New Example of Twitter Censorship

If restricting accounts and suspending advocate accounts like Unity4J and FriendsOfAssange is not bad enough, Twitter has come up with a new way to violate our freedom of speech. In the example below being sent to accounts, Twitter will now decide when election coverage is misleading.

The question is what is misleading and who gets to decide what is? I thought social media was a place where you could post your findings on political candidates to help inform and decide who to choose. There was a time before the 2016 elections when social media sites like FB and Twitter were good places to go to find information on candidates but not anymore.

Watch what you say or they will suspend your account.


Response To U.N. Special Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer From the U.S. Government Regarding Assange

A copy of the response to Nils Melzer’s letter can be seen below from

The Permanent Mission
Of the
United States of America
To the
United nations and other international organizations In geneva

July 16, 2019
Nils Melzer
Special Rapporteur on torture
And other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment Human Rights Council Geneva, Switzerland
Dear Mr. Melzer:
Thank you for your letter dated May 28, 2019, in which you express concerns regarding the treatment of Julian Assange. While your letter contains numerous assertions relating to alleged conduct by the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Ecuador with respect to Mr. Assange, this communication addresses only those assertions concerning the United States.
Please find enclosed a U.S. response to your letter.

Sean M. Garcia
Acting Human Rights Counselor

SUBJECT: U.S. Response Regarding Possible Extradition of Julian Assange
As a preliminary matter, the United States notes that your characterization of Mr. Assange’s self- imposed time in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London as “prolonged arbitrary confinement” is fundamentally wrong. Mr. Assange voluntarily stayed in the Embassy to avoid facing lawful criminal charges pending against him. As such, his time in the Embassy did not constitute confinement and was in no way arbitrary.
Further, the United States does not accept the assertion on page eight of your letter that the United States bears international responsibility for “patterns of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment” and “psychological torture” of Mr. Assange. Mr. Assange is not, and never has been, in the custody of the United States, nor has the United States instigated, consented to, or acquiesced in the alleged torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment of Mr. Assange. The assertion to the contrary in your letter appears to rest on the allegation that there has been “sustained and unrestrained public mobbing, intimidation and defamation” of Mr. Assange in the United States. The letter refers to alleged public statements by, among others, the mass media, influential private individuals, current and former political figures, and senior government officials, and suggests that the United States was obligated to publicly disapprove or prevent such statements. The United States rejects the proposition that the types of public statements listed in your letter constitute cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, much less torture, as defined by the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CAT). Further, the United States is deeply concerned by the suggestion that independent reporting or other commentary and discourse on public figures could amount to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Such a position by the Special Rapporteur has dangerous implications for freedom of expression, democracy, and the rule of law. The United States also rejects the suggestion that it has an obligation to suppress protected speech in order to uphold its obligations under the CAT and notes in this regard its firm commitment to freedom of expression, including for members of the media, consistent with the U.S. Constitution and the United States’ obligations under international human rights law. Finally, and contrary to the allegations in your letter, the U.S. legal system provides redress for individuals who wish to assert claims of defamation.
In addition, the United States categorically rejects the claims in your letter that the United States will torture or otherwise mistreat Mr. Assange if he is extradited to the United States to face criminal prosecution. The United States takes its obligations under international human rights law very seriously. Individuals extradited to the United States are afforded due process under U.S. law and fair trial guarantees; U.S. law protects individuals in the U.S. justice system from torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, including through protections under the Fifth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. It is inarguable that our system of law is consistent with our obligations under international human rights law.

This is the letter copied from the pdf file on the website.

Example Letter to Boris Johnson To Free Assange

Dear sir,

In April, Julian Assange was illegally evicted from his asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. This violated many international laws and his brutal arrest by Metro Police was seen by the world. The U.S. government held a secret grand jury to indict Assange under the Espionage Act and denied the existence of an extradition warrant until the day of his arrest.

Recently, the U.S. Department of Justice reinstated capital punishment of “extreme” offenders. The problem with this is it does not define what an extreme federal offense is. There is evidence that Assange will be tried as a terrorist. Mike Pompeo declared Wikileaks “a non-state hostile intelligence service.” This basically calls Wikileaks and Assange terrorists. This statement means he may very well receive the death penalty.

In the UK Extradition law it says the following:
Under section 94 of theExtradition Act 2003, it is unlawful for an extradition of an individual to take place if the individual is accused of a capital crime, unless the Home Secretary has received assurances that the death penalty would not be applied in that case.

