A Plea to Fight For Julian Assange

Stop what you are doing right now and please take a minute to read.  This is important!  It’s about saving a man’s life!  Julian Assange has done so much to expose injustice and show the truth, you owe him this much!  images (3)

I am begging you to take five minutes out of your life and do something to save a fellow human being.  He has never been charged with a crime!  He is being tortured and kept from having a life in that embassy right now!  8 months in solitary confinement is not enough for Ecuador and the United States government.  They want to destroy him.  They don’t care about him being a human being like each of us are.  If it were you, they would put you through the same hell he is going through right now.  It is us, as individuals, who have to care and fight this travesty!  They are slowly assassinating one of the world’s greatest journalists!  He is a father of 4, a son, a brother, and a friend just like each of us.

I am asking you to contact your leaders, your legislators, your MPs and anyone you can think of who might be able to help save Julian Assange from the clutches of those who seek to destroy him.  If not for him or his dear mother, then for humanity and yourselves before it is too late!  If they destroy him and we allow it, they will soon take away your rights as well.  Soon, it will be anyone who speaks out against the injustices being done.  Do you want that for yourself or for future generations?DH3ZtiaWsAkhQxy

You see, if he is prosecuted or he dies, what will your excuse be to your children why you stood by and watched an innocent man be destroyed?  Can you honestly watch this and walk away with no guilty conscience.  This is about injustice and torture and persecution by a government who wants to silence the truth tellers.

Regardless if you agree with Assange’s politics, principles or ways of doing things, what is being done to him is cruel and unusual punishment without trial. They are violating laws regarding political asylum and human rights worldwide by what they are doing.

Please, hear me and do something!  The following are a list of people you can contact via phone or snail mail.

President Trump or Vice President Pence

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500


The Department of Justice

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001


Elected Officials

list found here

File a Complaint with the United Nations Board of Human Rights


List of Human Rights Organizations


Please contact them.  I know it’s not easy but just simply state you demand they drop charges and grand jury against Assange and Wikileaks.  To the human rights organizations, simply explain that Julian Assange is being tortured.

Please! Please!  Help!




Today In Assange: An Ongoing Artice to Keep You Informed


The hearing today regarding the unsealing of the Grand Jury Indictment of Assange was postponed according to the Gateway Pundit’s Cassandra Fairbanks who was at the scene.(Picture below as she enters courthouse).


The Judge Leonie Brinkema at the Eastern District of Virginia (EDVA) “national security” court complex heard both sides of the argument today and postponed her decision. She was nominated by none other than President Bill Clinton himself and is the most liberal judge in a courthouse full of Conservatives. According to John Kiriakou, former CIA agent tried for exposing the CIA’s torture program, in his interview with Suzie Dawson:

this court is known as the “espionage” court and no national security defendant has ever won a court case ever. See video here. This is not only disturbing but gives another reason why Julian Assange cannot be extradited to face charges in this court of law. This judge is well known for her outrageous sentencing for crimes. See Wikipedia here.

Stefania Maurizi was able to visit with Julian Assange at the Embassy this week and her statements on his condition made it very obvious that the last 8 months have further deteriorated his already volatile condition. However, his psychological status seemed very good. According to her article, seen here, she wrote:

“After eight months of failed attempts, la Repubblica was finally able to visit the WikiLeaks founder in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, after the current Ecuadorian president, Lenin Moreno had cut him off from all contacts last March with the exception of his lawyers. No contact with friends, stars, journalists, no phone calls, no internet access. Indeed a very heavy isolation regime for anyone, but for Julian Assange in particular, considering that he has been confined to that tiny embassy for the last six years, and also considering that for Assange the internet is not an optional like any other: it’s his world.

As soon as we saw him, we realised he has lost a lot of weight. Too much. He is so skinny. Not even his winter sweater can hide his skinny shoulders. His nice-looking face, captured by photographers all around the world, is very tense. His long hair and beard make him look like a hermit, though not a nutter: as we exchange greetings, he seems very lucid and rational.”

In recent weeks, the Ecuadorian Embassy through it’s protocol has made new rules only allowing visitors during business hours. Assange was denied access to his lawyers for 4 days due to a holiday taken by Embassy staff and was also denied food during this time. Last weekend, they denied access to his legal team as well who were preparing for today’s court hearing. 8 months of torture followed by the most unreasonable set of rules is far beyond what any political prisoner who has ever been tried has ever had to endure. Julian Assange is the United States most persecuted journalist possibly in the history of the country. When have you ever heard of a publisher or journalist being tortured due to pressure from the United States government?

In other news, the Guardian published a very detrimental fake article about Paul Manafort supposedly visiting Assange in the Embassy. However, there is no truth to this story and the story was quickly edited but the damage had already been done. Wikileaks’ lawyers will be suing the Guardian for slander and libel charges.

