty in any way. The whole case has been mishandled and hopefully, this gives Assange a chance to clear his name.

See statement from Wikileaks Twitter below:

This is again a disgusting display of a corrupt judicial system being politically motivated. I am afraid justice itself is dying and truth with it.

Assange’s Lawyer Speaks Out About Assange’s Personal Belongings Being Handed Over to the U.S.

Julian Assange’s lawyer, Baltazar Garcon, says that “Ecuador’s handing over of Assange’s personal belongings to the United States is an absolute violation of the institution of asylum.”

In an earlier article titled Ecuador To Do A Search and Seizure and Send Assange’s Belongings to US, I share the following:

The Ecuadorian Prosecutor’s Office notifies the defense of Julian Assange that on May 20 at 9am the search and seizure of the evidence that was in the possession of JULIAN ASSANGE at the Embassy of Ecuador in London will be made. There are appointed experts.

Garcon also stated:

“The systematic violation of Julian Assange’s rights is going above and beyond what anyone could have imagined.”

By violating Assange’s rights in this matter, they set a precedent for all of us. Every right that is violated is another attack on ours. This case cannot be ignored by the citizens of any country that values their civil liberties and freedom in general. This is no longer just an encroachment on freedom of press or free speech, it is about countries exploiting our basic rights to privacy, asylum and our rights to evidence that has not been tampered with.

In no free country should solitary confinement be a norm for a man who is sentenced simply for breaching bail. It is also wrong to put that same person in a high security prison. The only charge against him from the U.S. is supposedly attempting to hack a government computer. Assange is in no way a violent offender and does not belong in a high security prison where Britain’s most dangerous are imprisoned.

Secondly, by removing Assange’s personal property the way it was done, there was no court order or search warrant which is illegal.. By law, to seize property as evidence there must be a court order. This enables law enforcement to simply take evidence and violate our rights.

The more I watch this play out the more terrified I become. It appears the U.S. is becoming an authoritarian, totalitarian fascist state. If the U.S. government can violate the rights of a publisher who did nothing but share the truth, what can it do to any one of us who speaks out?

Will this set a legal example for the future that once arrested the authorities can illegally seize your property as evidence without warrant to do so? Are we standing on the edge of our freedom about to jump off? When international law is ignored in a case like this, how else will it be ignored in the future?

Assange deserves to be treated fairly just as everyone of us does. There is no exception. I’ve seen serial killers treated with more respect. This is an embarassment to the U.S. and Trump should hang his head. This is a disgusting attack on human rights by a country who proclaims it is humanitarian, fair and just.

The bombardment on us all through this case has also shown the lack of empathy by our fellow man. We have watched as our government has slowly assassinated Assange. Many have done nothing. Even more have joined in the hateful smears. Only a few have seen what this really is us and fought against it. Wake up people! This will be used against you too!

May God intervene and save this man from destruction. It is obvious he cannot count on most people to save him.

In support of Chelsea Manning

Many call her a traitor. I call her a hero. Why? She did what only a strong, courageous person would do. She saw the military committing crimes against humanity and the Geneva Convention. She saw how sick the war in the Middle East had become and she blew the whistle. She tried going to her commanding officers to no avail. She took her information to several media sources. Finally, Wikileaks was willing to publish it. Assange and his colleagues saw the war crimes and the injustice being committed and exposed it.

Why isn’t she a traitor though? Well let me give you a scenario…

Imagine you are at work, two people you work with have been stealing from the company for years. Someone calls them out on it and they make him disappear. So, first you go to your manager but the manager is in on it too. Next you take it to the police. Nothing. Finally, you call the hotline they offered to report theft and crimes and blow the thing wide open. It’s called whistleblowing. Many companies even have a hotline to call where you can remain anonymous.

Chelsea Manning called that hotline because no one wanted to listen to her. She stood up for her principles. She is still doing so by refusing to testify against Assange in the grand jury to indict him. That’s called loyalty my friends. Something that is slowly disappearing in society today.

She went to jail for 62 days for her principles and loyalty and she will probably be incarcerated again as she has been subpoenaed for a new grand jury. She did her time for releasing the documents she had. She suffered through torture and psychological abuse while in prison. She doesn’t deserve to be reincarcerated. All the evidence was given in her trial. The grand jury is looking for something that just isn’t there. Assange did nothing wrong and should be protected under the 1st amendment as should Chelsea.

Let me remind you that Trump has been waging a war against the press and press freedom since taking office. It is apparent he only wants positive things about his Presidency given to the public. By prosecuting Assange, it sets a precedent against the very press freedom he wants to end. It is an injustice to us all that this secret grand jury even exists. It also proves the U.S. intends to charge Assange under the Espionage Act.

We need to fight for both of them because they stand for our right to know. We have a right to know when our government commits a crime. We have a right for journalists to expose corruption by our higher ups. We deserve transparency because we are the rightful owners of our country. It is our tax dollars funding these terrible wars. We are just as responsible for these war crimes as the military because we pay for it. Do we really want the blood of innocent children on our hands?

We need to thank whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning and publishers like Julian Assange for showing us what our tax dollars are being used for in the Middle East. We need to come down hard on those involved in these horrific crimes.

Stand up for justice and #FreeManning #FreeAssange

Help Save Assange’s Life! A Call To Action

Julian Assange is facing either life in prison or the death penalty if extradited to the U.S. He stands no chance of a fair trial once in the United States. The only people who can save him at this point is us. A mass public outcry must be heard around the world. We cannot let this man suffer any longer. He gave up his freedom for us. We cannot let them martyr him for publishing the truth. The US gov’t is becoming a fascist state that hides it’s cold blooded murders behind the word terrorist.