Though they have assured he will not get the death penalty or be tortured, we cannot be sure that this is not just a play on words to get him extradited. After extradition he will be sentenced to an unreasonable amount of time where he will be treated as the enemy. Case in point is the torture and mistreatment of Manning who was paraded naked in front of his peers.

Assange is simply a publisher and journalist who exposed criminal activity like any real journalist. His techniques are now used by many media organizations. If he is extradited and sentenced, it is a direct violation of free press rights which have consistently been under attack since his arrest. It sets a precedent worldwide that any newsperson reporting on war crimes can be imprisoned for publishing facts in the public interest.

You recently stated regarding the Darroch cables: “A prosecution on this basis would amount to an infringement on press freedom and have a chilling effect on public debate.”

Based on this statement, if you truly believe in free press and free speech, you cannot extradite Assange to the U.S. without looking like a fool. I ask you to please take a look at the facts in this case and not the media smears.

Assange simply wanted people to know the injustices committed in both the Afghanistan campaign and the Iraq War. Many innocent civilians were tortured and murdered during these campaigns. People should have the right to know when crimes like these are committed. Without organizations like Wikileaks, we lose our right to know.

If Assange is extradited he faces a kangaroo court that will inevitably be more like a circus than anything that seeks justice. The espionage judge has never found anyone not guilty. Julian faces 175 years for simply practicing real journalism. Are we not all sick of the fake journalists who spread lies and smears and never truly release the facts?

If prosecuted,Assange will face more torture that will further deteriorate his already compromised psychological condition due to the treatment received over the past 6 years. You have the ability to end this travesty. You can stand up for human rights, free press, and stand for two UN rulings that demand his release. You can show the world you are about justice and individual rights. You can be the hero.

I ask that you immediately free Assange from prison. I plead with you to not destroy a man who only published the truth and stood up against the evil of war. In the name of all that is just and true, please do what is right.

Thank you.

Special Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer Releases Letters Written to 4 Countries Involved in the Assange Case As Well As 2 Responses

Early this morning, Nils Melzer, the U.N.special rapporteur on torture, released his letter to the United States, the U.K., Ecuador and Sweden regarding Assange. He also posted the United States and Sweden’s responses here and here.

In the response from the U.S., they deny the assessment that Assange would “be exposed to a real risk of torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. ” They also claim he would receive a fair trial in the U.S. which is only the beginning of their bogus rhetoric.

They denied accusations of participating in the public mobbing, intimidation, defamation and psychological torture of Assange. The U.S. claims that any statements made were by media figures, political figures and that they cannot be held accountable for those statements made. They also stated in the letter, “The United States takes its obligations under international human rights law very seriously, ”and “Individuals extradited to the United States are afforded due process under U.S. law and fair trial guarantees.”

Anyone who has followed the Assange case for any length of time knows that their statements are fabricated distortions of what the truth is. They hid the fact there was a grand jury against him. Reopened a new one to keep Manning behind bars and lied about the extradition they had planned in order to deceive his supporters. We also know that the defamation and slander came from the government controlled media propaganda spread in order to portray Assange as an evil villian rather than a hero.

Letters written by Stratfor (the Texas headquartered “global intelligence” company) which were published by Wikileaks show the intentions of the U.S. government for Assange (files can be seen on Wikileaks website here).

Since the very beginning, the United States has had intentions of torturing Assange and treating him unfairly. As a rule, anything the State department says is a lie.

In an article by the Sydney Morning Herald seen here:

Melzer said Assange’s “cognitive and sensory capacity have been, and still are significantly impaired” after his six-year confinement at Ecuador’s London embassy.

Assange showed symptoms of sustained exposure to “severe psychological stress, anxiety and related mental and emotional suffering” which could cause “major depressive and post-traumatic stress disorders,” Melzer said.

If he was extradited to the US “his current condition is likely to deteriorate dramatically, with severe and long-term psychological and social sequels”.

Melzer said he was gravely concerned that US authorities intend to “make an example” of Assange, to punish him personally and to deter others.

He feared that “Mr. Assange will be confronted with overly expansive charges and subjected to excessively severe criminal sanctions”.

Melzer said Assange’s mental state was caused by his treatment by Britain, Sweden, the US and Ecuador.

In the same article, Sweden’s response was:

Sweden, in a reply dated July 12, said the action of prosecutors against Assange had been independent from government and their proportionality had been tested and confirmed by the Swedish Supreme Court.