The Ecuadorian Embassy has always kept records of visitors and there is no proof of Manafort having ever visited. Former Embassy employees have also vindicated this statement. See Stefania Maurizi’s quote below:


The constant barrage of smears against Assange from the Guardian, which are simply fake news, have to stop. The Guardian itself were partially responsible for the arrest of Assange in the UK in 2010 as he came to help them. This is not a news organization but writers of a fictional plagiaristic ongoing novel. Please boycott the Guardian in defense of Assange.

Please keep in mind that the arrest and prosecution of Julian Assange would set a dangerous precedent for press freedom in the future. If Assange is found guilty of these charges, shouldn’t the New York Times who published Comey’s memos, the Washington Post who published Trump’s phone calls and the Guardian itself who published the Snowden files also be prosecuted? Who next then? Anyone who has ever written stories based on these documents? Isn’t it our right, (as citizens of the United States who own this government and not the other way around), to know what our government is hiding from us that is corrupt and illegal? Even the CIA and NSA represent We The People and we choose who represents us.

I am calling on you as worldwide citizens to take a stand against a terrible atrocity against an innocent man. Please write those who represent you demanding that Assange is freed immediately, in the UK that Assange is given free passage and in Ecuador that your President either restore Assange’s right or step down. This has to end before our freedoms are taken away completely. You can also call your representatives and leaders and leave a message. If we stand up united and enough people do these 2 things, we may see Assange a free man in the future. If we remain complacent and inactive it is inevitable their our free press and free speech will no longer exist.

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Sealed Grand Jury Indictment for Julian Assange: What Does It Mean?

This last week proof a grand jury sealed indictment was leaked and made public by Wikileaks in a tweet with screenshots seen below.  I am here to explain what this means to Assange.julian-assange-time-horizontal1601155068.jpgproof of indictment 1.jpgproof of charges.jpg

This is proof there are charges against Assange in the United States due to a grand jury sealed indictment in Virginia.  According to Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, they have filed a lawsuit to unseal the indictment seen here.

Reporters Committee attorneys filed a motion in the Eastern District of Virginia to unseal the U.S. government’s criminal charges against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange after the existence of a criminal complaint was revealed in a separate court filing.
“It’s important that the public understand what these charges are, and there’s no longer any justification for keeping the criminal complaint, the docket, and other filings related to the prosecution sealed,” said Reporters Committee Executive Director Bruce Brown.
Very simply put, our DOJ has violated the First Amendment of the Constitution by charging a journalist for publishing documents given to him.  He did the same thing that Woodward and Bernstein did in the Watergate investigation.  Assange used anonymous sources to expose government corruption.  Why were they viewed as heroes then but Assange considered a criminal now?
What this proof means to Assange is simple.  Once he steps outside the Embassy and is arrested in the U.K., the United DOJ will unseal the indictment and issue an arrest warrant.  This warrant will essentially guarantee an extradition request to the United Kingdom will be issued as well.  According to Wikipedia, the UK/US treaty of 2003 is a one sided extradition treaty, seen here:
The treaty has been claimed to be one-sided[3] because it allows the US to extradite UK citizens and others for offences committed against US law, even though the alleged offence may have been committed in the UK by a person living and working in the UK (see for example the NatWest Three), and there being no reciprocal right; and issues about the level of proof required being less to extradite from the UK to the US rather than vice versa.[4]
So, according to this treaty, Assange would be quickly extradited to face charges here in the States which would most likely result in his life imprisonment or worse yet, the death penalty.  You ask but what is a grand jury indictment.  Well. let me explain.
A grand jury, according to Wikipedia, seen here, are as follows:
 “Generally speaking, a grand jury may issue an indictment for a crime, also known as a “true bill,” only if it finds, based upon the evidence that has been presented to it, that there is probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed by a criminal suspect. Unlike a petit jury, which resolves a particular civil or criminal case, a grand jury (typically having twelve to twenty-three members) serves as a group for a sustained period of time in all or many of the cases that come up in the jurisdiction, generally under the supervision of a federal U.S. attorney, a county district attorney, or a state attorney-general and hears evidence ex parte (i.e. without suspect or person of interest involvement in the proceedings).”
In other words, a grand jury decides if there is enough evidence to charge the defendant with a crime.  Once the grand jury looks at evidence, which includes hearsay and other evidence that would not be admissible in court, they issue an indictment which leads to an arrest warrant being issued. However, in the case of Assange, an arrest warrant will not be issued until he is in the custody of U.K. authorities.
According to lawyers.com. seen here:
“Grand juries not only hear from just one side—they may normally also consider evidence that would be inadmissible at trial. The exclusionary rule—which keeps inadmissible evidence like a statement resulting from a Miranda violation or an object found through an illegal search—normally doesn’t apply. Nor does the hearsay rule typically block certain kinds of testimony that would be inadmissible in a trial.”
In other words, a grand jury can rule for an indictment based on evidence that will never be seen in a courtroom.  Also seen in the above article is this:
“Unlike typical criminal hearings and trials, grand jury proceedings are closed from the public. They’re also different from your typical proceeding in that the accused (“target”) doesn’t have a right to be present. The grand jury hears only from the prosecutor and witnesses. In most states, the target doesn’t have a right to testify in front of the grand jury. A few states do, however, provide the target with a right to appear.”
In Virginia, Julian’s lawyers were not allowed to appear at this secret grand jury.  He could not defend himself against their accusations.  All that were present were for the prosecution.  Only President Trump and the DOJ can end this witch hunt for a journalist and publisher by demanding the grand jury indictment be dropped and all charges as well.  However, Trump claims to know nothing of the man who is head of the organization Wikileaks.org who he claimed to love 150 times pre-election.  He stated in an interview the following this last week,:
President Trump is asked, “Should Julian Assange go free?” Trump: “I don’t know anything about him. Really. I don’t know much about him. I really don’t.”
trump hypocrisy.png
This whole fiasco will go down in history as the most hypocritical Constitution violation of all time and will set a precedent for future journalists to be prosecuted for telling the truth.  It will make publishing corruption illegal and those who try afraid.  It will make a laughingstock of journalists who are only allowed to write propaganda.  If Assange is extradited and prosecuted, it will be the end of the First Amendment, Press Rights and Free Speech.
Folks, stand up and do something before it is too late.