There is more to this than just Assange. There are innocent lives lost and war crimes against the Geneva Convention. When did it become legal for any country to purppsely rape, kill and naim innocent citizens? Supposedly we go into these countries for humanitarian reasons. Instead, it becomes a murder festival.

All Assange did is expose that the military was hiding their crimes. He PUBLISHED what was given him just like the Pentagon Papers. We have a right to know when our government is hiding crime and corruption from us. When it is blatantly lying and deceiving millions, we need to know. It’s plain and simple. According to the Constitution, we own our government, not the other way around.

Secondly, this sets huge precedents against press freedom, free speech and human rights of the individual. If they treat one person wrongly, they can do it to any of us. Are you prepared to let your loved ones be locked up and tortured? Face the death penalty for writing an article that the government doesn’t like? Has the U.S. become the Gestapo?

When we allow press freedom to end we enable the government to do so much more. By silencing journalists who expose the truth, we will eventually lose all rights because no one will be able to tell us what is going on. This affects everyone. From what our children are taught to our right to privacy. Are you ready to give up your rights? This is just the beginning!

Make the call to your elected leader. Protest any way you can. Call your news organizations and demand they support Assange. Boycott those who don’t. We need to stop letting the news tell us what is right and wrong.

Julian Assange is a human being. He is a son, a father, a brother and a friend. He only has one life and he has given 8 years of it so far for the world he cares about. He has suffered greatly. Please don’t let him suffer anymore.

Fight this extradition at all costs! I beg you as a human being to put away you apathy and care for someone else who cared enough to stand up for justice!

The Campaign Against Assange by the U.S. Reminds Me of “The Godfather”

The movie “The Godfather” is an unforgettable saga of a mafia family and their wars and rise to prominence. Along the way, they murder their enemies and get even with those who go against them. The most famous quote from the movie is when Vito Corleone says, “Make him an offer he can’t refuse.” Their vendetta towards those who cross them continues with the generations.

The recent arrest of Assange and extradition brings that movie to mind. Why you ask? It appears as though the U.S. has a grudge and they want revenge against this publisher for exposing their corruption.

Let me explain. The mafia was known for it’s paid off judges, it’s bribes,it’s need for vengeance and it’s utterly evil style of bullying people in the community into submission. They were criminals who were loyal only to their own. They weren’t afraid to extinguish the competition and take over areas owned by other families. It sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Only the U.S. is doing but on a grander scale.

The U.S. government made a deal with Ecuador. A 4.6 billion dollar loan for the eviction of Assange. After Assange’s arrest, Ecuador withheld his belongings and are now turning them over to the United States to be used in his prosecution. I believe Moreno is giving the Godfather a gift to thank him.

After 243 years, the U.S. government is running like a bad mafia movie. We are bullying and bribing our enemies. If you cross us, we simply annihilate you. Look at Iraq and Saddam Hussein or Libya and Ghadaffi. We call you an ally as long as you do what we tell you to.

The U.S. government has a vendetta against Assange for exposing their lies and publishing the crimes of their hitman style military. Assange exposed a mass murderer and now the “family” wants to make him pay.

Julian Assange Is The 4.6 Billion Dollar Man: The Hero Who Exposed Corruption in High Places

Imagine being worth 4.6 billion dollars to the U.S. government. Yes, you heard right. The U.S. gave Ecuador a 4.6 billion dollar IMF loan in exchange for the eviction and arrest of Julian Assange. Why? Because in 2010 he began exposing the military’s war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq by publishing cables he received from Chelsea Manning.

Why is this so important now you ask? The International Criminal Court started an investigation into alleged abuse of the Geneva Convention in Afghanistan for one. This investigation was blocked by Trump himself. Why is the U.S. so desperate to hide it’s criminal behavior from the world? Why are they so afraid of one man and his organization?

I’ve discussed in length the precedent this sets against press freedom and free speech. Recently, Ecuador and the U.S. have showed personal property can be stolen and legal systems bought. The more this case unravels the more unsafe I feel. We should all be afraid. The horrifying fact is the U.S. government’s power reaches worldwide and no one is safe from their overrreach.

I am almost afraid to see what comes next. When the heroes of this world end up in jail on “trumped” up charges and the villians run free to do what they please, something is very wrong with society. People, stop celebrating the evil. See it for what it is and open your eyes before it is too late!

Assange is resilient and courageous but he is a man. His extradition will destroy him. We can’t let this happen. If I have to I will camp outside the White House lawn or sit my ass in front of the prison in protest! I will hang a banner on the statue of liberty! Please join me in the fight to save the real billion dollar man. He is the real hero!

Ecuador to Do Search and Seizure And Send Assange’s Belongings to US

In a tweet today from Ana Maria Canazares the following was translated:

The Ecuadorian Prosecutor’s Office notifies the defense of Julian Assange that on May 20 at 9am the search and seizure of the evidence that was in the possession of JULIAN ASSANGE at the Embassy of Ecuador in London will be made. There are appointed experts.

It appears that Assanges electrical devices will be sent to the U.S. as evidence to be used against him in the new grand jury being held in Virginia. However, it is unneccesary for Ecuador to hold his clothes etc. They have held his belongings since his arrest April 11th.

Ecuador rescinded his political asylum with no chance for appeal illegally against international law resulting in the arrest and extradition warrant from the U.S. government. Currently, Assange is serving 50 weeks for breaching bail in Belmarsh prison in the UK and fighting his extradition.