Ecuador Releases Photos and Video Trying to Make Assange Look Like a Dirty Houseguest

Ecuador released photos and a video of Assange’s supposed dirty living quarters claiming he often left feces on the wall and feces covered underwear in the bathroom. They claim his personal hygiene was bad and he lived in squallor. However the photos shown show very little.

In fact, my house often isn’t much cleaner. The video showed Assange skateboarding through the Embassy. The Daily Mail is attempting to make him appear like a child and Ecuador claims he often left the cooker on. Which is quite funny because don’t we all forget to shut the oven off occasionally?

Every picture shows Assange clean and well dressed as a professional would do. If he ever looked unkempt in his living quarters, so what? Most will admit to lazing around in their pajamas on days off.

Pictured below is the room Assange spent most of his time in.

Ecuador is simply trying to make excuses for their obvious violations of their own law and international law that protects refugees. They are trying to cover up for the illegal bribes from the United States DOJ to turn over Assange for extradition. The bribe included an IMF loan for 4.5 billion dollars which was approved several days after the DOJ charged Assange.

In an earlier statement from Assange’s doctor, Dr. Sean Love tweeted:

“Never did I witness Assange having poor hygiene or discourteous behavior toward embassy staff. His suffering was readily apparent, yet he was always pleasant, professional; admirable characteristics under extreme and punitive circumstances.”

Dr Sean Love MD

There is not one single person who visited Assange during the 7 years he was in the Embassy who has ever complained of his personal hygiene or cleaning habits. Like anyone who is completely absorbed in their work, Assange may have left dishes until he was finished or left clutter laying around. Simply put, we are all guilty.

The smears coming from media shows their ignorance and obvious jealousy of an award winning journalist and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee. What they don’t realize is that they may be next on the agenda…


Trump Lied During His Campaign About Loving Wikileaks

Sarah Sanders states in interview that “Trump was joking about loving Wikileaks” and also stated that “Trump was the first to come down hard on Wikileaks and Assange.” (Link to this is seen here). This only affirms the truth about the President using bribery to coerce Ecuador into the psychological torture used to force Assange out and then expel him. This resulted in the brutal arrest by British Police.

In 2010, Trump made the statement:

“Wikileaks disgraceful. There should be a death penalty or something.”

Further showing his hypocrisy. It appears that as long as Wikileaks and their founder was useful to him, he “loved” them but when he didn’t need them anymore.

In April of 2017, shortly after he was elected president, Trump told then AG sessions to “go ahead and arrest him”, after Session said, “Arresting Julian Assange is a priority.” (Link to statement here from

According to the New York Times (link):

Soon after he took over as C.I.A. director, Mike Pompeo privately told lawmakers about a new target for American spies: Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks.

Mr. Pompeo and former Attorney General Jeff Sessions unleashed an aggressive campaign against Mr. Assange, reversing an Obama-era view of WikiLeaks as a journalistic entity. For more than a year, the nation’s spies.”

Their work culminated in prosecutors secretly filing charges this summer against Mr. Assange, which were inadvertently revealed in an unrelated court filing and confirmed on Friday by a person familiar with the inquiry.

In Marich of 2018, Assange was put in solitary confinement with access to phone, visitors, or internet access to drive him out of the Embassy in London by Ecuador. A psychological warfare strategy commonly used by CIA psyops was incorporated to break Assange. When Assange proved too strong to weaken under their attempts, the Ecuadorian government tried to frame Assange using a draconian protocol in order to expel him.

The Trump administration coerced the Ecuadorian government by making a deal with them. Assange was sold for 4.5 billion dollars. After charges were filed on against the Wikileaks founder in early April the IMF loan was approved days later.

Trump has proven he wants to silence the press in other ways. Calling out “Fake News”

According to the article on Deadline,

Donald Trump Directs Followers To “End” The “Fake News,” Returning “Peace”

“The Fake News is doing everything in their power to blame Republicans, Conservatives and me for the division and hatred that has been going on for so long in our Country,” Trump tweeted.”

