A Plea to Save Assange’s Life

Tomorrow is the first substantial hearing on the Assange extradition at 9 am U.K. time. It brings to mind when he was brutally arrested by British police. I watched the video once and can never bare to watch it again. It hurts my soul. I shrank to the floor crying out, “No!No! No!!!” The grief was unbearable for several days. I still hurt just seeing pictures.

I cannot understand how these people, (I use the term people lightly), can live with what they are doing to this gentle soul. Assange is not timid, don’t misunderstand my term. He is an intellectual male with a great deal of courage and integrity actually. When I say gentle I mean having or showing a mild, kind, or tender temperament or character.

He wanted to see the injustice of the innocent exposed that it might be stopped and justice handed out to the criminals. He couldn’t stand what he was seeing. Just like I grieve over his arrest, he grieved for those who were hurt by war crimes. Julian Assange only wanted wars to end. He is a hero.

Instead of being rewarded, he has been exploited. Used by media for his Wikileaks documents and then smeared by those same so-called journalists. He did all the work, he is paying the price while they reap the rewards. Remember this the next time you pick up a newspaper or turn on the News. Those people are users.

Then there is the 5 governments I feel are all involved in the persecution and utter torture of Assange. The U.K., the U.S., Sweden and Ecuador are the 4 most obvious. The 5th is Australia for standing by and watching while it’s citizen is destroyed. Australia is just as guilty as the other 4.

Politicians, media and those who do not stand up for Julian have his blood on their hands. Julian Assange is an innocent man. The only thing he is guilty of is caring enough to make a difference. He is sacrificing himself and they are martyring him.

I hold my head in my hands and do my best to not hate those who are hurting him but I cannot help myself. Julian Assange is one of my real life heroes. He’s just a man. He feels pain, love and all the emotions any man does. He has lived through hell and continues to stand amongst it’s fire while so many watch him burn as though nothing is happening.

The sad, horrifying truth is most of the world has hung Assange out to dry and forgotten him like an old toy. If we do or say nothing, we are as guilty as those slowly assassinating him. Please don’t let him stand alone.

According to tge U.N. special rapporteur on torture, Nils Melzer:

“He [Julian Assange] urgently needs access to a psychiatrist that is not part of the prison service, someone that he can fully trust and if he doesn’t get that, and if the pressure on him is not alleviated rapidly, we will have to expect a rapid and serious deterioration to his state of health.”

I cannot sit here and do nothing while the man I admire suffers, nor should you. This is my call out. I beg you to write or call your leaders and demand freedom cor Assange. I plead with you to heed my call and protest, hang signs in your city, just do something.

I am only one person, but collectively we can flood the phone lines, bury them in mail and make them listen. No more persecution. No more prosecution. #FreeAssange

Media Covering Assange Extradition Produces Misleading Report on Home Secretary

Reports today make it appear that the U.K. Home Secretary finalized the extradition of Assange. However, this is simply untrue. According to Hannah Jonbasson also known as @AssangeLegal on Twitter, their reports are poorly stated and uninformed.

It is a normal process for the Home Secretary to sign the extradition warrant to verify receipt. Assange’s first substantial extradition hearing will be heard at Westminster court tomorrow at 9 am British time.

Julian Assange’s Beard

Julian Assange was mocked for his beard when he was arrested April 11th as it had grown very long. UN Special Rapporteur Nils Melzer explained that upon talking to Assange, Julian explained his shaving kit had been taken from him 3 months earlier. (See screenshot of Tweet below).

As if 8 months of solitary confinement and releasing videos meant to humiliate Assange were not enough for Ecuador to be satisfied, they took his shaving kit to further make his life difficult. Ecuador used Assange like an expensive bait to hook and reel in the 4.6 billion dollar IMF loan they received shortly after Assange’s arrest. It was the biggest case of “human-trafficking” ever.

It is hard to say what else Assange went through in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Rumors circulated that he went without food and heat. Ecuador’s government is guilty of torturing this award-winning journalist and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and also of the demise of his health.

Please help support Assange’s legal fund to help him fight against extradition to the U.S. at defend.wikileaks.org/donate.

