Julian Assange: The Permanent Damage Caused By Solitary Confinement

Currently, Julian Assange is being held at HMP Belmarsh in solitary confinement 23 hour days with little to no interaction with others. He is being treated worse than the murderers and terrorists in this facility. His extradition trial so far has shown nothing but injustice and appears to be a show trial where the U.S. lawyers hold the reins. I will explain below why solitary confinement is considered torture and what it does to the human mind.According the the UN’s Nelson Mandela Act, anything over 15 days in solitary is considered torture. I want to explain to you what complete isolation does to the mind and the body and how this will effect Julian’s current state.

It is a proven fact that lonely people are more prone to certain physical ailments including high blood pressure, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and are more prone to infection. Mentally it has been reported to play with your sense of time, cause hallucinations, and paranoia. Many completely isolated individuals who had no meaningful human contact lost track of reality all together as studies have shown. In a study on other primates regarding isolation, they found that after only 30 days the monkeys became enormously disturbed and after a year were unable to have social contact of any kind. ( Reference for studies ) In fact, a good example of lack of proper human interaction would be the orphans in Romania who were literally mentally handicapped because they were never held or given affection. In fact, it has been proven that solitary confinement can drive a person literally crazy.

We are talking about permanent damage here folks. It is not temporary and is considered torture for a reason. Most examples when introduced back into society have a lack of life skills and have lost the ability to relate to others as a normal individual would. They are highly anxious around people, often paranoid and fearful, leaving them with no joy in every day tasks or happiness. What emerges from reports on solitary confinement is literally like reading a medieval novel about torture. Some even experience pyschosis afterwards.

And as Alexis Agathocleous from the Center for Constitutional Rights has aptly noted (link reference ) :

We know that keeping someone in solitary confinement puts them at very serious risk of descending into irreversible mental illness. That’s not tolerable in a society that values the dignity and humanity of all people, no matter whether they are incarcerated or not.

Julian Assange is guilty of nothing but making war crimes transparent in the public interest. He did what good journalists do. He exposed the truth and now faces 175 years in prison if not the death penalty in the states. His health is deteriorating as well as his mental state. This is not just a travesty but an abomination.If the U.K. and U.S. governments can torture and slowly assassinate someone as well known as Assange, what can they do to us? What other atrocities are they committing behind closed doors? We own our governments, not the elites who take us to war to destroy and steal resources to line their ever-growing pockets. We must end this disgusting display of a super power gone mad now. We must free Assange.


5 thoughts on “Julian Assange: The Permanent Damage Caused By Solitary Confinement

  1. Anonymous CP

    Is there something that can be done?? I don’t think so… We’re too down the rabbit hole and busy with our fake lives to realise what is happening behind our backs.

    Free Assange, “Idiocracy” americans


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