John Kiriakou: Why He Should Be Pardoned

John Chris Kiriakou is more than just a radio host, an author and a retired intelligence agency officer, he is a hero and a whistleblower who exposed the CIA’s torture program. I spoke with him recently and asked him about his experience and found him to be friendly and helpful as I let him know I intended to write an article in support of his pardon.  I had heard about Kiriakou’s plight from a friend who also supports Julian Assange.  As a supporter of whistleblowers, I felt a need to tell his story.0277932321e848fdab49d26bc45f8e5f_18.jpg

I found a few articles on the internet that gave me some background into what happened and how Gina Haspel, now CIA director, covered up the torture program.  Then how John exposed the horrifyingly wicked acts of our CIA.  In a Washington Post article seen here, John tells his story.

“I was inside the CIA’s Langley, Va., headquarters on Sept. 11, 2001. Like all Americans, I was traumatized, and I volunteered to go overseas to help bring al-Qaeda’s leaders to justice. I headed counterterrorism operations in Pakistan from January to May 2002. My team captured dozens of al-Qaeda fighters, including senior training-camp commanders. One of the fighters whom I played an integral role in capturing was Abu Zubaida, mistakenly thought at the time to be the third-ranking person in the militant group.

By that May, the CIA had decided to torture him. When I returned to CIA headquarters that month, a senior officer in the Counterterrorism Center asked me if I wanted to be “trained in the use of enhanced interrogation techniques.” I had never heard the term, so I asked what it meant. After a brief explanation, I declined. I said that I had a moral and ethical problem with torture and that — the judgment of the Justice Department notwithstanding — I thought it was illegal.”

“CIA officers and psychologists under contract to the agency began torturing Abu Zubaida on Aug. 1, 2002. The techniques were supposed to be incremental, starting with an open-palmed slap to the belly or the face. But the operatives where he was held decided to start with the toughest method. They waterboarded Abu Zubaida 83 times. They later subjected him to sleep deprivation; they kept him locked in a large dog cage for weeks at a time; they locked him in a coffin-size box and, knowing that he had an irrational fear of insects, put bugs in it with him.”

“The CIA asked the new Obama Justice Department to reopen the case against me. It did, and three years later, I was charged with five felonies , including three counts of espionage, resulting from that ABC News interview and a subsequent interview with the New York Times . Of course, I hadn’t committed espionage, and the charges were eventually dropped, but only after I agreed to plea to a lesser charge. I served 23 months in prison.”

John found many of his friends and family deserted him over the charges.  When speaking with John, he told me,

“I was incarcerated for 23 months of a 30 month sentence. I was charged with violating the Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1981. I kept waiting for somebody to expose the torture program and I remained silent for more than five years. I decided to blow the whistle on the entire program. It affected my life greatly. I was forced to resign from my job and was unemployed for 15 months and friends and family members walked away from me. But it certainly did make a difference. Senator John McCain said that I was the inspiration behind the McCain Feinstein Amendment and that without my whistleblowing, the ban on torture may not have been possible. I deserve a pardon because my prosecution was an injust.”

The fact is that the U.S. government is showing our allies and enemies that they prosecute the truth teller and promote the criminal.  This has to stop.  People like John Kiriakou not only deserve a pardon but must be protected by law.  If we do not protect those that expose hideous crimes and instead persecute and prosecute them, then we are no better than the criminals themselves.  When we watch an injustice occur and do not act, we are accountable.

John Kiriakou should be rewarded for exposing crimes against human rights.  Torture of any kind is cruel and unusual punishment and is against our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  How does torture make our country any better than the terrorists who committed 9/11 and continue to terrorize the world?  Torture doesn’t work folks, and by doing so, our CIA committed a crime that should be uncovered and tried in a court of law.