Further Update on Assange

In a moving interview, Assange’s father John Shipton told reporters that Assange had asked him to move to England. John’s responses was “Yes, I’ll be here in August.” The interview was very emotional and Shipton explained that Assange had lost 10 kgs ( which converts to 22 lbs) but his weight was stabilized and he would be moved back to his cell in the next day or so.

In an article by 7news.com.au:

The 47-year-old is poised to move out of the medical ward of London’s Belmarsh prison and on Tuesday shared a moving hug with father John Shipton, who he has not seen since Christmas.

After hugging his son, Shipton also stated, “It’s not a hug you want to end. You actually want to carry him out.”

Nils Melzer said, “Assange needs access to a psychiatrist who is ‘not part of the prison service – someone he can fully trust’ – to avoid his health deteriorating further.”

On June 14th, a more substantial hearing for his extradition will be at Westminister Court. Assange needs our help in orxer to save his life. He faces 170 years if extradited. Please contribute to his legal fund at defend.wikileaks.org/donate.

Unbelievable Interview With John Shipton Assange’s Father With Update On His Health

Julian Assange’s Father Was Able to Visit him in Belmarsh Prison today and was even able to hug him. John obviously loves his son as many tears were shed. RT was able to interview John shortly after the visit. He stated Assange’s health has been stabilized and that the illness causing his weight loss is unknown. He also stated that Julian has a strong will to fight.

Please watch the video here for more information.

Assange has not been allowed to properly prepare his defense since he has been incarcerated and much of the paperwork he had previously collected for it was stolen by Ecuador in an illegal seize of his property. All that he had at the Embassy in London was sent to the U.S. as evidence for charges against him.

Please contribute to his defense fund at defend.wikileaks.org/donate defend.wikileaks.org/donate.

U.S. Delivers Final Extradition Warrant to U.K. Which Includes All 18 Indictments

The U.S. government has delivered it’s formal extradition warrant to the U.K. officials. This makes it unlikely their will be any more formal charges as they had until June 14TH to finalize the warrant. Under the extradition treaty between the U.K. and the U.S. it is not allowed to extradite for political reasons. These indictments are definitely of that variety.

The treaty also disallows the U.S. to formally charge him with any more indictments. Assange faces 170 years in prison if found guilty of espionage . This is a preposterous amount of time for publishing documents in the public interest.

Assange is currently on the hospital ward at Belmarsh prison and was too ill to attend a court hearing last week.

Update on Assange’s Health

Perhaps you have already heard that Julian Assange was admitted to the hospital ward at Belmarsh hospital several weeks ago but no one seems to know why. The Sun, which is basically a tabloid, has an update. However, we have not confirmed if it is true or not. It is, however, the only media source to report on his health.

According to the article in the Sun:

And a prison source said: “Assange is unwell generally but has recently been struggling to eat which has made it worse.

“He looked near to collapse, gaunt and frail so they have got him in as a precaution.

“He will be looked after in the healthcare wing and given supplements and plenty of liquid if he is struggling with food.

“Some staff feared he was on hunger strike although that is not the case.

“Some of his health problems seem to stem from being cooped up in the embassy for so long.


“And his state of mind is not great, either.”

A fellow prisoner pointed out that there was half-eaten food lying around in his cell during the leaked video footage of Assange. Assange had complained of tooth pain from his last stay in U.K. prison when the food he was eating had a piece of metal in it. This resulted in a cracked tooth that has need a root canal ever since and infections due to the lack of proper medical care in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Assange sought Asylum in Ecuador in 2012.

The leaker of the video tweeted this pic of a movement paper supposedly from the day before he was sent to the hospital ward.

This is also not confirmed. As more updates become available, I will be sure to let you know.

Why Freedom of The Press Is Important to Democracy

Freedom of the press definition, as quoted from dictionary.com, is “The right to circulate opinions in print without censorship by the government. Americans enjoy freedom of the press under the First Amendment to the Constitution.”

Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost. ~Thomas Jefferson

I am… for freedom of the press, and against all violations of the Constitution to silence by force and not by reason the complaints or criticisms, just or unjust, of our citizens against the conduct of their agents. ~Thomas Jefferson

No government ought to be without censors; and where the press is not free no one ever will. ~Thomas Jefferson

No government ought to be without censors; and where the press is not free no one ever will. Thomas Jefferson

Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech. ~Benjamin Franklin

“When the public’s right to know is threatened, and when the rights of free speech and free press are at risk, all of the other liberties we hold dear are endangered.” – Christopher Dodd

“The liberty of the press is essential to the security of the state.” – John Adams

I think that a good number of our elected officials need to be reminded of what the Founding Fathers wrote about Freedom of the Press and why it is necessary. As the attack on freedom of the press and free speech becomes worldwide, people often forget what their rights are as a free people and why those rights are so important.