It said it “strongly refutes” Melzer’s implication that prosecutors were doing anything other than investigating allegations of rape and sexual assault made against Assange.

None of these countries are going to admit guilt in this case and will continue to deny the truth. They wull hide their behavior as much as possible and claim they adhere to international law in this case, while behind closed doors they will continue to violate Assange’s human rights. Only we can save him from the corrupt governments involved. Only we can correct the media smears and help others to see the truth. Assange can no longer defend himself but relies on us to save his life from the real life monsters who want to silence him forever.
The U.N. has done what they can in calling for his release, exposing the human rights violations and even making statements in his defense. Nils Melzer has been a breath of fresh air in this case and he deserves our support.

If we do nothing to save Assange, we are guilty of everything that happens by remaining silent and passive. We must stand up to the horror playing out and be heroes ourselves in order to see justice win!

Assange’s Annihilation

It has been 106 days since Julian Assange was illegally evicted from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and arrested brutally by London’s Metro police. He has been incarcerated against 2 UN rulings. Imprisoned for using his right to free speech and press freedom to expose the U.S. militarys crimes against humanity, he has suffered for over 7 years. While his health deteriorated and he was psychologically tortured, he still continued to publish documents in the public interest.

The U.N. special rapporteur on torture, Nils Melzer, has called for his release to no avail. Stating that: In 20 years of work with victims of war, violence and political persecution, I have never seen a group of democratic states ganging up to deliberately isolate, demonize and abuse a single individual for such a long time.”

He also has stated that Assange shows all the signs of prolonged psychological torture. Within weeks of Assange’s arrest, he was admitted to the Belmarsh Prison’s hospital ward for such a drastic loss of weight. Though his weight was stabilized, Krisstin Hraffnsson the editor of Wikileaks said at his last visit Assange was still on the medical unit.

Everything in this case so far has been illegal and either a case of human rights violations or a criminal act against international laws. Yet the U.S. and U.K. continue to violate the rights of individuals and the press by holding him hostage though he is an innocent man. The 18 indictments filed against him by the U.S. DOJ are preposterous and are against the U.S. Constitution, namely the 1st amendment.

While Assange is slowly assassinated, the media continues it’s smearing of one of its own in a murderous surge of propaganda. MSM has become an agent of the corrupt corporate owned government. With politicians being selected rather than elected, it is up to the average person to stand up and fight this tyrranical act of injustice.

Your hatred is misdirected at one another and needs to be focused on those who use our tax dollars to murder the innocent, steal from the poor and hide it behind the word “classified.” It is an outrage and a despicable act of tyranny to set such a precedent against our right to know as well as our legal rights as citizens.

If we do not have real investigative journalists exposing the injustices and rights violations, the elite will only increase in power and will never be held accountable for their evil. You cannot count on your leaders to represent you. You must stand up for yourselves. No one will return your rights without a fight.

Julian Assange is a man who has risked his life and his future to help those who cannot help themselves. He only wanted justice for the torturous war crimes an empire committed in act of cruelty towards mankind to steal their resources and chaotically take over. In a bad replica of Star Wars, the empire wants to take over the world by annihilating anyone who opposes it’s domination. Assange fought it the only way he knew how to peacefully. He published their deceit. In return, they intend to destroy him. By destroying him and Wikileaks, they can continue their intentions of overtaking any country who opposes them without any fear of retribution.

First they took the journalists and replaced them with propagandists who only repeated the government’s agenda. We don’t know what happened after that. The truth was never allowed to be told…


When the world seems against you and you feel all alone…

Remember I care

When you feel like giving up, and you can’t find a friend…

Remember,I’ll be there

When it all seems hopeless, you are going to crash and burn

Remember that I will catch you when you fall

When it falls apart, you need a shoulder

Remember, I love you

No matter where you are or how bad it gets, I am there with you in spirit, holding your hand, hugging you. I am your friend. I am loyal. I love you. Just remember…

Update On Ola Bini Being Held Without Charge By Ecuador

In a B-rated movie most would imagine such an atrocity happening to a computer programmer overseas, but this was real life for Ola Bini.

Shortly after Assange’s arrest, Swedish computer programmer and internet activist, Ola Bini was also detained only by the Ecuadorian government. Held in subhuman quarters without charge for months, he was finally allowed to be freed from his horrible prison situation but must remain in Ecuador.

With special permission from Mr. Bini I am publishing his own words.