As for John Kiriakou, by exposing the CIA torture program, he did Americans a service and should be pardoned.  It is a very dangerous action by our government to indict someone who reveals a crime.  This makes it much easier for offenders to get away with their corrupt activities and thus puts fear in the hearts of ordinary citizens.  This also tells Americans that as long as you are part of our government, you can get away with anything.  There should not be two standards set for citizens and officials.

By pardoning John Kiriakou, President Trump would be setting a standard and example to the world that the United States will not stand for violations of human rights and criminal activity within our government.  He would be showing the Deep State that he truly wants the Swamp drained.  He would be making a statement that would further protect those who choose to expose crimes within the government, their organizations, and corporations.  We need to see our President stand up for what’s right.  Pardon John Kiriakou, a hero and an American Patriot!wbart-701x336.jpg

Why Prosecuting Assange is Dangerous


In recent days we learned that the US government has an indictment set in place to arrest Julian Assange on charges of espionage and government theft. This sealed indictment was said to not exist by the United States and both Ecuador and the UK insisted that an extradition warrant would not be put in place if Assange left the embassy. The photos below show otherwise.




Assange charges

So you are wondering how this affects you or how this is dangerous. Let me explain. In early NAZI Germany, Hitler and his brown coats took control of state media which then was radio and newspapers. By controlling what the media told the public, they were able to take control of all assets of everyday life step by step. Every dictatorship or overthrow of government resulted in the silencing of those who spoke the truth. By prosecuting Assange, the US government sets a dangerous precedent against press freedom protected by the First Amendment and also violates every individual’s freedom of speech.

Silencing those who publish government corruption is the first step in taking away all our rights. Violating the Constitution will inevitably lead to the end of America as we know it. We cannot let this happen.

Regardless of if you agree with Wikileaks politics or Assange’s stand against war, corruption and war crimes, fighting against his persecution and prosecution is standing up for your own rights. We cannot let our government take away the right to free press and free speech. Without it, we the people lose our right to voice our opinion on what is right and wrong and soon lose our rights to freedom!

According to @FreedomofPress on Twitter, (which was retweeted by Wikileaks),

Here’s what the ‘s lawyer told a room full of judges a few months ago about the Trump admin potentially prosecuting WikiLeaks and Assange: “I think the prosecution of him would be a very, very bad precedent for publishers.”


According to the New York Times, seen here:

“Mr. Assange is not a traditional journalist, but what he does at WikiLeaks has also been difficult to distinguish in a legally meaningful way from what traditional news organizations, like The New York Times, do every day: seek out and publish information that officials would prefer to be kept secret, including classified national security matters.

The Justice Department has never charged journalists with violating the law for doing their jobs. But in recent years, it has become far more common to charge officials with a crime for providing information to reporters. Depending on the facts, the case against Mr. Assange could set a precedent further chilling investigative journalism.”

Deeply troubling if the Trump administration, which has shown little regard for media freedom, would charge Assange for receiving from a government official and publishing classified information—exactly what journalists do all the time,” Kenneth Roth, the executive director of Human Rights Watch, wrote Friday on Twitter.”

If Wikileaks staff and Julian Assange are prosecuted under an antiquated law from World War I which was in regards to those who took documents to enemy lines then wouldn’t this open the door to prosecuting other media operations such as the New York Times and Washington Post. Doesn’t this set a precedent to arrest anyone who publishes documents exposing criminal activity in our government? How can we as citizens of the United States stand by and watch as our government violates the very document our country was founded on?

The statement below is from Glenn Greenwald.


After they go after publishers, they will arrest whistleblowers who bring the crimes to light. Do we not as a people, who own our government, have the right to know what our government does illegally behind closed doors? Why are we allowing our DoJ to prosecute the press?


What other Constitutional Rights we will allow to be stripped under false pretenses? Will they take away our rights to protest? Our right to freedom of religion? To be able to press charges against government officials who commit crimes? What then are we? Nothing more than a unitary state.

The very roots of this country came from those who fought to free us from tyranny. If we allow Assange to be prosecuted and his persecution continued, we are allowing a travesty against our own rights as US citizens. Please contact your representatives, President Trump and the DoJ today and demand they drop these charges and keep their vows to the Constitution.

Why I feel I Must Go to London and Stand Watch Over Julian Assange

I recently made a promise to Assange supporters on Twitter which I intend to carry out. I promised that I would stand watch over Julian, take pics and videos as well as report on anything that happens. Most of you know that I would take a bullet for this man and will stand up to stop anything from happening to him. Yes, I would get arrested to try and protect him. Some have said I overdo my support a bit, others that I am bullheaded (my mother before she passed away in August, bless her soul) and some understand my activism. This man has done more than just save the US from the clutches of Hillary! He has been nominated for the nobel peace prize 8 years in a row, has won dozens of journalism awards, has exposed war crimes, spoke on the dangers of AI and climate change and is a hero for his integrity and strength in the face of a world superpower. Want a good example of what a hero really is for your child? Look to Assange.