When the Constitution and the Bill of Rights was written, the United States had just fought and won a war against tyranny. The Founding Fathers wanted the citizens of their new country to be as free as possible. They knew how important the 1st amendment was in keeping people from falling under an oppressive state of government because they experienced it first hand.

Once you remove the ability of the press to publish in the public interest, citizens of that country can no longer hold their government accountable.

In a democracy or republic, the people own their government, not the other way around. Once people no longer have the ability to acquire much needed knowledge, they become fools.

Regardless of if you agree with what a media organization states or shows, it is their right under the Constitution to do so. It is important to hear various opinions in order to form our own. How can you vote for a candidate if there are no facts being circulated about what they stand for? How we can validate what is going on in the world if there is only controlled propaganda available as a resource?

The battle about press freedom has waged for many centuries but seems to be becoming a losing battle for those who support it more recently.

According to ted.com:

The US owes its existence in part to a free press. “Some of the most important voices before and during the American Revolution were anonymous pamphleteers who were writing under pseudonyms, talking about the crimes of the British government,” Timm says. Speeches, pamphlets and newspapers were critical in informing and galvanizing public support for the revolt. And because a free press was so pivotal in their efforts to overthrow British rule, the Founding Fathers decided to protect that right with the First Amendment, ratified in 1791.

But the rights protected by the First Amendment have never been absolute. US history has been marked by an ongoing conflict between the government’s attempts to strengthen and protect itself and the press’s attempts to scrutinize and report on the government. Along the way, the US government has scored some key victories in stifling the press. The Sedition Act of 1798 made it criminal to criticize high-ranking government officials; anti-war activists during WWI were jailed; and FDR created an Office of Censorship during WWII in an attempt to control the media narrative around the war effort. However, a number of Supreme Court cases in the 20th century were able to establish robust legal protections for the press. These cases include Near vs. Minnesota (1931), which held that it was largely unconstitutional for a government to censor the press, and New York Times v. United States (1971), which ruled that the Nixon Administration could not use vague pronouncements of “national security” to censor the publication of the Pentagon Papers.

How many times in history has it been the press that informed people of the disgusting behavoir of their elected leaders? It is true that oftentimes the media is responsible for starting wars, destroying organizations and people, but it is necessary to be free and simply know.

The recent arrest of Julian Assange will set a precedent against the First amendment that we will never recover from. Any journalist worldwide who covers military movement, elections or the efforts of the U.S. government to influence politics in other countries, can be arrested under the Espionage Act if Assange is convicted. This precedent will end press freedom and many of our rights as individuals.

The First Amendment was put in place to protect us. The DOJ is attacking our rights not just Assange. Lack of free press will end up in a tyrannical government. Our soldiers have not served and died to see this take place!

It is easy to ignore what is happening if you feel it doesn’t affect you, but the attacks on press freedom ARE attacks on you and everyrhing we stand for. If you allow this to happen, our generation will be the last to know freedom.

What Kevin Zeese Had To Say On The Extradition of Assange

Kevin Zeese is an American lawyer and political activist who has worked on a wide range of issues beginning with ending the war on drugs and mass incarceration, including helping to organize the 2011 Occupy encampment in Washington, DC at Freedom Plaza. He currently serves as co-director of Popular Resistance.

I asked Kevin Zeese a few questions and these are his responses:

Angel Fox: Do you think its likely Assange will be extradited with the 18 counts being politically motivated and the agreement between Britain and the US regarding extradition?
Is it even remotely possible the US charged him with 18 counts of espionage to avoid extradition?

Kevin Zeese: Predicting the future is risky.