3 days after Assange’s arrest, Trump completwd his 360 by stating (link seen here):
, “I know nothing about WikiLeaks — it’s not my thing.”

If there is any doubt about Trump’s intentions for Assange,
this should leave you doubtless. Trump’s DOJ intends to destroy Assange and Wikileaks with a forceful blow leaving the first amendment shattered. The precedent set by this arrest effects all journalists.

Breaking News: Update:FBI hacked after Assange Arrest

According to Anonymous, the FBI has been hacked because of the recent arrest of Assange. Over the weekend, the country of Ecuador’s government sites were shut down. Anonymous has threatened the cyber attacks eill continue until Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Julian Assange is released and all charges dropped.

The question is, who is next on their agenda? What government agency will be brought down in an effort to #FreeAssange?

NOTE:The attacks on these sites are not instigated by Wikileaks.

Wikileaks is a publisher. They do not hack.

Assange’s Life is in Danger And it’s Up to You to Save It

Trump supporters and Q-cultists keep saying Assange is better off in the US. They want you to trust the plan and claim this is a chess strategy by Trump. They want you to sit back while a man is destroyed by the government and at the same time their 1st amendment rights are abolished. It’s like these people have government issued blinders. It is so obvious what is happening but instead thry choose to trust in a corrupt department of justice to do the right thing.

Then there are the Dems screaming he threw the election. They claim he is a Russian asset and not a journalist. They call him a hacker and claim he stole classified documents while their rights fly out the door. They can’t see past the media lies. Still butthurt because a criminal wasn’t elected President.

People if you do not like Assange that’s fine but this is way bigger than one man. It’s about the right to publish crimes that are hidden from the general public. It’s about our right to know as citizens of the free world. It’s about freedom in general. Without the first amendment, no rights exist. Without the ability to speak out against criminal activity, we become encaged.

Not only is it a matter of our right to know, but it’s about human rights. This man was illegally detained for 7 years under fake accusations for political reasons. In today’s world, if you want rid of an opponent you yell sexual accusations. Look at the media today, it’s full of women being paid for screaming harassment and rape.

This is also about war crimes being exposed by a whistleblower. I worked for a gun manufacturer. Every day it was continuously being beat into our head, “if you see something suspicious, report it!”

That’s what Manning did. First he went to his supervisors and was basically laughed at. When that didn’t work, he tried taking it to the American press. Then he turned to Wikileaks. Finally, someone listened.Assange published collateral murder like any good journalist would do. He did his job by asking Manning if there was more. Any good writer knows that the more evidence you have, the better the story. If you prosecute the press for this, you will never hear the truth again.

We need whistleblowers to expose crime. We need media that will publish it. When the Guardian published Snowden s leaks there was no repercussions. When the NY Times published Comey’s classified memos, there was no punishment. So why Assange and Wikileaks?

It’s because our government does not like it’s terrible secrets known. If we want our country back we have to fight this. His lawyers can’t do it. A few can’t do it. We need the masses. We need everyone to pick up the phone and call the Department of Justice, the Vice President and President Trump. We need to demand the extradition warrant be dropped and all charges must be removed. We do this for our rights. We do this for our country. We do this for our children. If you are in the UK, call Theresa May. Australians contact your MPs.

So put away your prejudices and your hatred and defend yourself!

Anonymous Takes Down Ecuador After Assange Arrest

Breaking News: The group called anonymous is taking down Ecuador in a move for their illegal eviction of Assange. Anonymous is reporting 30+ sites attacked and down.Anonymous means business in protecting one of it’s own. They do not forgive. They do not forget. What people don’t understand is #Anonymous can bring a country to it’s knees in a matter of a few hours. People don’t realize how much they depend on computers unyil they don’t have them.I think this should be a warning to both the United States and the British government. Don’t mess with Assange. V is for Vendetta.In video seen here, Anonymous warns of 16 million cyber attacks if Assange is not returned..
Wikileaks is a publisher. They are not hackers.anonymous videoThey have taken out the Bank of Ecuador, the official government page and there is more to come.List of attacks:listUPDATE:

NOTE: The anonymous attacks on Ecuador have nothing to do with Wikileaks.