This is my calling in life or maybe my destiny. I found something worth giving up nearly anything for. Since I was a child I wanted to make a difference. As I grew older, I realized you can’t change the entire world all at once, but by changing the world for one person, you can make a difference. I cannot stand and watch as an innocent man is slowly assassinated in an embassy without sunlight, fresh air or medical care. He was completely isolated for nearly 8 months and even now has an outrageous protocol, (you can see the document here), that must be met for visitors or phone calls. His internet access is limited and he cannot speak about politics to anyone.

Add to the already disgusting list of human rights violations the fact that Ecuador pulled added security from Assange in May seen here.

Ecuador will scale back security at its London embassy after news reports placed a $5 million price tag on operations protecting its most famous resident, WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange, its government announced.

“The President of the Republic, Lenin Moreno, has ordered that any additional security at the Ecuadorian embassy in London be withdrawn immediately,” the government of Ecuador said in a statement Thursday.

According to @AssangeLegal, Julian cannot have visitors on the weekend limiting access to food unless given to him beforehand. As he now has to pay and obtain his own food .

assange legal


With a recent attempted break-in thwarted by Assange himself, there must be people who stand watch at night after Embassy staff leaves the premises. Any attempt to kidnap or hurt Assange must be prevented at any cost. This is where others and myself can step in by alerting police and possibly running the perpetrator off. If Ecuador refuses to protect their own asylee, then his supporters must step in and help do it themselves! I will pay for most of this out of my own pocket, taking a leave of absence from work and possibly be jobless afterward, but this is the most important thing I have ever done in my life and I intend to see it through!

If you feel inclined to help, you can donate via gofundme here. Thank you in advance!


The Torture of a Journalist: Why Assange Needs to Be Freed Now


I remember when you saw a title like “The Torture of a Journalist” and you thought it happened in the Mideast or maybe China but in today’s harsh world it is happening in the heart of London. Nearby is Harrod’s Department Store in Knightsbridge, but inside the Ecuadorian Embassy, a journalist named Julian Assange is held captive by the British government without charge. As though it is not enough he has been without fresh air, sunlight/Vitamin D for 6 years, he has now been held in solitary confinement for 8 months and recently a 10-page provision has been written by Ecuador who gave him political asylum in the first place.

By giving Mr. Assange asylum, the country of Ecuador gave a vow to protect him indefinitely. In DeDeceDecemDecembDecembet of 2017, they went so far as to make him a citizen and named him a diplomat. Nonetheless, their President, Lenin Moreno, isolated Assange without phone, internet access. or visitors because of political statements he made on Twitter as a journalist. Recently, due to the 10-page document and the regulations within, Assange must have his lawyers bring him his food. Ecuador over the last weekend had a holiday and would not allow his lawyers to visit, so he was denied food over the weekend. According to the article seen here, Julian’s lawyer Carlos Poveda states:

“Poveda said that they are still questioning the protocol that he wants to apply to Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy. He reported that the last holiday was closed and this supposedly hurt his client in basic issues such as food.”


If Ecuador calls itself a democracy, and Lenin is just a president, why would they go so far as to deny him much needed nutrition?

Not only has Ecuador denied him food, but according to this article seen here they have replaced former staff with new that are attempting to provoke Assange into an argument which they can use to expel him from the embassy. His lawyer Carlos Poveda states in the above article:

“They changed diplomatic personnel in London since last Monday. An official, just Assange left the audience, said: “I invite you to a coffee at Hard Rock.” Was it sarcastic? Assange begins to have countless provocations. This is going to accelerate. “

When asked what will accelerate, Poveda stated:

“That the asylum be terminated. The conditions are extremely sensitive, complex, of an unusual pressure. We filed a protective action and they said that the State was separating from the relationship with Assange, that miracles are not done and that it is our problem. They throw the ball. The Attorney General (Íñigo Salvador) said that any situation that occurs will be observing the rules of conduct of the protocol and that this is the protection of the State before any international responsibility.”

The hostility towards Assange is not unusual for President Lenin Moreno as he placed his former VP in high-security prison on a charge of fraud which in itself was fraudulent. Former VP Jorge Glas went on hunger strike and as health has deteriorated was transported to the hospital. His wife and children were not allowed to see him while he was there and Jorge Glas was returned to prison without the care he needed. In all likelihood, Glas was die in solitary confinement.

There are other human rights violations that Moreno is guilty of as seen in my article seen here, but there are too many to mention in this article. You can also see the findings by the United States government on human rights violations here.

As Assange and his lawyers have filed a lawsuit against Ecuador for violations of his human rights, another item has come up. Moreno has named his choice to the Constitutional Assembly which will hear the Assange lawsuit. Hopefully, they take this protocol before the InterAmerican Court and let them decide instead as it is obvious this will be a biased court decision. You can read about Moreno’s choices to the Assembly here.