I was detained and imprisoned on April 11, by the Ecuador government. This detention happened without valid cause and with a large amount of irregularities. I have never committed a crime, and I’m innocent.

The prosecution still, after more than 100 days, have not presented any charges. They still have not said what computer systems I’m supposed to have attacked. They still have absolutely no evidence of anything.

Properly speaking, this investigation should have been done on July 13th. But the prosecution has decided to drag in another innocent person into the investigation, in order to gain 30 more days.

So, while I was released from prison on June 20th through a successful Habeas Corpus petition, this unjust persecution still continues. We don’t know when they will give up. But, we will prevail. Thanks for believing in me.

Please, keep in mind that Ola is a good friend of Assange’s. It seems they hoped to gain more information about Julian. Ecuador has basically declared him guilty by association. There is no evidence of him doing anything illegal. The injustices committed by Ecuador continue to add up.

U.K. Cannot Legally Extradite Assange After DOJ Capital Punishment Announcement

The Department of Justice has announced it will begin using capital punishment again only months after indicting Julian Assange with 18 indictments under the Espionage Act. This makes it totally illegal to extradite Assange according to the U.K.’s extradition treaty of 2003. According to Wikipedia (information can be seen here):

Under section 94 of the Extradition Act 2003, it is unlawful for an extradition of an individual to take place if the individual is accused of a capital crime, unless the Home Secretary has received assurances that the death penalty would not be applied in that case.

Even with assurances from the U.S. with the announcement that capital punishment will again be used in capital offenses, the U.K. would be fools to extradite.

The announcement can be seen here by the DOJ. They are resuming after almost two decades. It just seems convenient this decision was made so soon after issuing the extradition warrant in the Assange case. Any judge or politician in England should easily see what they are about to do.

If extradited, the judge most certainly will seek the death penalty in his case to silence him forever. We must not allow this to happen to an innocent publisher.

William Barr stated in the DOJ’s announcement:

Congress has expressly authorized the death penalty through legislation adopted by the people’s representatives in both houses of Congress and signed by the President,” Attorney General Barr said.

In regards to Assange please also read my article Assange And The U.K./U.S. Treaty on Extradition: Can They Honestly Extradite Him Legally?

Trump Tied to the Mafia? Russian Money Laundering?

YCHEM6U46AI6RNQLDSEX6F7BQU.jpgNew York Mayor Ed Koch stands between Donald Trump, left, and Roy Cohn at the Trump Tower opening in October 1983. (Sonia Moskowitz/Getty Images)

It actually appears so. As a New York builder and contractor, you can’t help but see the many connections. So many that it is undeniable. Let’s start with an article by the Washington Post that explains many of the ties. (Article can be seen here)

This would not have been news to Trump, whose early political mentor and personal lawyer was Roy Cohn, consigliere to such dons as Fat Tony Salerno and Carmine Galante. After Cohn guided the brash young developer through the gutters of city politics to win permits for Trump Plaza and Trump Tower, it happened that Trump elected to build primarily with concrete rather than steel. He bought the mud at inflated prices from S&A Concrete, co-ownedby Cohn’s client Salerno and Paul Castellano, boss of the Gambino family.
Trump moved next into the New Jersey casino business, which was every bit as clean as it sounds. State officials merely shrugged when Trump bought a piece of land from associates of Philadelphia mob boss “Little Nicky” Scarfo for roughly $500,000 more than it was worth. However, this and other ties persuaded police in Australia to block Trump’s bid to build a casino in Sydney in 1987, citing Trump’s “Mafia connections.”

But an even more accommodating laundromat came along: luxury real estate — yet another mob-adjacent field in which the Trump name has loomed large. Because buyers of high-end properties often hide their identities, it’s impossible to say how many Russian Mafia oligarchs own Trump-branded condos. Donald Trump Jr. gave a hint in 2008: “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets.”

For instance: In 2013, federal prosecutors indicted Russian mob boss Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov and 33 others on charges related to a gambling ring operating from two Trump Tower condos that allegedly laundered more than $100 million. A few months later, the same Mr. Tokhtakhounov, a fugitive from U.S. justice, was seen on the red carpet at Trump’s Miss Universe pageant in Moscow.