Wikileaks is a publisher and does not hack.

How Trump’s Administration Is Responsible for the Assange Arrest and Indictment

img_20190411_1134261408311213.jpgTrumpReuters 280219

There is more to this story than meets the eye.  I intend to show you how Trump’s administration is not only responsible for the arrest but the last year of torture for a journalist.  I also am going to show you how the indictment against Assange totally destroys journalism and free press.  Hold on to your seat folks, this may be a bumpy ride for some of you.  I also will include information from a former article of mine called “Who Was Really Behind the Silencing of Assange” seen here.

Many of you seem to think yesterday’s statement by Trump (found on Vanity Fair as seen here) is simply a strategy or a way to distract Deep State until he can pardon Assange. This is simply not true.

“I know nothing about WikiLeaks. It’s not my thing,” he said, adding that he knew “there was something having to do with Julian Assange,” a man he once praised for standing up to the “dishonest” press.

“I’ve been seeing what was happening with Assange. That will be a determination, I would imagine, mostly by the attorney general, who is doing an excellent job,” Trump said. “I know nothing really about it—it’s not my deal in life. I don’t really have an opinion.”

This is a much-changed opinion compared to 2016 during the election when Trump stated over 150 times his love for Wikileaks and their publishing of Clinton’s crimes. Also from the same article on Vanity Fair are Trump’s statements preelection:

Back in 2016, Donald Trump seemingly couldn’t get enough of WikiLeaks, praising the organization roughly 160 times for publishing hacked e-mails that embarrassed Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee. “I love WikiLeaks,” the then-presidential candidate said in October 2016. ”It’s been amazing what’s coming out on WikiLeaks,” he said days later in Ohio. At times, he criticized the media for not reporting on WikiLeaks dumps (“So dishonest! Rigged system!”), and he once told the audience at a rally that he’d been tempted to stay on the plane and keep reading the latest revelations: “They were just announcing new WikiLeaks!” he shouted to applause. “And I wanted to stay there, but I didn’t want to keep you waiting. Boy, I love reading those WikiLeaks.”

Some Trump supporters are denying he is responsible  and that this is part of an elaborate chess game from Trump’s book “Art of the Deal.” However, I disagree due to his administrations schemes to get Assange into custody.  From my article on who silenced Assange:

Let’s start with the latest article from the Financial Times as seen here . According to this article:

“Ecuador said on Friday it would borrow over $1.1bn from international lenders including $500m in a repo operation with Goldman Sachs.”

I know you are asking what this has to do with Wikileaks and the silencing of Assange but I will explain.  If you watch Wikileaks’ Twitter at all, they recently posted this article with this statement attached:

goldman sachs

WL has been saying all along that the US used trade and money to coerce Ecuador into gagging Assange. So we now know that Goldman Sachs from Wall Street obviously had their hands in the agreement because they are now lending them money.  Next I will show you an article on how Goldman Sachs who for years was on the border of failing pulled out and why. Here is the link: Link between Goldman Sachs and the Trump administration.

As we know according to this article from the Hill, Trump is very much involved with Goldman Sachs and naming its top officials.

Furthermore, in my article I share the statement from 2012 that Trump made about Assange:

(link ) Here, as a businessman, Donald Trump makes the statement:

“I think it’s disgraceful, I think there should be like death penalty or something,” Trump said during the quick exchange.”