As a people who care about our free speech and human rights as individuals, we must stand up against this wicked, cruel act which has been instigated by none other than the US government who put pressure on the Ecuadorian government to turn over Assange this year. How can we as human beings stand and watch a man who exposed injustice all over the world from governments and corporations deteriorate and be tortured for it?

Julian’s mother, Christine Assange, recently put out a plea for her son. The transcript is below:

plea 2.jpg

You can also listen to it here.

The truth is folks, by overlooking this horrific atrocity being done to an innocent man, we are as guilty as those who are administering it. We cannot let this go on. We must protest, write letters to our leaders, and end what is an act against all humanity. Please, please answer Mrs. Assange’s plea to act immediately to free her son from this barbaric situation. 1538000422348-1763490758.jpg

Julian Assange’s Life is in Danger! A Call to Action to Save Assange


Recently, after Assange’s lawyers started the lawsuit against Ecuador for violating his human rights, Ecuador took Assange’s rights away for 4 days to see even his lawyers. (Article seen here) His lawyer Carlos Poveda stated that “The Assange Asylum termination is accelerating.” (See here) If Assange is evicted, his extradition to the United States (to face an espionage charge from an antiquated espionage act from World War One) is the next step. He faces life in prison or worse the death penalty for publishing documents just as the media in the United States does.

If we as human beings do nothing to save this man, his blood is on our hands. I am calling on you to start and attend vigils like the one I am organizing in Washington D.C. in front of the White House on November 10th at 11 am. We need people protesting! If you are unable to start or attend a protest, you can call your leaders, your legislators, and human rights organizations. I will publish a list of people to call at the end of this article.


The treatment Assange is receiving isn’t just about free press. It’s about free speech and our rights as individuals. It is setting a precedent for how citizens and asylees are treated in the future. It is about different countries trying to remove our rights as human beings. Once a country removes free speech and free press, we end up with another Nazi regime or worse. Did people learn nothing from what took place in Germany in the 30’s and 40’s?

By allowing Assange’s solitary confinement for 7 months and not protesting and writing letters and making phone calls, we have shown our governments that his torture is fine with us. Many have stood up and taken a stand against this atrocity, but it is not enough. We need a mass movement around the world! We cannot sit idle in our comfort zones as this travesty accelerates against this strong courageous truth-teller. We cannot patiently wait for Trump to do something to save him. It is too late for that!

Even if Assange’s eviction does not take place in the near future, his health is deteriorating quickly. In the article by one of his doctors, Dr. Sean Love, seen here, Love explains his current health conditions and why something must be done for him now:

“Over this past year, I’ve met with Assange several times at the embassy in London, and have been privy to his conditions and medical record. Assange suffers both physically and psychologically from his prolonged detention—as was found in another evaluation performed in 2015, the results of which were made available to the public.[5] Assange’s detention continues to cause a precipitous deterioration in his overall condition and amounts to cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment.”

“Within the embassy, Assange is confined mostly to a single room and has had no meaningful access to the outdoors or to natural light in six years. As a result, he has developed myriad health sequelae and endured exacerbations of preexisting conditions. Because of his health issues, in 2015, Ecuadorean authorities requested that he be permitted humanitarian safe passage to a hospital in London; however, this was denied by the UK.”

“If Ecuador and the UK cannot guarantee these rights, then the Australian High Commission should seek Assange’s immediate repatriation to Australia. As the US withdraws from the UN Human Rights Council,[11]Australia has the opportunity to demonstrate moral leadership at a time when our global community needs it.”

By removing itself from the UN Human Rights Council, the United States has demonstrated its denial of human rights to all people. By supporting Ecuador and Saudi Arabia, the U.S. government has further shown that human rights are not a priority in fact. Ignoring the torture and inhumane treatment of Assange, Trump has shown he does not care about international laws protecting the individual. By ignoring the UN ruling that was issued twice that Assange is being detained illegally, the UK has shown their respect for international law as well.

If we as humans, ignore his plight, we are just as guilty as government officials who advocate to slowly assassinate Assange. I call you to action! I plead with you to save this man and save our rights before it is too late!

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

“There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice.”
Charles-Louis de Secondat, baron de la Brède et de Montesquieu, The Spirit of the Laws

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”
Thomas Jefferson

“Every time we witness an injustice and do not act, we train our character to be passive in its presence and thereby eventually lose all ability to defend ourselves and those we love. ~Julian Assange

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United States

Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500


US Senate and House of Representatives

US elected officials

Attorney General Jeff SessionsAustralian PMs

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001



Parliament of Australia


Australian PMs

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet


United Kingdom

Theresa May

Office Address
House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

Parliament/ House of Commons

House of Commons Enquiry Service
House of Commons

0800 112 4272 (Freephone) or 020 7219 4272


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What A Nationalist Really Is: Trump Made a Boo Boo

trump.jpgIn a recent speech, President Donald Trump called himself a nationalist and all his supporters followed suit. However, I am not sure Trump understood the word he was using. I think he meant US First as in being a patriot not what it really means.  Let me explain…

According to Miriam Webster Dictionary, the definition of nationalism is:

“loyalty and devotion to a nation especially : a sense of national consciousness (see CONSCIOUSNESS sense 1c) exalting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of its culture and interests as opposed to those of other nations or supranational groups”

A good example of nationalism in recent history is Nazi Germany.  The Germans felt that their culture and their people {specifically blonde blue-eyed Germans} were superior.  They then began to eliminate Jews who had a different culture and religion than them. According to the article seen here in the balance:

“Nationalism is a system created by people who believe their nation is superior to all others. Most often, this sense of superiority has its roots in a shared ethnicity.” 