Obviously, this doesn’t make Trump guilty of anything but when it comes to the mafia, things often that look fishy are. There’s more. Trump’s wiseguy persona comes from Queens where the mafia is notorious. Much of his language is adapted from there. From a Newsweek article seen here:

To be sure, Trump’s upbringing in Queens, where the Mafia was ubiquitous, helped form his wiseguy persona. So did an apparent behavioral disorder that caused him to buy switchblades and start fights in school. But it’s also evident that by the time he was 30, the future president was on the FBI’s radar as someone the Mafia might turn to in a pinch. And by the time he was 70, with a business trajectory studded with mobsters, it should’ve come as no surprise that he was paying hush money to women, allegedly offering a secret hotel deal to Vladimir Putin, calling his longtime former lawyer Michael Cohen a “rat” or denouncing prosecutors for pressuring his associates to “flip.”

This was the life he had chosen.

Some of Cohn’s Mafia clients controlled New York’s construction unions, whose blessings Trump needed to complete his projects. So he “hired mobbed-up firms to erect Trump Tower and his Trump Plaza apartment building in Manhattan, including buying ostensibly overpriced concrete from a company controlled by Mafia chieftains Anthony ‘Fat Tony’ Salerno and Paul Castellano,” Pulitzer Prize winner David Cay Johnston wrote in Politico in 2016. Village Voice investigative reporter Wayne Barrett, who chronicled Trump’s deals in books and articles through the years, wrote that Trump probably met Fat Tony through Cohn. “This came at a time when other developers in New York were pleading with the FBI to free them of mob control of the concrete business,” Johnston wrote.

One benefit of such connections was that workers tearing down the Bonwit Teller building where Trump Tower was planned could take allegedly illegal shortcuts around strict city regulations for disposing of construction waste. According to a Newsweek source who asked not to be identified because his family is well-known in the construction business, the asbestos and concrete were dumped near abandoned docks in Brooklyn and other discrete places instead of prescribed sites farther away—saving time and money. The White House referred Newsweek to the Trump Organization, which did not respond to an inquiry.

“On paper,” as one of several news accounts put it, the demolition workers were members of Local 95, a Genovese-controlled union. But in reality, they were undocumented workers from Poland and South Korea. Ronald Fino, son of a Buffalo, New York, Mafia capo, told Newsweek they were known as “the sneaker brigade” for “remov[ing] the asbestos illegally.” (Through the years, Trump denied knowing about the illegal workers, but in 1998, after years of litigation, he quietly paid a total of $1.38 million “to settle the case, with $500,000 of it going to a union benefits fund and the rest to pay lawyers’ fees and expenses,” The New York Times revealed in 2017.)

But by 1988, Trump was feeling so comfortable associating with Mafiosi that he did his first name-licensing deal with a luxury limo rental company owned by John Staluppi, a made member of the Colombo crime family, according to William Bastone, founding editor of The Smoking Gun website. And by that time, Trump was deep into his quest for an Atlantic City fortune.

But early on, Trump relied on his associations with underworld characters to open his grandiose (and ultimately bankrupt) gambling dens on the boardwalk. One of the more interesting characters back then was Daniel Sullivan, “a 42-year-old giant of a man with great charm and a criminal record,” who “dealt with labor problems at Trump’s construction sites,” according to O’Harrow’s deep-dive story. Trump went into a drywall manufacturing business with Sullivan, which was “among the firms implicated in a racketeering scheme involving the carpenters’ union and the Genovese crime family” represented by Cohn, O’Harrow wrote. Sullivan also brought Trump into an Atlantic City land-leasing deal with Kenneth Shapiro, whom law enforcement authorities had identified as a financier and agent for Philadelphia mobster Nicodemo “Little Nicky” Scarfo.

Let’s face it, folks. Trump runs his presidency much like a mafia don. In fact, many jokingly call him “The Don.”  His constant use of mafia-style language grouped with his connections truly make even the most dedicated supporter scratch their heads.  So whether he was ever part of the “families” or just an innocent man in the wrong circles, the connections cannot be denied.

Then we must talk about Russian Money Laundering.  In another article by the Washington Post seen here, it states:

Let’s go back to 1984, when David Bogatin, an alleged Russian gangster who arrived in the United States a few years earlier with $3 in his pocket, sat down with Trump and bought not one but five condos, for a total of $6 million — about $15 million in today’s dollars. What was most striking about the transaction was that at the time, according to David Cay Johnston’s “The Making of Donald Trump,” Trump Tower was one of only two major buildings in New York City that sold condos to buyers who used shell companies that allowed them to purchase real estate while concealing their identities. Thus, according to the New York state attorney general’s office, when Trump closed the deal with Bogatin, whether he knew it or not, he had just helped launder money for the Russian Mafia.