Either Trump is suffering from convenient amnesia or he is simply a hypocrite.  It seems when it was convenient and useful to him, he used Wikileaks published documents but when they were no longer valuable, he dumped his interest.  As for his administration…

According to the truthful source based off of Wikileaks iamwikileaks :

Trump DOJ charges

In an April 2017 address to the Center for Strategic and International Studies, CIA Director Mike Pompeo’s delivered a tirade against WikiLeaks, in which he declared the organisation a “hostile intelligence service” and said, “we can no longer allow Assange and his colleagues the latitude to use free speech values against us.”

Later that month, several media outlets reported that the Trump Department of Justice had prepared charges to prosecute WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, each with slightly different information about what the charges might entail.

The Washington Post reported that US officials are “taking a second look at a 2010 leak of diplomatic cables and military documents and investigating whether the group bears criminal responsibility for the more recent revelation of sensitive CIA cyber-tools, according to people familiar with the case.” During Manning’s court martial, the government’s lawyers attempted to prove that Assange “conspired” in the 2010 disclosures by “directing” Manning to leak certain documents. In her statement to the court explaining her actions, Manning directly rejected this claim, saying no one from WikiLeaks ever directed her, and the military judge acquitted her of “aiding the enemy.”

The Post also reported that prosecutors have been “drafting a memo possibly including conspiracy, theft of government property or violating the Espionage Act.” CNN reported that one of the key elements for investigators was related to WikiLeaks work assisting NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Throughout his presidential campaign, Donald Trump praised WikiLeaks for publishing documents from the DNC, even saying, “I love WikiLeaks”, encouraging them to leak more documents, and publicizing DNC disclosures. In an interview with AP after the charge announcement, however, Trump said that “it’s OK with” him if Assange is arrested.”

Then there is Secretary of State Mike Pompeo…

“The former CIA director, Mike Pompeo, (who is now the Secretary of State), did a 180 on Julian and his organization after the election and called not only for his immediate arrest but also called Wikileaks a “hostile non-state intelligence organization”. He compared them to a terrorist organization and was quoted as saying the following:

But Mr. Pompeo’s harshest words were reserved for Julian Assange, calling the WikiLeaks founder a “narcissist” and “a fraud — a coward hiding behind a screen.” (quoted from this article: Pompeo article )”

Interestingly enough, the IMF loan used to coerce Ecuador was approved on March 12th of this year, mere days after the indictment. (link).

Wikileaks founder was indicted on March 6, 2018, by the current DOJ.  This Attorney General, in this case, was appointed by none other than Trump himself.  The President has had over two years to drop all allegations against Wikileaks and Julian Assange but has yet to do anything but claim “it’s not his thing.” You can view the indictment here.

Upon reading the indictment, you find that the DOJ clearly is using Assange’s arrest to attack free press and journalism.  It definitely has wording from the Espionage Act but also attacks a publisher’s right to have a drop box to help secure sources as well as receive classified information.  Wikileaks is not the only organization to do this.  The indictment also states that Assange and Manning entered into a “password cracking” agreement.  This also targets media and it’s sources.

A section seen below seems to criminalize the act of journalists advising their sources on how to communicate and keep their identity secret.  Journalists have been doing this forever.  Think Watergate.


The grand jury indictment accuses Assange of conspiracy to obtain information but its real purpose is to silence whistleblowers and press members. When you think about the trouble Donald Trump has had with MSM it is obvious this is intended to give him the right to arrest those attacking him with “Fake News”. However, it is a right under the First Amendment for us to have a free press and for the media to do what Assange has done.

It appears that the real reason behind Assange’s arrest has nothing to do with the war crimes he exposed but to take out reporters.  By prosecuting Assange, they are setting a precedent to arrest any journalist or media representative for simply doing their job. It is time for either Donald Trump to take responsibility for this violation of the Constitution or to end the persecution of Assange by forcing the DOJ to drop charges.  If he does not drop the indictment, he will go down in history as the man who destroyed the First Amendment.

Mr. President, what do you have to say?