“Because they believe in the superiority of their shared attribute, nationalists stereotype different ethnic, religious, or cultural groups. The resultant prejudice keeps their nation unified. Intolerance can lead to a desire to rid the country of those deemed as “other.” In an extreme form, it can lead to ethnic cleansing and genocide.”

I decided I wanted some examples of nationalists in recent history so I went on a search. This is what I found on wikipedia here:

20th-century nationalist regimes[edit]

Take a good look at some of the names, not a good group of people as far as I can see. Napoleon was another nationalist who felt his country was superior. When the Europeans came to America they had the feeling that their culture was superior and so came the demise of the American Indian culture and the death of millions of Native Americans.

Nationalism Vs. Patriotism

According to quora.com:

“The Difference Between patriotism and nationalismis that the patriot is proud of his country for what it does , and the nationalist is proud of his country no matter what it does ; the first attitude creates a feeling of responsibility while the second a feeling of blind arrogance that leads to a war .”

“Patriotism is based on affection and nationalism is rooted in rivalry and resentment. One can say that nationalism is militant by nature and patriotism is based on peace.

Most nationalists assume that their country is better than any other, whereas patriots believe that their country is one of the best and can be improved in many ways. Patriots tend to believe in friendly relations with other countries while some nationalists don’t.

In patriotism, people all over the world are considered equal but nationalismimplies that only the people belonging to one’s own country should be considered one’s equal.

A patriotic person tends to tolerate criticism and tries to learn something new from it, but a nationalist cannot tolerate any criticism and considers it an insult.”

Patriotism is a healthy way to be proud of your nation and put it first.  Nationalism is racism with a different name. Be careful how you label yourself.  Sometimes, even Trump makes a boo boo.



Proof of Assange Extradition to the U.S.


Oftentimes, government officials will claim there is no extradition order in place for Julian Assange. This includes both U.K. and U.S. officials. The problem is evidence does exist that once Assange steps outside the Embassy doors and is arrested by British police for an untested bail warrant, he will then be sent to the United States where he faces a grand jury indictment. This indictment is sealed and would be opened once he is arrested. He faces either life in prison or the death penalty as many view his publishing as espionage. I intend on showing as much proof as possible that the two governments have no intention of not extraditing this journalist.

According to Wikileaks, documentation found here:

“Scale of the US Grand Jury Investigation of WikiLeaks

The US Government has stood up and coordinated a joint interagency criminal investigation of Wikileaks comprised of a partnership between the Department of Defense (DOD) including: CENTCOM; SOUTHCOM; the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA); Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA); Headquarters Department of the Army (HQDA); US Army Criminal Investigation Division (CID) for USFI (US Forces Iraq) and 1st Armored Division (AD); US Army Computer Crimes Investigative Unit (CCIU); 2nd Army (US Army Cyber Command); Within that or in addition, three military intelligence investigations were conducted. Department of Justice (DOJ) Grand Jury and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Department of State (DOS) and Diplomatic Security Service (DSS). In addition, Wikileaks has been investigated by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), Office of the National CounterIntelligence Executive (ONCIX), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA); the House Oversight Committee; the National Security Staff Interagency Committee, and the PIAB (President’s Intelligence Advisory Board). LINK Transcript | US v Pfc. Bradley Manning, Article 39(a) Session, 06/06/12 see also”

But there’s more than this on Wikileaks in the Stratfor emails which include emails from Fred Burton. (Fred Burton, who wrote this, was ex-Diplomatic Security Service of State Dept, had many intel contacts). These emails began being published on February 27th, 2012 and reveal a lot of what the U.S. government intends to do to Assange. These emails were one of the justifications for Julian to seek political asylum as they included probable torture as seen below.


Also seen in these emails from Fred Burton is the following statement from his Blackberry seen below.

proof of extradition 1.jpg

If this is not proof enough, there is a recent letter from Democrats to President Lenin Moreno stating that he must turn over Assange. You can find this letter here, along with the Congress that wrote the letter.

letter from Congress.jpg

The statement in the following screenshot shows absolute proof of extradition as they state that Assange “should be handed over” to the US to face prosecution for interfering with the U.S.

proof of extradition 2.png

Also seen on the Wikileaks site are the warrants for the seizure of property rightfully owned by Wikileaks staff which is a violation of their right to privacy. This includes the allegations for crimes supposedly committed by staff and Assange. You can view the search warrants here. These charges include espionage and theft of government property as well as a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. According to this site page:

“The US government is claiming universal jurisdiction to apply the Espionage Act, general Conspiracy statute and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act to journalists and publishers – a horrifying precedent for press freedoms around the world. Once an offence is alleged in relation to a journalist or their source, the whole media organisation, by the nature of its work flow, can be targeted as alleged ‘conspiracy’. Julian Assange, WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief said: ‘WikiLeaks has out endured everything the Obama administration has thrown at us and we will out endure these latest “offences” too.'”