– More charges against Assange. Chelsea Manning is jailed because the Assange grand jury is meeting. Its lifespan is another year and a half unless the grand jury investigation ends. It is likely to end with more indictments.
– If Assange survives and does not die in jail, extradition is likely to take years.
– The political situation in both the UK and US will change. Either country could stop the extradition.
– There are many reasons why an Assange extradition could be blocked.
– The political movement supporting Assange, if we do our job to educate and mobilize people, will grow.
– With time passing people will be able to see that Assange publishing truthful materials about US wars, Guantanamo Bay, operations of the State Department, corporate corruption and scandals and government crime and corruption across the globe was in the public interest.
– Wikileaks publications will be seen in history as a key reason the US empire comes to an end.
Julian Assange may never be extradited, but there are forces in the US government that will not give up. The popular movement must expose and defeat them.
Assange is being unjustly and brutally punished every day.

The only way we can stop this is to unite as a movement and tell the U.K. judicial system that we demand he not be extradited. We must put our differences aside and join hands to save Assange and our free speech rights as well as press freedom. If we do not, we sacrifice future generations’ freedom.

If you could have stopped Hitler when he began to take over Germany by demanding he stop attacking the press and free speech, would have you? Would you have risked your life to expose NAZis?

Julian Assange risked his life to expose military crimes that the public needed to know. He has spoken out about our freedoms ending and the dangers of AI. He released millions of documents in the public interest. His arrest and possible conviction will set a legal precedent allowing governments to arrest others from other countries who expose government corruption. His arrest not only violates free speech and free press but our rights to privacy, laws against illegal search and seizure plus international law on human rights and asylum. We cannot just stand and watch our freedom taken away. This is tyranny!

Please write your elected officials, the DOJ and your leaders! Call them and leave numerous messages! Protest this abomination!

Donate to defend.wikileaks.org/donate. Buy a shirt at wikileaks.shop.

Educate people. Hang posters and signs in your community! We must fight!

U.N. Special Rapporteur Nils Melzer Continues To Call For Assange’s Freedom

Nils Melzer continues to call out for Julian Assange to be freed in various interviews citing that Assange shows all the signs of psychological torture. Melzer visited Assange in early May and his report was released on May 31st of this year. He continues to advocate for Assange’s freedom and states Assange would face a highly politicized trial in the U.S.

In an interview by the Canary:

Mr Assange has been deliberately exposed, for a period of several years, to progressively severe forms of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, the cumulative effects of which can only be described as psychological torture.
The evidence made available to me strongly suggests that the primary responsibility for the sustained and concerted abuse inflicted on Mr Assange falls on the governments of the United Kingdom, Sweden, the United States and, more recently, also Ecuador. Accordingly, these governments would be responsible jointly for the foreseeable cumulative effect of their conduct, but also each of them separately for their respective contributions, whether through direct perpetration, instigation, consent, or acquiescence. Further, each of them has consistently failed to protect Mr Assange from serious abuse, insult and intimidation by media and other private actors within their jurisdiction.
To me it is inconceivable that so many layers of profoundly skewed and biased steps in the judicial proceedings against Julian Assange could be just a coincidence.

The consistent and repeated failure of all involved states to protect Mr Assange’s fundamental right to fair judicial proceedings and due process makes the hypothesis of mere coincidence extremely unrealistic and gives a strong impression of bias and arbitrary manipulation. This starts with the secretive grand jury indictment in the United States, continues with the abusive manner in which Swedish prosecutors disseminated, re-cycled and perpetuated their ‘preliminary investigation’ into alleged sexual offences, exacerbates with the termination by Ecuador of Mr Assange’s asylum status and citizenship without any form of due process, and culminates in overt bias against Mr Assange being shown by British judges since his arrest.

The only realistic explanation for this sustained systemic failure of the judiciary is that the United States, and probably also the other involved states, are trying to make an example of Mr Assange before the eyes of the world, not as much as a punishment for whatever real or perceived harm he is alleged to have caused, but as a measure of deterrence for others who might be tempted to imitate Wikileaks and Mr Assange in the future. In these circumstances, Mr Assange has absolutely no chance to get a fair judicial proceeding in any of these jurisdictions.

Melzer has given multiple interviews and recently posted this on Twitter:

Judicial prosecution becomes judicial persecution when Governments prosecute whistleblowers (let alone journalists) for disclosing crimes without prosecuting the crimes disclosed by them. At the very least, we must all be equal before the law. @AJEnglish

It is important to note that Melzer originally refused to see Assange in the Embassy in London because he believed the propaganda spread by the MainStream Media.