Belmarsh Prison: Information on Where They Are Keeping Assange

When I found out where Assange was being kept prisoner, I decided to investigate the facility itself. I found the information very disturbing. One of the links was for a “A tour of the jail within a jail that houses Britain’s most dangerous”.

According to wikipedia seen here:

In November 2009, an inspection report from Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Prisonscriticised the “extremely high” amount of force used to control inmates at the prison.[5] The report also stated that an unusually high number of prisoners had reported being intimidated or victimised by staff at Belmarsh.”

Why are they putting a man in jail for a simple bail breech in a top security prison? I find this very disturbing and unfair. As though Assange did not suffer enough during his 7 year stay at Ecuadorian’s “House of Horrors” in the last year, they are placing him in “The Gitmo of England”.

Here is a link to a youtube video titled “Inside Britain’s Toughest Prison.

Britain’s toughest prison

According to the Sun (link seen here)

Home to terrorists, killers and rapists

Just the title says more than any words can say. Belmarsh is also known for it’s overcrowding and lack of guards. According to Howard League (link seen here)

Belmarsh is a Category A prison.

Category A: Category A prisons are high security prisons, holding those individuals considered the most threatening to the public should they escape. Category A prisons should not be overcrowded, given the high levels of security required.

I am still baffled as to why Assange has been placed in a prison full of prisoners who are considered a threat to the public. He is a journalist arrested for publishing war crime documents. Is this how they treat the press in England? Is this how they deal with free speech advocates? Apparently the UK government is terrified by Assange and what he represents.

We as a people need to be outraged they put a man only convicted of a bail breech in such a prison. It is like putting your mother in solitary confinement for scolding you.

Though Assange’s health care issues may be treated here, I only pray they keep him out of the general violent population. He is not safe in this prison. If they treat him as they have many others, he will be intimidated and physically assaulted or worse.

Britain is nothing more than a tiny tool that the US is using to destroy a threat to their corruption. If he is treated like this for a bail breech, what will he endure under US jurisdiction? We must fight for no extradition to save Assange, our free speech and our human rights now.

What the Arrest of Assange Means to You

Yes, it really does effect you. Don’t believe me? The case of Assange was never about one man. It has never been about if you like him or not. The plight of Assange is about human rights, free speech and our right to know. It’s about government transparency and it’s about the US government bullying other countries into submission. Let me explain…

When they originally arrested Assange on allegations from Sweden, he knew it wasn’t about that. He knew it was about a secret grand jury in the US and extradition to face charges for publishing war crimes. When he took asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London he also knew that the US intended to torture him. (See stratfor email below)

Julian Assange is a publisher and a journalist. He has done nothing wrong. Chelsea Manning saw the war crimes firsthand and brought Wikileaks the information needed to expose the wrongdoings. Assange and Wikileaks simply did what any journalist would do and they showed integrity by protecting their source. This is what good journalists do.

By arresting Assange and extraditing him, they are attacking the first amendment of the Constitution of the United States government which states:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

How does this effect you? By violating the rights of any individual, it sets a precedent that inevitably destroys that right. By prosecuting Assange, they are taking away our first amendment and rewriting it to conform to their corruption. What this will lead to is a lack of true information and only state paid propaganda and the death of free speech.

Do you like to state your opinion on things? Imagine a world where simply disagreeing with the government would get you arrested or writing a letter to Congress about a law you don’t like could lead to criminal charges.

Are we going to return to the Dark Ages when publishing material can get you hung? Are we going to start burning books and arresting journalists for telling the truth? It appears we already are.

If Assange is extradited to the US, the DOJ will most certainly add more charges including espionage which can lead to life in prison or the death penalty. One of the greatest journalists of our time will be silenced forever and we will see the decay of the Constitution begin. There will be no whistleblowers or organizations that support government transparency.

Worldwide journalists will quake in fear if they write the wrong thing. Our children will be punished for not thinking what the government wants. We will usher in the era of Big Brother and the thought police.