The former FBI director, James Comey stated the following according to justice4assange.com:

“In 2017 then FBI director James Comey told Congress: “[Assange] hasn’t been apprehended because he is in the Ecuadorian embassy in London”.”

“A US grand jury investigation has been ongoing since May 2010 with the purpose of bringing a case against Mr. Assange over WikiLeaks publications. Efforts to prosecute Mr. Assange have expanded under the Trump administration to include WikiLeaks groundbreaking series on the CIA published last year. Mr. Assange faces up to life imprisonment for multiple charges including conspiracy, theft, and electronic espionage—a terrorism offence.

President Trump’s CIA director Mike Pompeo stated that Mr. Assange has “no First Amendment rights” and that the CIA is working to “take down” WikiLeaks. The US Senate intelligence committee has tabled legislation to declare WikiLeaks a “non state intelligence service” and that the US government should “treat it accordingly”.”

“Julian Assange entered the embassy on June 19, 2012 and applied for political asylum, seeking protection from US political persecution and attempts to imprison him over his work as the publisher of WikiLeaks. He was granted political asylum after the UK and Sweden refused to give an assurance that they would not extradite him to the US over WikiLeaks publications. The US formally started grand jury proceedings against him in May 2010.

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has confirmed that arresting Mr. Assange is a “priority”.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo (now US Secretary of State) has stated that Julian Assange “has no First Amendment Rights” and has described WikiLeaks as a “non-state hostile intelligence agency”

Even the Guardian, who usually posts smears against Assange, published an article referring to Sessions desire to arrest Julian. This article is seen here.

“The arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is now a “priority” for the US, the attorney general, Jeff Sessions, has said.

Hours later it was reported by CNN that authorities have prepared charges against Assange, who is currently holed up at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.”

The term “holed up” in this article needs to be corrected as he is a political refugee who sought asylum and is not a fugitive.

Another quote from this article is the following:

Asked whether it was a priority for the justice department to arrest Assange “once and for all”, Sessions told a press conference in El Paso, Texas, on Thursday: “We are going to step up our effort and already are stepping up our efforts on all leaks. This is a matter that’s gone beyond anything I’m aware of. We have professionals that have been in the security business of the United States for many years that are shocked by the number of leaks and some of them are quite serious.”

He added: “So yes, it is a priority. We’ve already begun to step up our efforts and whenever a case can be made, we will seek to put some people in jail.”

If there is any question as to a grand jury, even CNN published an article on the secret grand jury seen here. Published December 13th, 2010, this article states the following:

“A secret grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia, is meeting to consider criminal charges in the WikiLeaks case, an attorney for the site’s founder, Julian Assange, told the Al-Jazeera network in an interview.

“We have heard from Swedish authorities there has been a secretly empaneled grand jury in Alexandria. … They are currently investigating this,” Mark Stephens told Al-Jazeera’s Sir David Frost on Sunday, referring to WikiLeaks. The site, which facilitates the disclosure of secret information, has been slowly releasing a trove of more than 250,000 U.S. diplomatic cables since November 28.”

In an article by Human Rights Watch seen here, the following statement is made:

“While some admire and others despise Assange, no one should be prosecuted under the antiquated Espionage Act for publishing leaked government documents. That 1917 statute was designed to punish people who leaked secrets to a foreign government, not to the media, and allows no defense or mitigation of punishment on the basis that public interest served by some leaks may outweigh any harm to national security.

The US grand jury investigation of Assange under the Espionage Act was apparently based on his publishing the leaks for which Chelsea Manning, a former US army soldier, was convicted. Her sentence was commuted.”

“The publication of leaks—particularly leaks that show potential government wrongdoing or human rights abuse—is a critical function of a free press in a democratic society. The vague and sweeping provisions of the Espionage Act remain ready to be used against other publishers and journalists, whether they be Wikileaks or the New York Times.

Assange has agreed to surrender himself to the British police – but only if he were granted assurances against extradition to the US, where he could face life in prison. “

“The UK has the power to resolve concerns over his isolation, health, and confinement by removing the threat of extradition for publishing newsworthy leaks. It should do so before another year passes.”
Though the United States and the United Kingdom continue to say there is no extradition order in place at this time, evidence shows otherwise. It may remain “secret” just like the grand jury indictment which would be opened if Assange surrenders himself to the United Kingdom. Therefore, because there is no guarantee that he will not be extradited, Julian will not be safe.

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