And so began a 35-year relationship between Trump and Russian organized crime. Mind you, this was a period during which the disintegration of the Soviet Union had opened a fire-hose-like torrent of hundreds of billions of dollars in flight capital from oligarchs, wealthy apparatchiks and mobsters in Russia and its satellites. And who better to launder so much money for the Russians than Trump — selling them multimillion-dollar condos at top dollar, with little or no apparent scrutiny of who was buying them.

Over the next three decades, dozens of lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, mortgage brokers and other white-collar professionals came together to facilitate such transactions on a massive scale. According to a BuzzFeed investigation, more than 1,300 condos, one-fifth of all Trump-branded condos sold in the United States since the 1980s, were shifted “in secretive, all-cash transactions that enable buyers to avoid legal scrutiny by shielding their finances and identities.”

The Trump Organization has dismissed money laundering charges as unsubstantiated, and because it is so difficult to penetrate the shell companies that purchased these condos, it is almost impossible for reporters — or, for that matter, anyone without subpoena power — to determine how much money laundering by Russians went through Trump-branded properties. But Anders Aslund, a Swedish economist, put it this way to me: “Early on, Trump came to the conclusion that it is better to do business with crooks than with honest people. Crooks have two big advantages. First, they’re prepared to pay more money than honest people. And second, they will always lose if you sue them because they are known to be crooks.”

After Trump World Tower opened in 2001, Trump began looking for buyers in Russia through Sotheby’s International Realty, which teamed up with a Russian real estate outfit. “I had contacts in Moscow looking to invest in the United States,” real estate broker Dolly Lenz told USA Today. “They all wanted to meet Donald.” In the end, she said, she sold 65 units to Russians in Trump World Tower alone.

Maybe there was no Russiagate and no collusion on the part of the President but he was definitely involved in money laundering with Russia for 35 years.

In an article by Esquire, the following is revealed from a Deutsche bank (article can be read here):

Anti-money laundering specialists at Deutsche Bank recommended in 2016 and 2017 that multiple transactions involving legal entities controlled by Donald J. Trump and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, be reported to a federal financial-crimes watchdog. The transactions, some of which involved Mr. Trump’s now-defunct foundation, set off alerts in a computer system designed to detect illicit activity, according to five current and former bank employees. Compliance staff members who then reviewed the transactions prepared so-called suspicious activity reports that they believed should be sent to a unit of the Treasury Department that polices financial crimes.

In the summer of 2016, Deutsche Bank’s software flagged a series of transactions involving the real estate company of Mr. Kushner, now a senior White House adviser. Ms. McFadden, a longtime anti-money laundering specialist in Deutsche Bank’s Jacksonville office, said she had reviewed the transactions and found that money had moved from Kushner Companies to Russian individuals. She concluded that the transactions should be reported to the government — in part because federal regulators had ordered Deutsche Bank, which had been caught laundering billions of dollars for Russians, to toughen its scrutiny of potentially illegal transactions.

After Mr. Trump became president, transactions involving him and his companies were reviewed by an anti-financial crime team at the bank called the Special Investigations Unit. That team, based in Jacksonville, produced multiple suspicious activity reports involving different entities that Mr. Trump owned or controlled, according to three former Deutsche Bank employees who saw the reports in an internal computer system…Senior executives worried that if they took a tough stance with Mr. Trump’s accounts — for example, by demanding payment of a delinquent loan — they could provoke the president’s wrath. On the other hand, if they didn’t do anything, the bank could be perceived as cutting a lucrative break for Mr. Trump, whose administration wields regulatory and law enforcement power over the bank.

Regardless, all the suspicious activity adds up to a lot of questions people should be asking in regards to Russia using Trump’s organizations to launder money.

There is no Russian collusion but there are some serious questions in regards to Trump’s business connections and transactions that should be asked.

download (5).jpg

Jeffery Epstein May Have Attempted Suicide in His Jail Cell

Epstein was found in his cell with marks around his neck, in the fetal position and blue in the face, reports say. He either attempted suicide or was assaulted. Somehow, this isn’t surprising. So many who have had possible evidence on the Clinton cartel and the child trafficking in DC seem to magically commit suicide.

In Epstein’s current situation, you would think he would have been put on suicide watch and been supervised well enough that no one could cause him harm. Many have predicted this. Let’s just see how this plays out in the end…