No, this won’t happen overnight but take a look at Hitler’s Germany. The first thing the brown coats did was take over the press, burn books that disagreed with the Nazi agenda and limit free speech. The Nazis took over Germany in just a few years.

By revoking Assange’s asylum it takes away any hope for future asylum seekers. It removes the permanent protection of a persecuted individual unjustly accused. It takes away human rights.

If the US and the UK will not abide by international laws stated in the Geneva convention, lawlessness and chaos will ensue. There is a reason we made such agreements in the first place. The US cannot be allowed to buy a person through bribery or coercement.

Can you see how this effects you and future generations now? Will you stand up and fight for your rights before it’s too late? I know i am going to.

We Must Unite to Free Julian Assange!

We must put our aside our diffetence and arguments and unite to free Assange. As a people, we all disagree sometimes but we must realize the dangerous precedent this arrest has made.

1. By revoking Assange’s asylum, it puts the right of any individual in danger from illegal persecution and prosecution. Asylum is no longer a safe way to get orotection from a corrupt government.

2. If Assange is extradited and found guilty, tge freedoms of speech and an accountable press will suffer greatly if not altogether.

3. Torturung an asylee will become legal as well as torturing a journalist.

4. Invasion of orivacy eull also be okay.

The people of the world need to stand up together as one and resist this atrocity. The only eay the corrupt illegal will win this battle is using the divide and conquer strategy and so far, they have managed to divide many of us based on political affiliation.

Using the “Divide and Conquer” strategy, they will best us hands down if we dont unite.

According to Wikipedia seen here:

Tradition attributes the origin of the motto to Philip of Macedonia: διαίρει καὶ βασίλευε diaírei kài basíleue, in ancient Greek: «divide and rule»

Divide and rule (or divide and conquer, from Latin dīvide et imperā) in politics and sociology is gaining and maintaining power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into pieces that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy. The concept refers to a strategy that breaks up existing power structures, and especially prevents smaller power groups from linking up, causing rivalries and fomenting discord among the people. It was heavily used by British Empire in India and elsewhere.[1]

The US government also used the div

Assange Arrested!

Ecuador has committed the greatest crime of the century by allowing the British Police to come and arrest Assange. They have revoked his citizenship and violated their own Constitution. They have turned over the greatest journalist of our time.

According to a Wikileaks tweet:

The Economist relates Ecuador betrayal of Assange to having “signed a $4.2bn loan agreement with the IMF” last month.

The arrest video can be seen here:

arrest video

In a video from Ruptly the arrest shows a very frail Assange being handled treacherously by the UK police. This is a disgusting display of force. Assange is later scene after his hearing (where he was convicted of jumping bail) giving the thumbs up sign.

The United States government immediately put out an extradition request nearly after Assange was expelled. Here is the statement from Assange’s US attorney Barry J Pollack:

Today may mark the death of real journalism. This sets a precedent for future freedom of speech and free press. It will inevitably bring in an era of government run news. Are we seeing the beginning of Big Brother’s take over of the United States. Is this the end of the first amendment? Certainly it appears so.

This what the First Amensment states very clearly:

Constitution of United States of America 1789 (rev. 1992)

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

It does not state “only for citizens” nor does it state “only for American press”. The journalism done by Julian Assange is no different than that done by journalists in time past like Woddward and Bernstein. The only exception is that Assange is a foreigner.

The case against Assange is seen clearly in several tweets by Wikileaks seen below:


We cannot allow this to take place. This is not just about Assange but about our rights as human beings. If the US treats Assange as they have Manning he wil be tortured.. Torture is also against the Constitution as it is seen as a cruel and unusual punishment.

The arrest of Assange,in closing, must be seen for what it truly is, a violation against all of us. It is a disgusting display of the US empire’s ability to bully other countries. It is an example of government overreach and an attack on human rights. It sets a precedent that we may never be able to remove on the future of journalism. It is the end of exposing government corruption. May God have mercy on us all for not preventing this carastrophe.